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Corpus Crispi

Got to know where you're going first. Never heard of Corpus Crispi

1 day ago
rexster314 in Texas

Bradley smoker taking FOREVER to heat up???

The Bradley is a good smoker, but has certain idiosyncrasies you have to learn to deal with. The main one is temperature control. The thing is designed for low and slow cooking. Between the puck warming plate and the 500w element, things won't get to cooking for quite a bit, even if you've preheated to 250. Once you get four racks of cold or even room temperature meat in the smoker the meat acts like a heat sink and absorbs the heat, dropping the cooker temp down that takes several hours to bring back up to cooking temp. Your dried ribs need moisture during a long cook, more so than a pork butt or brisket since they're more fatty and juicy. Spritzing some apple juice or other juice will keep the ribs moist while cooking and will add more flavor. That said, the first thing I did to my Bradleys was to add another 500w element and PID to aid in temp recovery and to hold a closer temperature while cooking. With this set up I'll get fully cooked almost falling off the bone ribs in about 4.5 hours, pork butts are usually done in about 8 hours. The Bradley forum is a wealth of information so do a lot of reading there.

Home, and what to hoard as a Texpat?

Jul 05, 2015
rexster314 in Texas

Bikinis and Boardwalks

I like the Mexican Manhattan (in San Antonio) too, especially if they've opened the patio up

Jun 19, 2015
rexster314 in Texas

El Tiempo - is there a preferred location ?

We enjoy the Navigation location more than any other. Free parking if you don't want to valet also. Right across the street from original Ninfa's

Anova One sous vide cooker for $99 at Amazon

Go to Anovaculinary.com. They have the Anova Precision cooker on sale for 50$ off for Father's day. Normally 179$.

Bikinis and Boardwalks

If you live in Texas and don't know Casa Rio, you're not a real Texan

Jun 16, 2015
rexster314 in Texas

Help me fill in the spots on my san antonio food itinerary?

Switch out LULU'S for Earl Abel's. Best thing at Lulu's is the 50 pound cinnamon roll and it's just a novelty. Earl Abel's has waitresses that have been there 30 years and more and know what you want before you tell them

May 26, 2015
rexster314 in Texas

Bikinis and Boardwalks

LOL, Casa Rio was THE place to go when I was growing up in the 50's. I still go every other year or so just for memories. Food is passable, and probably still using 50 year old recipes.

May 25, 2015
rexster314 in Texas

Barbecue in Lockhart

It's a win, win, win proposition. Personally my favorite is Smitty's but I've never been to Kreuz's and Black's is ok, I don't care for their sides

May 08, 2015
rexster314 in Texas

Kitchenaid 8qt KSM8990ER

First off, I've had a Kitchenaid Pro 600 stand mixer since 2001. It's been a workhorse but lately it seems the motor slows down and is unable to knead/mix bread dough on its suggested setting of #2 and at times the housing got very hot under a normal load. It just so happens that on a recent review of stand mixers on Cook's Country that a 7 quart Kitchenaid was number 1, with the proviso it was expensive. I don't have a problem paying for quality and after doing some web searching learned that the KSM8990 8qt mixer was KA's top of the commercial line without going to 20qt and up floor mixers which was not what I was looking for. After about a full day of checking reviews (whew) I decided on the 8qt KSM8990 in Empire Red color. (we all know red appliances work better) After unpacking and washing the bowl and attachments (which are all polished stainless steel) decided a double recipe of sweet bread dough was warranted (and I wanted some cinnamon rolls anyway) This recipe calls for beginning with 10 cups of flour with a possible total of 11-12 cups. Dumping the ingredients in the cavernous bowl I started the mixer up on #2 setting. I wound up using about 11 cups of bread flour and the mixer never missed a beat, keeping the speed steady as I added the final cup of flour. The mixer is very quiet and the soft start works great, doesn't kick out flour like my old mixer.
Based on my initial use of this mixer, I can say that I love it, glad I bought it, and looking forward to using it for a long time.

Apr 09, 2015
rexster314 in Cookware

BEST mexican food in San Antonio - San Antonians only!

Lunch should include Taco House on San Pedro. Try to get a parking place there right at 12 noon. I sure wouldn't put Mi Tierra in "Nicer" category. Great for breakfast but certainly not on level of La Fonda North Main and La Margarita is good for the grilled stuff and "nicer" than Mi Tierra but I wouldn't set foot in it on a Fri or Sat night cause of so many locals doing birthdays there. But oh, right, I don't live in SA either

Mar 23, 2015
rexster314 in Texas

Ball whisk - my new Precious!

Just make sure to check it after each use. One of the balls came off while I was using it a year or so ago. Fortunately I noticed it and got it out of the mixing bowl before cooking. Otherwise it would have broken someone's tooth

Mar 20, 2015
rexster314 in Cookware

Old Farberware Electrics

Has anyone else fallen back in love with some of the old Farberware offerings (discontinued)?. We had one of the aluminum non-coated electric griddles when we first got married, and after a few years of use threw it away after numerous washings in the dishwasher. Also had a 12" electric skillet that we got tired of for some reason. About 5 years ago I bought one of the griddles off eBay because I hated the non-stick griddles now being made. Never got good browning on pancakes or anything else on the nonsticks. The Farberware griddle does everything I want; excellent cooking/browning, good temp control and with a little BarKeeper's Friend cleans up remarkably easy. Couple of weeks ago I got one of the electric skillets off Ebay and am equally enamored of the capabilities of this electric skillet. (high domed model) I just purchased a second griddle for backup in case the other one goes out and got a buffet server/skillet for the times we entertain. I'm must curious if anyone else has rediscovered these things like I have.

Mar 17, 2015
rexster314 in Cookware

Buc'ees - what's up with this place ???

Don't know what you're talking about. Bucc-ee's was started by "Beaver" Aplin and Don Wasek in Lake Jackson, Texas years ago. They started branching out over the last 10 yrs or so. Seems every thing they touch turns to gold. Super clean restrooms, and store people that speak English

Nov 02, 2014
rexster314 in Texas

My Bacon

Cure recipe Cure #1, brown sugar, salt
Curing time 7 days
Smoking temp 100 deg
Wood variety mix of cherry, hickory, apple

My Bacon

I have Hobart 12" slicer that gives me that professional look. I smoke the pork between 7-8 hours

My Bacon

Here's a couple of shots of the 120 lbs of bacon I did this weekend.

Great San Antonio Tex Mex for a big raucous group

La Fogata is good, especially seated outside, but, and we've been there several times, the menu strays from straight Tex-Mex. I won't even mention Mi Tierra, but the sister restaurant La Margarita is pretty good, especially the grilled food. And it is pretty raucus

Oct 15, 2014
rexster314 in Texas

closed down restaurant

I could have sworn Nickerson Farms was on the opposite side of the road in the same area and on a slight hill

Aug 30, 2014
rexster314 in Texas

closed down restaurant

Why you hollering?

Aug 28, 2014
rexster314 in Texas

Mini Cheesecakes

I have the pan, but haven't tried cheesecakes in it. When I do, I'm making them using my old tried and true recipe that I've never written down and see what happens.

Aug 28, 2014
rexster314 in Home Cooking

Foodsaver questions

Large container mixed baby greens Nope
1 eggplant Depends on how long you keep it
2 broccoli crowns Probably be ok to vacuum seal
1 cucumber Ok to seal
2 zucchini Ok to seal
3 unripe avocados Ok to seal, sprinkle lime juice on cut and then seal
4 peaches Ok for uncut
1 package strawberries Not fresh ones, but sugarcoat, freeze and then vacuum seal
1 package mini bell peppers Ok to seal
Gorgonzola, pepper jack & cheddar cheeses Ok to seal use more bag material than the piece of cheese
Non fat plain Greek yogurt (large TJ's tub)
Non fat vanilla yogurt (large TJ's tub) Probably could but why
2 ears sweet corn Will work ok maybe for a week or two

Aug 28, 2014
rexster314 in Cookware

Cioppino in Houston

Truluck's has a pretty good looking cioppino, didn't order it but saw it coming out of the kitchen

Aug 27, 2014
rexster314 in Houston

BOV800XL Breville Smart Oven

Following up: Still got our oven, still working perfectly. We use it about every other day or so, sometimes multiple times in a day. Keeps from overheating the kitchen up on these hot days

Aug 24, 2014
rexster314 in Cookware

WEBER: Stainless or Iron grates?

Iron grates, no matter if porcelain/enameled, will rust out in a couple of years. Stainless steel, although harder to keep hot, will last at least twice as long if not longer. Mine on my JennAir are going on 8 years old and clean up nicely

Does anyone own a vacuum sealer?

We've had some type of vacuum sealer since 1995. Well worth the money; we buy large blocks of cheese,that once sealed, will last for months on end. I cure and smoke my own bacon and often will open up a frozen bag of bacon that's 6-8 months old and as fresh as if I've just smoked it.

Aug 05, 2014
rexster314 in Cookware

Recommend a good ice cream maker!

So Ruben, have you personally tried both of the makers, Cuisinart and Breville? Just wondering. Especially posting in an almost 3 year old thread.

Aug 03, 2014
rexster314 in Cookware

Compressor or bowl ice cream maker for gelato quality?

Getting finished ice cream out of the Breville compressor unit is no more trouble than getting ice cream out of any other ice cream maker. Most all have steps, even my 6qt White Mountain freezer. You take the can out of the freezer unit, scrape down the dasher while removing it, scrape the ice cream into a freezer container. Nothing tricky about it

Aug 03, 2014
rexster314 in Cookware

Which Compressor-Style Ice Cream/Gelato Maker is Best?

I don't know what is so tricky about getting the ice cream out of the Breville BCI600XL. I've had one of these for a couple of months now and I just pull out the freezer can, pull out the dasher, scraping the ice cream off the dasher, take off the wire handle, and scrape all the ice cream goodness into a freezer container. Pretty much what you have to do with any ice cream freezer, even my 6qt White Mountain job. I've made up to 3 different batches, one after the other, several times and don't have a problem getting the ice cream out

Aug 03, 2014
rexster314 in Cookware