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Where is the best place (none ripoff ) to buy a side of smoked salmon in London ?

Need a side of smoked salmon, sliced don't mind hot or cold smoked, but resent paying yuppie prices in stoke newington or getting nasty 100g packages, just a basic old school fishmonger that sells smoked salmon at a non rip off price in London, preferably North London.

Indian/Pakistani....Better than Tayyabs in Whtechapel ???

thanks for this....Needoo, is it a chain or a one off....maybe we had a bad night but the Mirch Masala in whitechapel was great for kebab, chop, starters....but really greasy and dull mains,,not fresh at all, the lamb was terrible. But needoo sounds worth a try.

Indian/Pakistani....Better than Tayyabs in Whtechapel ???

I love tayyabs in whitechapel ,,,the best chops ever, great food, nice atmos...reasonable...BUT...a line up like for a concert on a friday or saturday,,,so......i confess i even tried on a dodgy recommendation another joint nearby Mirch Masala...chops were definitely superb...but atmospher of a bus station and the mains were .....desperately seeking an alternative to Tayyabs in whitechapel or nearby that a) has great food b)has a modicum ot atmophere and c) has either a licence or BYOB this too much to ask ?

so curry lovers ....suggestions please...

Turkish menemen great jerk/roti and indian

nope primarily in manhattan...and i am canadian...we are sooo not agressive in asking for eggs..we are like the global wimps of asking for eggs....heck we even apologise to you lot that your dollar is worth less...oops did i say that...
how very uncanadian eh

Aug 02, 2011
Minister of Kebab in Manhattan

Turkish menemen great jerk/roti and indian

Visiting for a week in Aug and have fallen in love with menemen, turkish eggs with feta and after some recs for chelsea and environs...i'm coming from canada and turkish g/f coming from London..seeking menemen for brekkie with great coffee, amazing jerk/roti and indian that isn't the bloody ripoff so so dawat..after london, i am spoiled for indian...seeking hidden gems.

stayin at the hotel indigo 127 west 28th....any good or great tips appreciated...especially including coffee, wine, indian, turkish, cuban, jamaican, vietnamese,...good bars or places you can actually smoke on a deck and eat decent food...i realise this is a new york heresy...but well indulge me. Our mayor is stupider than your mayor so please be kind.
i need a break !!!!

Aug 02, 2011
Minister of Kebab in Manhattan

Ici Bistro... also over there partner is going to kill me now for posting, but as a sign of my loyalty to chow....i will spill...this place is incredible, cosy, gorgeous food - creative, delicious and no pretension whatsoever..its like the tiny perfect piece of paris that landed on harbord...

the bread is out of this world, baked by the chef in a wood oven,,,gorgeous crust, crispy with a great bite and smoky...mmm. Where to start...the beet and goat cheese canneloni app is to die for, the beef bourginon is a brilliant, and light take on a classic, beautifully prepared. the Gran Marnier souffle is absolutely ethereal....desert heaven. The sablefish was so well done with olives and capers ....and had the most divine version of polenta with it, a little disc of polenta, crisped on the outside, creamy on the inside infused with cumin and ginger..

Finished the night with two comped glasses of pear eau de vie...
seriously excellent. i feel i have committed a sin telling it is a complete gem..ok so none of you go now or my reservations will be even further apart than they are now. the lobster bisque...ethereal...light not overly creamy and blah...

ok...this place is special and i did not tell you.

pickapeppa jamaican jerk seasoning

nope...not the hot sauce, not the marinade.....but the jamaican jerk seasoning. Pickapeppa has an extra something - maybe a tad more thyme, or a bit of tamarind....but anyoos...this jerk seasoning is divine. Anybody spotted any i am half way through the only jar i brought back. Their hot sauce i can find everywhere, but the jerk is the usual grace (not bad) or other,,,,sightings ?

North of Toronto Country Store...Help???

you sure it wasn't a dream ?


Dear all...

Looking for dining tips in abruzzo, - specifically in sulmona, chieti or villages/towns nearby. Also interested in good cheese, wine and market tips for abruzzo. We are in going to be in casteldiIerie a small hill town outside of sulmona - about 20 mins away...all tips and suggestions most welcomed.

Oct 10, 2010
Minister of Kebab in Italy

Kensington Market, STL market or Brickworks or none

Aser...Gasparro's is a great suggestion. Love that place - old school butchers shop, good product - much local produce without the 75% chi-chi hipster/locavore/trendy levy applied in many other places for...err local meat. All the benefits with less of the spin and fetishism.

Trattoria for a small wedding?


College near Ossington. With the right night you can rent the place, it is I think ideal.

Kensington Market, STL market or Brickworks or none

For veggies - tons of options, try wychwood barns - near st clair and ossington - weekly farmers market or dufferin grove farmers market. For Meats best bet is St Lawrence south hall - ditto for cheeses Alex Farms rear of south market is excellent. Of the three - St Lawrence is your place for meats, cheeses etc.

Alex Farm
1965 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

Giancarlo on Clinton

sorry.....i should have said "wine selection"....they have had an off and on relationship with lists...but more off than on...i have been at times when an actual physical list was present, usually around christmas and easter...but are right, most times its not a list.

Giancarlo on Clinton

food is really good, wine list as someone else noted is absolutely superb.....check out some of the more hard to find italian reds like a Morellino di Scansano from the maremma region, lovely wine and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

one note of caution. best to go midweek as the tables are REALLY close together and when it is full it is elbow room at the tables. But good food, great wine, service is professional without being over the top....and rarely do i ask for advice on wine pairings....this place is worth asking as the choice is vast and they know their wine.

The other place i would suggest, which is less upscale - but not far off on the food and pretty close on the wine list is Grappa Ristorante on College just before Ossington on the south side. It's old school in a good way....lots of space, tables are nicely spread out and comfy..service is good, food is good to a very old school way...and..again the wine list is superb, not quite as extensive on the high end - but great on the mid-range and the super-tuscans.. So if you find yourself hemmed in elbow to elbow at giancarlo....have a glass of wine and walk down the street to Grappa.

E-ON Restaurant

Ok.....i give up...DOH...loved that place....i was sure i'd seen the sign still up...oh well...never rely on eye-witness reports ! Thanks

E-ON Restaurant

huh ? isn't that upstairs ? doh.....someone tell me this is wrong, i swear i saw the sign still up.

E-ON Restaurant

i agree with Olivia...E-On is a kinda cool relic of sorts, totally unpretentious in the extreme - it won't win any glamour prize...its basically in a semi-basement and lots of steam and general hussle and bustle...the food is actually pretty good..and for the price is great. Was a regular lunch spot for me for a while when working nearby - Put it this way, if E-ON were on the Ossington strip it would be hip as all hell. Its like a flashback to the 50's in a grungy kinda way...i'd say 80% of the folks who eat there are chinese.., decor hasn't changed since god knows when, like olivia said it aint Lai Wah Heen...but i like it.

Haven't been there for a while, I intend to revisit the haunt and review for chow. IMHO....if there were a thread that was "really cheap, semi-scuzzy basement gems with a 1950s aura" it would be real high on the list.

Wah's Restaurant
23 Simcoe Plaza, Terrace Bay, ON P0T2W0, CA

Group in Toronto with a couple of kids - I've already searched!

Terroni on Adelaide is a great choice...and for the bacon kid....St Lawrence market peameal sandwich (west side of the south building) ....not that far from your hotel....daytime and takeout only. A kid hit...but ONLY a kid the old spaghetti factory down on Front or wherever it is...close to st lawrence and esplanade food is well...kid friendly...and place is well....old merry-go rounds as decor etc etc...

kids tend to love it....however, the grown up food is blah...

Does parchment paper burn at 400 degrees F?!

depends, don't leave too much overhang, that is the first to burn....greaseproof likely not - should be ok...parchment ...more likely to burn ..if you're worried just give it a quick spritz with a water spray (fine mist) half way through the cooking time. I'd keep my eye on parchment.

Dundas Square ...dundas and victoria area - lunch advice perrlease

Decent lunch spot advice it me or is this a wasteland ? It seems i can have every variety of bad fast food/mall food....any decent places for lunch nearby...apart from the old standby the senator ? Yikes....its mall food central....hard rock cafe ...yikes, mr greenjeans...double yikes...timmies...yawn...pickle barrel (aaaaaaaarrrgh)...there must be something reasonably good for a quick dash out to grab some food...

and i'm talking everyday lunch spot...not popping to Canoe, or nipping up to the four fave old thai place has gone (salad king)...and it seems the entire space around ryerson is a culinary wasteland.....i dunno, just a good falafel, a decent curry or pad thai, heck even a good deli sandwich...location has to either be takeout..or quick table service ...and close.

Am thinking i may have to brown bag...or take a vomit bag to pickle (bottom of the) barrel.

Chicken Balti !

Right...footie season has started in the UK, and people with bad teeth and poor dress sense all over the country of my birth have the option of buying, at half time, a brilliant concoction...the perfect arranged indo-english marriage, the chicken balti pie.

This delicacy, combining the unique bradford creation....the chicken "balti" anglo-english or...if you like ...indo-anglian ...version of the indian bhuna or karahai based a pie crust. Preferably not a soggy pie crust.

Now, i cannot be the only person on chowhound who is a) a soccer fan and b) misses some of the more perverse and yet delicious inventions of that which is the intersection of indian, anglo indian, indo-anglian...and just plain...well odd.

Long story short....and this is truly a long shot...but has anyone by chance seen or heard at all of whether there is such a thing as a chicken balti pie to be found in toronto.

this is the pie of choice for ooohhh.....a gazzilion uk soccer fans....and i want one. ok i apologise for lowering the tone of this esteemed gathering spot, please feel free to go back to discussing more refined cuisine...but i want a chicken balti pie.

Good Indian Takeout in downtown Toronto?

The channa is great, butter chicken is excellent - quite rich and easily enough for two portions...also noteworthy...the Malai Kofta, Saag Paneer and the Beef Rogan Josh. The Baignan Bartha is nice and smokey.

Naan bread is usually good and the rice portions are huge. IMHO, there I don't think there is a bad dish on the menu...if you like your dishes on the spicier side, let them know and they always oblige. Great place, consistently good and like someone else said...portions are so big one dish is usually two meals.

Caribana Food places for next weekend!! any suggestions? caribean foods like Roti places,Jamaican and good jerk chicken?

Venas roti....can't believe nobody rec'd venas ???? home made roti shells, kick ass hot sauce, generous fillings and reasonable. I think he's open on a sunday as well. No jerk....alas....but if you want roti downtown...this is the place....(take out only). For good jerk...other posters are right, its slimmer pickins...

Caribana Food places for next weekend!! any suggestions? caribean foods like Roti places,Jamaican and good jerk chicken?

Vena's Roti...Bloor just before Landsdowne on the south side of bloor. Best roti in the city by a mile

Debu's Indian Take out Kensington.....

Debu Sahar....

Probably one of the more creative and consistent chefs focusing on high quality indian food has opened a takout joint (actually has a back and front patio) on Augusta ave in Kensignton. Just finishing one of his very excellent veg pakora (4 for $4) and a lovely non-greasy naan freshly made.

Daal excellent. Yet to load up on more though by all accounts the saag paneer is very good with a nice home made paneer. It has now been open for a couple of months or so....sooooo i have seen precious few reviews on here....opinions ? debu's delivery starts next month...

so have you been and would you swap over from banjara ???

Good Indian Takeout in downtown Toronto?

Another for Banjara. Still the best delivery by a mile went through a bit of a rough patch a year wise but is back to being excellent. And i would also support madras masala which is next door...excellent uttapam and decent dosas.

796 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L7, CA

Poutine Shacks - Trafalgar Road

Maybe I'll try Louise's again. Curd squeakiness at wagon one is variable, but i'd say...4 out of five times they were squeaky. There really should be a food grading system for the squeakiness of curds, a Canadian version of VSOP.

Perhaps VSCP...(Very Squeaky Curds Present) SCP (Squeaky curds present) CP (Curds present) and CA (Curds Absent). Using my new brilliant grading system chip wagon 1is SCP with the occasional luck of the draw...VSCP and the odd simple CP.

I hereby recommend chowhound adopt my grading system and someone needs to think of a comparable for the gravy.

Best dosas?

South India Dosa Mahal on Bloor west of Dufferin - on the north side, horrible garish pink sign - but very excellent dosas. Also Madras Mahal, next door to Banjara - just by christie pits on the north west corner of the park. Have had less from Madras Mahal, but South Indian Dosa Mahal...while it won't win any design awards...has great dosa.

Enduring restaurants


Smokehouse Restaurant to open in Georgetown

just posted the locations of the two shacks on trafalgar...comin off the 401 into G'town, the red and white shack is good.