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So good that you make it over and over again (or at least 3 times!)

marcella hazan's ROAST CHICKEN WITH TWO LEMONS recipe literally never fails. just last night i tucked in a few springs of lavender under the skin just to change it up a bit. but i have to admit, however i try to make it fancy, the best version is the original.

Oct 12, 2009
willbnyc in Home Cooking

Toasted Cashew and Bacon Brittle

i've never made brittle before, but i've got one of those huge tubs of sesame seeds just hanging out in the fridge. any experienced brittle makers think this would work with sesame seeds? can i marinate the bacon in soy sauce/sesame oil first and add a bit of sriracha? dang this is sounding better and better!

Oct 12, 2009
willbnyc in Recipes