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New Burrito and Shish Kabob Places in Belmont?

It's been open since August, so it didn't come to mind as "new"!

New Burrito and Shish Kabob Places in Belmont?

The newest middle eastern place I can think of around here is on Common St., but in Watertown. I think it used to be in Belmont? Anyway, I've heard this place is good, but it's only open Fri/Sat nights for dinner. Not a good time for us, with the baby and all.

November 2012 Openings and Closings

Maximo's in Watertown is no longer. For rent signs are up, and I'm dreaming about what might move in there!

Gustazo Belmont - One of the Finest Latino Meals I've Had...

We went to brunch at Gustazo today around 11:15 (Deluxe Town Diner had a ridiculous line by 8, I think because of the time change). It was somewhat busy but not crowded. We started with fresh juices--guava, mango, & passionfruit. Very nice. I had the eggs with bacon-wrapped plaintains, multigrain toast, dressed greens--all very delicious--and the two saddest tomato slices I've ever seen. My friend's potatoes, chorizo,& eggs were greasy but good, but the other friend's crepe was served cold, which struck her as odd. Spouse's Eggplant sandwich was great (same eggplant/cheese combo that we tried for lunch on previous visit) with nice house made chips. We shared an order of churros with hot chocolate for dessert, which was great, especially the hot chocolate. I also had a perfectly good cafe con leche. We split the bill, which came to $22 each (not incl. tip) which I thought was pretty good. We easily spend more at the Diner. The portions were filling but not enormous, just right I thought.

Online food ordering sites for local restaurants

Thanks, all, for your help! I've signed up for Foodler and look forward to trying it!

November 2012 Openings and Closings

Maximo's in Watertown has a "Closed Temporarily" sign. I'm not holding out much hope. They always have more workers than customers when I walk by there on a daily basis.

in search of the best pancakes in the Boston area

Also, the semolina pancakes were still available at Sofra when we were there yesterday.

in search of the best pancakes in the Boston area

I think the sweet potato pecan pancakes at the Deluxe Town Diner are delicious, but they aren't traditional. My husband had great Pancakes at Henrietta's Table when he was in town for a job interview last year.

Online food ordering sites for local restaurants

Thanks, TTG. This is the kind of feedback I was hoping for. Good to know that the direct route is faster, but that Foodler provides nice "browsing."

Gustazo Belmont - One of the Finest Latino Meals I've Had...

Thanks, Striper. This is another gem in the neighborhood. We went for lunch and I had the AMAZING eggplant dish with butternut soup. It was inventive, flavorful, and everything you could hope for in a vegetarian. I also appreciate that they have delicious fresh juices. I had guava, and my spouse had passionfruit. As a recently pregnant and now nursing mother, I appreciate quality non-alcoholic drink options. My only quibble is that we were the only ones in the restaurant and had to wait 30+ minutes for our meals, which seemed excessive.

Gustazo Belmont - One of the Finest Latino Meals I've Had...

I really want to try their brunch ... the menu looks amazing! With a four-month-old, though, it's hard for us to wait for the 11 am start. Hope someone will report!

Online food ordering sites for local restaurants

I know there are a number of ways to order food from restaurants online: Foodler, GrubHub, Seamless, as well as LivingSocial. Perhaps there are others of which I'm not aware?

Anyway, I'm curious your experience with these different companies. What are their relative merits (or demerits)? How did you choose which one to use? Do you use more than one on a frequent basis? Any other information that might be helpful for a user to know?

I'm in Watertown (if location is relevant), but I imagine this information might be helpful to anyone ordering food in and around Boston.

Where to watch presidential debates?

This post makes me love this board more than I already do. And bonus points for the Sox mention in the responses! :)

August " Wow!" Dishes?

Those lattes sound so interesting, definitely something to try. Thanks for sharing.

Moving to Porter/Davis - Where to go?

I don't have too much to add that isn't already covered here, but I love the Petsi Pies outpost on Beacon St. We lived nearby for a few weeks earlier this summer, and I am embarrassed to admit that I stopped by nearly every day. Every single breakfast pastry I had was great, and the prices were pretty good, too. I've never tried their actual pies, so maybe someone else can comment on that.

Moozy's ice cream in Belmont

My brother visited yesterday, so we took the opportunity to walk over to Moozy's and try their ice cream. (We are big ice cream lovers in our family!).

The place is very nice, orange and green "family-friendly" decor and is staffed by a bunch of awkward high school kids. That said, the workers know their stuff. When I asked if they made their own ice cream, the worker told me no, that it's Bliss Dairy ice cream from Attleboro. He offered to let me try a couple of flavors and didn't seem annoyed that I was asking a bunch of questions. The ice cream is not amazing, but it's adequate. The prices are not cheap ($3.99 for a small, which is 2.5 scoops). However, the worker did tell me there was a 1-scoop kiddie available (not listed on the menu) for $2.49, I think.

I have to say that this is the kind of place I like mostly for its location (we can walk there) and because it's a nice place to sit (they have lots of outdoor seating, though admittedly the view of Trapelo Rd. is not that compelling).

We tried Celebrity ice cream a couple weeks back, and I was shocked at the prices ($8 and change for 2 small soft-serve cones)! I like hard ice cream better than soft serve, and the atmosphere is much better at Moozy's. Given that Moozy's is the same price or a little cheaper than Celebrity I imagine we'll be back on special occasions or when we have company.

I know, I know, I need to get to Rancatore's. But that's a long walk from where I live!

August " Wow!" Dishes?

That sounds amazing. Something to put on my "to try" list for sure. Thanks for sharing!

August " Wow!" Dishes?

We went to Strip Ts last night and shared an appetizer special of fried green tomatoes, smoked fish head meat, and softboiled egg served with regular tomatoes and chopped sorrel. It was eyes-rolling-back-to-your-head delicious. It made me wish they served some kind of bread, I would have happily used it to sop up the delicious droppings left at the bottom of the plate.

Where can you find dried fava beans?

Arax, Sevan, & Massis are all in the 500/600ish blocks of Mt. Auburn Street. I'm pretty sure that Arax has them. I know they had fresh favas earlier in the summer and have a large selection of dried beans/legumes of all sorts.

Maximo's Watertown and Fastacchi Nut Butters

We will definitely check out ELB, we often go by there on our walks. My spouse thinks maybe they get overlooked since they're not right in "Little Armenia." I really hope that my son grows up with this hand around a cheesy borek! I also am looking forward to trying Sophia's frozen yogurt.

And weirdly, even though the quinoa side salad at Maximo's was not good, their entree quinoa salad is great.

Maximo's Watertown and Fastacchi Nut Butters

I recently moved to the area (across from Fordees), and I have had take-out from Maximo's a couple of times. (I have a newborn, so people have brought us their food.) Their salads are fantastic, in my opinion, great ingredients and substantial enough to be a meal (no small feat for a nursing mother with a healthy appetite!). I also have tried the chicken and pork sandwiches, which I thought were quite good. Flavorful and interesting, not just the same run of the mill sandwiches. The quinoa side salad was dry and underseasoned when I had it. In general, I never order burritos from places like this (cafe type places), because they are just so unlikely to be good. I agree that they don't seem to have the critical mass to survive, but I hope they do. When we've been in, they have had 3-4 employees just standing around, never a good sign.

As an aside, I'd like to thank both StriperGuy and opinionatedchef for all your write-ups of places in my new neightborhood, it has been a great help. We have tried Strip-Ts, Fordees, Arax, Maximo's, and Fastachi, all of which have been solid. With the newborn, we're not eating out as much as we used to, so I appreciate having your recon to help guide our dining decisions. I tend to read, more than post, on Chowhound, but I am going to try to be better now that I've relocated. :)

GREAT breakfast for a GREAT hike

I recently ate at Stone Dog Cafe, which was solid. I was there just before closing, so I imagine it'd be even better earlier in the day. It has gotten good reviews on this board, I believe.

Another possibility is Chute's. I haven't been there in years (seriously, probably 15), but I remember loving it when I worked at a nearby summer camp.

Have a great hike!

ETA: Sorry, I forgot to say that these are both in Windham, so you may want something closer to Mt. Washington.

Suggestions for Burlington

Thanks everyone for your opinions and suggestions! I just sent my spouse off to a conference in Burlington with an iPhone full of "foodie bookmarks" for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When he returns, I'll report back!

Also, Morganna, don't you post on the Northern New England board about Maine? You must be some kind of lucky to spend time in Vermont and Maine! :)

looking for help with our Down East Eating Adventure

My husband got us front-row Red Sox tickets for our anniversary. I gave him the gift of a planning and taking a trip that I called “The Down East Eating Adventure.” This trip has a lot to live up to--did I mention front-row Red Sox tickets?! I’ve done a fair amount of research, but still have a lot “holes” in our itinerary, so any insights you can provide would be helpful (I’m looking at you, Passadumkeg). We tend toward food-driven travel, coupled with outdoor activity that allows us to eat more. :) We are not fancy people, and we love all kinds of food. We will have our dog with us, but she is very good in the car as long as it’s not too hot. So, outdoor dining is a plus but not required.

I plan to drive from our camp west of August to Belfast via Route 3, with a stop at John’s for ice cream. Then I plan to drive north on Route 1 and stop somewhere for lunch—any suggestions? I see lots of mixed reviews of Just Barb’s, what do you think? Or somewhere in Bucksport? From there, I plan for us to hike Schoodic Mountain and then eat dinner at the Mexican Restaurant in Hancock and spend the night around there somewhere.

The next morning, I plan to drive from Hancock to Cutler. It looks like we could go a number of ways (Route 182 to Route 1 or Route 1/1A/1), and I’m happy for us to take the most Chow-ish route possible. Definitely need a breakfast recommendation. Helen’s or Bluebird Ranch in Machias? Also, can you recommend a place to pick up provisions for a picnic lunch? In Cutler, we will hike the Bold Coast Trail.

I had originally planned for us to eat dinner & spend the night in Machias, but I am certainly willing to adventure further east if that would be better. I can’t tell if driving all the way to Lubec is worth it. Any dinner recommendations in or between Michias and Lubec? In Lubec, I know there’s the Sea Salt place and Smokehouse, are those worth visiting? Anything else I’m missing? We’d obviously do more hiking/exploring as well (I know, I know we’re not supposed to talk about that on here!).

On the way home, I plan to drive Route 9 to Bangor. Is there anything noteworthy along this route? For dinner, I was leaning toward Fiddlehead, but now I’m worried it will be mobbed because it was written up in Down East this month. What do you think? I’d also like to see the campus in Orono—anything Chow-worthy there?

Thanks so much for any recommendations you can give. I read these boards a lot, but I don’t post much as much as I should. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for all the passion and advice that Chowhounders provide!

Just Barb's
24 Main St, Stockton Springs, ME 04981

Finding the Perfect Hamburger Bun in Portland, Maine?

I was in Standard Baking last week, and they had hamburger & hot dog buns listed on their bread board. I'm not sure what day--maybe Friday or Saturday--so best to call in advance. I haven't tried them, but I thought I'd pass along the info.

Please report back with your findings!

Mt Vernon & Wayne ME eating report

Thanks for the reply, westernmaine! I just drove by Top of the Hill Grill a few days ago, and now I am eager to try it. I have not tried Soup for You yet, but I get to Farmington quite often (I love Narrow Gauge Cinema, especially with all this rain we're having!) and will check it out. In fact, I hope to try all your recs, keep 'em coming!

Mt Vernon & Wayne ME eating report

I am a long-time lurker who is trying to be better about posting reports from my various eating adventures. I spend most summers at a camp in central Maine, in Readfield.

I haven't seen too much here on CH about the Olde Post Office Cafe, right on Minnehonk Lake in Mount Vernon. It's open everyday for breakfast and lunch (I think they are open fewer days during winter). They have great stuff like b'fast burritos, stuffed French toast, and homemade breads and pastries. I recently tried a fabulous strawberry muffin and orange-date scone. They also serve sandwiches, omelets, and such made with Boar's Head meats and cheeses. They serve dinner twice a month, by reservation only, with live music on Saturday nights. I haven't tried it yet, but it on my summer to-do list, so I will report back.

The cafe has super friendly staff, nice atmosphere, and is just a wonderful addition to the area.

Also, I have several times posted about my less than stellar view of Tubby's ice cream in Wayne. Well, I eat my words. We went on Sunday, with my spouse and five out-of-town guests. We arrived at 9:20, 20 minutes after they closed. Skip and his staff cheerfully offered to re-open, which was so generous! I had tastes of the chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, and naked flavors, which were all creamy and flavorful. The coffee flavor tasted a bit icy and watery, definitely not as good. The hot fudge sauce tasted like it had cinnamon in it, very different and delicious. The peanut butter sauce was amazing-- not too sweet or thick. The best pb sauce I've ever had! So, I am happy to eat my words and recommend Tubby's wholeheartedly!

Well, I am at the drive-in and the movie's about to start, but I'll post again soon. Happy eating!

Maine's Best Doughnuts

This isn't a real doughnut shop, but Lakeside Orchards just west of Augusta makes excellent apple cider doughnuts. They are small cake doughnuts that come in plain or sugared variety. I think the bakery/store part of the orchard is only open Thursday through Saturday, but best to call and check:

I'm not a real doughnut aficionado, so I don't know if I'd call them "Maine's Best Doughnuts," but I thought I'd suggest it since you don't seem to be getting much response.

Good luck, and be sure to let us know what you find/eat!

ISO salted carmel ice cream in New Hampsire?

I don't know where to find salty caramel ice cream in NH, but it's a flavor I love, also. I found an AMAZING version, along with lots of other unusual and tasty (often a rare combination!) flavors at Jeni's ice cream in Columbus, Ohio. Their ice cream is spendy, but they do ship:

Lobsters near Augusta, Maine

Ah, yes, parents' visiting day, the day that all of us who live here stay put to avoid the visiting throngs! :) It's fun having someone post for advice about good eats in my neck of the woods (I live in Readfield):

Tubby's in nearby Wayne, Maine might be a place to try. It's run by a local electrician-turned-ice cream maker who is a heck of a nice guy. My spouse and brother just went on Saturday, and they enjoyed both the lobster stew and ice cream, though I'm not sure all that dairy food loved them back! Their food menu isn't all that expensive, but the ice cream receives rave reviews, so you could try it for dessert.

They also ate at Sonny's Clam Shack, which is located on Route 17 not too far past the railroad tracks in Readfield, earlier in the week, which my spouse says feature "a nice outdoor eating environment and good battered, fried seafood. The french fries are a little subpar." We often get lobsters and other seafood from Sonny's, so I'd say it's a pretty safe bet.

I'm not sure when you're coming up, but good luck! The weather looks to be a bit dicey all week.