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I attended Church last night. They've changed their menu - for the better - twice in the past year. The latest change is more of a fall-type menu. I had pork tenderloin over an apple sauce, topped with lightly-fried onion rings and served with a side of sweet potato cake/gratin and tasty braised red cabbage that was almost more caramelized than braised. Had it with a side of roasted brussel sprouts that were hit on: no bacon or other things needed to hide their crispy roasted flavor. I stole a bite from one of my dining partners order of an arugula and pear salad: it had a sweet vinaigrette and little chunks of brittle/nuts over the top. It was a different take on a standard.

Specials are usually tasty and their basic mac and cheese is the only one I crave in Boston. Granted, I'm not much of a mac and cheese person (unless I make it myself) so take that with a grain of salt.

Their cocktails are enh. Wine list is good for inexpensive by-the-glass.

Nov 29, 2012
ladym16 in Greater Boston Area

Apple season

I picked at Shelburne Farm in Stowe this weekend and they had a great variety: macoun, macs, cortlands, empires and fuji. You could still pick a full galas if you found them on the trees and they have honeycrisp in the store. Their roped-off rows looked promising, so should have another coupld of weeks for picking. A little crowded with all the kiddies running about, but once you got into the orchard no problems.

Sep 24, 2012
ladym16 in Greater Boston Area

Not too miss restaurants in back bay for 4 days next week?

Cask'n'Flagon is the old stalwart for local place+baseball. But right across the street is Game On, and across the street from both of them is Boston Beer Works. BBW is a local microbrewery chain, so you would be getting something different on tap. All three will be hustling and have local and tourist flavor before game time. Tasty Burger has a lot of interesting can varieties, but you go there for the yummy burgers more so than the beer. In fact, I haven't heard of anyone just going to Tasty for only a beer.

Jun 26, 2012
ladym16 in Greater Boston Area

Any info on Happy’s Bar & Kitchen

I and group of friends went last night . I was tentative about the menu after reading the so-so reviews but ended up having a good meal.

Having been to Burton's a couple of times before, I was surprised by how much bigger Happy's space feels. The decoration is fun to look at, and as one of my friends described it best as "kitschy chic", so may not be everyone's thing and could be, to some dinners, off-putting.

Service was pleasant and attentive. Our server patiently explained most of the menu to us since none of the dishes have details listed. What is in the kitchen sink salad? What does "New Greek" mean? What is "Fall River Style"? The server explained the meaning behind all of them, except was stumped on "Fall River Style". The dinner special was the turkey meatloaf, which no one was thinking about ordering until we saw it served at another table. Three of my DC ordered it, only to learn, there were only two left for the night, and this was at 7:30 - pretty early in the night. After we ordered, we then saw someone else get the burger and that almost made a couple of us change our minds again. The TV Dinner of the night was three pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and a little wedge of cheesecake served on a plastic tray just like the ones from school, another item that looked tasty.

We started with only one appetizer: the homemade ricotta, which was served with a dash of good olive oil, red pepper flakes and slivered sage. The ricotta was creamy and light, balanced nicely with the olive oil.

Some of my DC had a salad and an appetizer for dinner. We tried the shrimp with mango chutney - just spicy enough that the mango chutney sweetness nicely counter-balances the light spice; shaved asparagus and mushroom salad - mostly just an arugula salad with some asparagus, mushroom and parmesan; the mussels - despite being labeled such, the broth was not spicy but very flavorful; and the Ceasar, which was same old same old.

Everyone who ordered the turkey meatloaf loved it. One of my DC, who never finishes anything, finished her plate and wiped it clean with the bread served at the table. I ended up with the Fisherman's stew and for some reason I thought I would be getting a big bowl. I had 6 clams, a 3 oz piece of cod and a decent amount of chorizo; I wasn't hungry after finishing it, but would have liked a little more seafood. The broth, with potatos and kale, had great flavor, but didn't seem to really pick up the "oomph" and depth of the chorizo and seafood. Lastly, a DC had the shortribs; she always ordered shortribs whenever we go out, and she loved it - tender, tasty and nicely flavored. She was too full to finish her noodles and veggies, and there were a lot of vegetables in her dish.

Overall, we all enjoyed the food, thought the wine and beer list odd and slightly expensive (at least wines by the glass) and want to come back to try some of the other items.

May 17, 2012
ladym16 in Greater Boston Area

Conference Widow Trolling the streets of Boston in search of Food

I second Island Creek. Tell the waiter this will be your first time and he/she will be able to give you some flavor profiles and suggestions on how to enjoy oysters. There really are some strong differences and you don't want your first ever oyster to be on the more briny/pungent side. Start with the sweeter ones so you can get used to the texture, then work your way up to the briny/big flavorful ones.

Apr 23, 2012
ladym16 in Greater Boston Area

Lobster Rolls and Chowder near Fenway Park

Stay away from Canestaro; you'll be able to get in without a problem, which, on that weekend, should be a good indicator of its mediocrity. Stick with the classics at the Summer Shack and you should be able to get good seafood without having a huge wait.

Mar 27, 2012
ladym16 in Greater Boston Area

Fenway El Pelon is open!

Stopped by for lunch today. They were packed with a line of twenty out the door. Like in the past, however, it was a short wait as everyone got their order quickly

Nov 09, 2011
ladym16 in Greater Boston Area

Faneuil Hall/North End Food/Drink

The Harp, near TD Garden (a couple blocks from Faneuil Hall area), is a Bills-backers bar.

Sep 30, 2011
ladym16 in Greater Boston Area

Where to buy veal shanks for osso buco?

Call Savenor's, either in Cambridge or in Beacon Hill (right by MGH stop). They save some for you.

Oct 20, 2010
ladym16 in Greater Boston Area

Apple Butter

Here's one that I use every year to great results:

You do, however, need to remove the skins and seeds with this recipe, but no running through the sieve the next morning.

Oct 11, 2009
ladym16 in Home Cooking