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Restaurants everyone loves--except you

I've never been hit with the time limit, but I will agree that for a place that moves as slowly as Brasa, that's a little rough. I love the food, which is why I keep going back (and back and back) but their service has pretty much always been terrible. We've gotten dessert comped 4 times (without complaining or anything, it's just so ridiculously long between when we come in and when the food finally appears. I'm talking it routinely taking 45 mins to an hour for food to appear, both at peak and off peak times, different days of the week) I can only really speak for the Grand Ave one, since that's where I go the most, but it's a lot. If the food wasn't so excellent (cheesy grits, chicken, and fried plantains!) I would not go back.

Good lunch spot in Northfield?

Hey, everyone. So, we're headed out to Northfield on a college visit this weekend, and we'll be wrapping up around lunchtime. Is there anywhere to grab lunch and see the little downtown (we want my sister to like it!) or are we better off just sticking to the dining halls?


MSP - Ideas for a 21st birthday bash?

I think we're going to wind up at O'Gara's, since everyone can walk there. Thanks for the suggestions, these will be on my list to check out in the next few weeks!

MSP - Ideas for a 21st birthday bash?

Yeah, I was definitely thinking cool bar...

MSP - Ideas for a 21st birthday bash?

Hey. Anyone have a good idea for where to go for a 21st? I'm in Mac Groveland, but I'm open to heading over to Minneapolis/Uptown. Everyone keeps talking about Shout House, and while $2 Vodka Redbulls (the big day is Wednesday) have the advantage of having Chilean type pricing (I miss Santiago bars!) I'm not really into the dueling piano thing.

Any ideas?

What's in Baltimore, that you wish was in DC?

On a tangent... You mentioned Chilean? What restaurant are you talking about? I studied abroad in Santiago and besided Julia's (which has decent empanadas, don't get me wrong, but just isn't the same!) I haven't had much luck... Any help is appreciated!

Menz in Rio Grande?

Assuming you're talking Rio Grande as in Uncle Julio's in the DC/VA/MD area, it is indeed terrific, I go at least once a week when I'm home for breaks! The fajitas are the star, they are delicious and try as I may, I just can't replicate them at home. As for vegetarian-friendly entrees, that's not really their thing, but the quesadillas are veggie-friendly and are really good.

Rio Grande Cafe
4870 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Uncle Julio's
4301 Fairfax Dr Ste 125, Arlington, VA 22203

uncle julios
1827 Library St, Reston, VA

Rio Grande Cafe
231 Rio Blvd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Jul 20, 2009
i_love_luhanka in Mid-Atlantic

MSP - Culinary Butane Torches?

Hey, everyone. We just bought a culinary butane torch at Target so we can make creme brulee, but as luck would have it they don't sell the butane canisters. Anyone know where I can get one in the MSP area? Extra points if it's in the vicinity of Mac-Groveland!


[MSP] Nepalese comes to downtown Highland Park (St. Paul!)

Have you tried Everest on Grand? The momos are pretty good!

Everest On Grand
1278 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55105

MSP - Groceries on the Cheap

Mercado Central is awesome. Try the beef tacos at Taqueria La Hacienda - unbelievable.

Mercado Central
1515 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

What's the best thing you've eaten recently? [MSP]

Mercado Central on Lake Street is the best. The tacos and guacamole at the place with the pictures on the menu are out of this world.