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Updating Devon Indian Restaurants?

Are you looking for nice decor?

If decor is not an object, I'm in the Khan BBQ camp for the food.
Chicken Boti
Seekh Kebab
A goat gravy dish
Aloo Gobi, and a saag
Frontier rice
And a few paratha.

If decor is totally not an object, then Ghareeb Nawaz or Hyderbaad House are total dives with decent eats. Ghareeb Nawaz is dirt cheap. There are land mines all over Ghareeb's menu, but I can vouch for:

Chili Chicken rice
Chana Masala
any Goat curry if bones don't freak you out.
You might wanna try Hema's Kitchen as well.I haven't been there in AGES, but it was my first real foray into Pakistani food, and I loved it back in the day.

Uru-swati is a great joint for vegetarian fare.

Or,check on Groupon, and pick a joint that has a groupon on offer.

Khan BBQ would be my choice tho. Not the greatest ambience, but they know their way around meat and charcoal.

Apr 09, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

First Time at Devon Ave or up north generally

My guess would be Indian or Thai might be a great choice to cater to the vegan, but you might wanna look into one of the Ethiopian joints too.

If you're gonna have booze, I'd stick with a Thai BYOB. I'd also pre-plan the menu depending on the group size. The kitchen won't get taxed, and they might make some special treats for you.

For Indian, (well, Pakistani, really,)I'm still partial to Khan BBQ. Most of the places will have some vegetarian and vegan options, but the Pakistani places will have more meat on the menu, and the veggie dishes will be hit or miss (in general.) If you wanna go to a cheap dive and order everything on the menu and still laugh at the bill, check out Ghareeb Nawaz, but it's a dive, and it's not pretending not to be a dive. Tiffin might be a decent middle of the road Indian / Pakistani mix with a decent ambience as well.

Another great option for booze and a crowd would be San Soo Gab San for Korean BBQ. There will be items for the vegan, I think, but the star attraction will be the live fire and self grilling your meats, and the "I have no idea what I just ate, but I need another order of it" moments that are sure to be had. That might make the vegan feel a little left out tho.

My two cents is this tho - if you want to have booze, go with a Thai BYOB, and pre-plan the menu. I LOVE doing that with a group, but that's me. I'm a big fan of Sticky Rice, but a bigger fan of TAC Quick, and Rainbow.

Oh yeah - ever been to Sun Wah BBQ??
Maybe a Vietnamese place?
Check your bucket list, and see which option would be the best for the vegan of the group?

Apr 08, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

Deli Cole Slaw Surprise

Why do people even want sweet cole slaw?
I get it - to each, their own, but, I never get the lure of thinking "cabbage, mayo, onions...all I need now is some SUGAR!!"

Apr 06, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

Surprising sodium content foods?

Some sodas. Those delicious diet cranberry sodas that start popping up around fall. I sometimes wind up sucking down a 2 liter over the course of two days being couped up in the house around the hoilidays. Matter of fact, I still have a diet Cranberry Sierra Mist 2 liter left over because I bought several btls of the stuff last bird day. I drank a few and then I read the label. 85 migs per 8oz. I don't think I'll touch it again. Not huge, but it adds up when you think you are "just drinking diet soda." (and I admittedly drink too much of it - so taking in sodium while doing it is not preferrable.)

Apr 03, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

Are there such things as greengrocers, butcher shops and fish shops in the States?

I'm currently in Chicago, and we have all three, though many of the fruit markets do have a small selection of meats.

Mar 02, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

frozen fish from China: worth a try?

Your description of the fish you are asking about is "frozen, cheap, and Chinese."

Good luck with all that.

Mar 01, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

Favorite spot for coffee and pastries/desserts?

Bad Wolf, of course, but, it should be noted that in the afternoon, depending on what time, there's a chance that day's pastry stock will be a distant memory. There's no doubt that it's stellar. No doubt at all.

Mar 01, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

Want Recipe for Chubby's green chile (on 38th) Denver, CO


I do ok with my green chile at home, but Chubby's was my favorite - two breakfast burritos, green. Every day was different. Loved that stuff. If I ever go back to Denver, Chubby's is all kinds of "my first stop."

Feb 25, 2014
gordeaux in Home Cooking

Restaurant recommendations near Waukegan and midway

If you are throwing pizza in the mix, the Midway area might be one of the best areas in Chicagoland for 'real' Chicago pizza...Thin crust. I understand the lure of Giordano's for the media hyped "stuffed" pizza, and nobody would blame you for having to investigate that hype. Plus, there's a Giordano's right next to the airport, essentially. Don't expect much in the way of seafood, probably a shrimp dish or two, and fried squidamari. If you like mildly spicy stuff, ask for a side of hot giardiniera with your pizza. If you were my guest, I would try to talk you out of Giordano's, but that's me. I'm not sure if there's a Lou Malnati's on your route, but if you wanted to try one of the "other" Chicago pizza styles - PAN, then I would suggest you look for a Lou's on your route that makes sense to you, over Giordano's. Lou's can rock a pretty mean thin crust as well when you get a good one. KateBchi makes a decent point, but timing is your issue. I understand wanting to be not far from the airport for dinner. The traffic can be an issue.

Feb 21, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

Your favorite packaged snack cake

My favorites are pretty easy, not sure if they are still made though:

1. Far and away, number one by a landslide is hostess vanilla cupcakes with fudge frosting. Whatever chemical cesspool keeps those things fresh WORKS. The chocolate cupcakes are always like cardboard compared to the vanilla ones.

2. Plain Zingers, no frosting. The ones that come four to a package.

3. Anything else, but frozen (and NOTHING with coconut flakes on them.)

Feb 20, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

Restaurant recommendations near Waukegan and midway

Ok, so not too long of a drive from Midway on a Friday night, in time for a 9pm flight, meat and seafood? On the southern side of the spectrum, closer to Midway, does Italian food work for you? I'm thinking maybe something in the Taylor street ("Little Italy") section of town would work.
And yes, the immediate vicinity around Midway is pretty barren. There are some really decent Mexican joints, some really GREAT Middle Eastern joints, but nothing is coming to mind around midway for being a great meat and seafood place.
This one might also work:

Feb 19, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

new flavor triscuits: what do you think of them?

"Hint Of Salt" are actually edible.

Feb 17, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

Interesting taco toppings

A few chipotles en adobo
sour cream
lime juice

Feb 08, 2014
gordeaux in Home Cooking

Lunch after DePaul graduation for 20?

Outside the box a bit still, just throwing out things that might fit the bill, but you might not think of:

BBQ - Ferret suggested Barn And Co. We have some really decent bbq places that have sprouted up in the past few years.

Middle Eastern - In the grand scheme of things, it's not very adventurous. Most all of the places have grilled meats and rice. For white tablecloths, high ceilings, full bar, but still very casual, Reza's (Ontario street location)is a decent choice that I would trust for non adventurous meat and potato folks, but they also have a wide selection of "Persian" fare. They can be trusted to have very fresh seafood, too.

Feb 04, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

Pancakes - What's Your Favorite Type??

Mine is a style that I think most purists would scoff at. I have two places that make them the way I like them, and I'm not sure it's a packaged mix or not, but if I could find it, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. They are chewy. Probably overworked batter, but I love them. I'm a soaker. My normal MO, is to order some type of egg dish, and when the food arrives, first order of bidness is to tend to the pancakes. The pancakes must be SLATHERED with butter. Not the top one. All of them. Next is the syrup. Fake, pancake house syrup. No "Made In Vermont" sign needed for me. I want the fake stuff, and I make no apologies for it. First, the bottom pancake is doused while holding the next pancake above it up. Once the entire lower pancake is completely covered, the pancake above it must be lowered to cover it before too much of the syrup escapes over the edge. Then, the process repeats up the stack. Once all pancakes are literally swimming in butter and syrup, then the top pancake must be inspected to see how the soaking is working out. If there is too much syrup falling over the sides of the top pancake, then plan b must be invoked.This is using a knife to slit the top pancake strategically to capture syrup. A repouring of syrup may very well be necessary. Once the panceakes have been tended to, then the eggs can be consumed to allow for proper pancake soaking time. Once other foods are dispatched, then the proper focus can be given to the luscious, butter and syrup laden stack of carboliciousness that awaits for any who dare fly this close to the sun. If you can literally wring butter and syrup from your pancakes, those are the ones I want.

Feb 03, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

Lunch after DePaul graduation for 20?

How much money per person, what kind of food, and is there any area of the city you'd like to stick with? "Late afternoon" has a whole bunch of possibilities for you to make this REALLY cool, imo. I'd suggest planning somethign with the restaurant you choose. They should be chomping at the bit for a 20 person table late afternoon, and if you work with them to plan a menu, you could have a pretty special meal with no taxing the kitchen or awkward service issues. I personally would suggest Mexican, or Thai with a pre-planned menu - family style, at one of Chicago's "off the beaten path" type places, but without knowing how much you want to spend, or what type of food interests your group, it's hard to say.

Feb 03, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

ISO: Sauce like Bonefish Walkerswood - jerk sauce?

Mght it have been the brand name of the sauce doctored up with sauteed mushrooms? Walkerswood has a line of Jerk products. There is the "seasoning" which is a paste in a small jar, and also the "marinade" which is a sauce in a taller bottle. You might wanna peruse thier product page, and/or check your markets. Walkerswood seasoning is absolutely luscious stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if Bonefish Grille used one of their products to base this sauce you speak of from.


Feb 02, 2014
gordeaux in Home Cooking

Has anyone replicated a Chicago-style Pizza Puff?

While the comment has truthfulness regarding the deep dish, stuffed, and the puff, real Chicagoans enjoy (dare I say prefer?) the local style of thin crust that doesn't get the media hype that the others do. Most everyone I know says that "stuffed is for tourists." Deep dish is more well received in my circle of friends, but thin crust is by far the favorite.

Jan 30, 2014
gordeaux in Home Cooking

Has anyone replicated a Chicago-style Pizza Puff?

You've never had a Puff?
I used to eat them all the time in the teenage years. Now, maybe once every few years or so. They are on almost every Chicago hood grease joint's menu under "Sides."

if the OP still cares, I'd get large, possibly even burrito sized flour tortillas. The thinner, the better, I'd think. Depending where you are, might be hard to find as well.

I'd use ground sweet Italian snausage, thin tomato sauce, like cheap Hunt's brand, a little bit of mozz. Perhaps a few extra fennel seeds since in a puff, you'll always have three or four bites with a half of a fennel seed. My guess is that you'll have to tinker with the wrapping because I think it's a double layer of dough. I LOVE that inner layer of dough that gets kinda steamed and gooeyfied between the guts and the outer layer. Damn. I think I might have to have a Puff tomorrow now. They should come with toilet paper instead of napkins.

Jan 29, 2014
gordeaux in Home Cooking

Best dinner (food) in Chicago

San Soo Gab San.


Tac Quick

Shikara - One meal was just insane. Never had better Indian food since that one meal. Been there a few times since, and they've never recaptured the magic for me.

Frontera Grill

Jan 25, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

First time @ Frontera Grill - HELP!

My rule at Frontera is to order the things with the craziest sounding sauces.

Jan 24, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

And God Made Nihari

Perhaps they are making their renditions of the very popular Indo-chinese dishes? Things like hakka noodles and "manchurian" dishes. Where I live, we are getting more and more Indo-Chinese joints, and Indian restaurants that offer chinese sections on the menu. quite a few of my Indian frieds are very fond of these places, and iirc, a few of them have said these are common in India. Just a guess.

Jan 19, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

Weekend getaway in March.

Not sure when you are leaving, but, I wouldn't hold on to those for tortillas for too long before leaving. You can easily get very fresh ones (definitely el milagro, and a few other brands, and several styles) at pretty much any grocery store on your way out of town. We're kinda spoiled here when it comes to fresh tortillas. I'd say about 50% of the time, when I go to a grocery store to get tortillas, they are still warm on the shelf.

Jan 19, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

Alternative Nacho Recipies

oh Hell yeah -
chopped up chicken boti
lots of diced serrano
fried red onion
light hit of tamarind chutney - YES,YES, YES!
Need to figure out a cheese.
and RAITA!!!!!!!

For a "pulled pork "route..."
sub nihari
Oh HELL yeah!! Jungmann, seriously, you just made my superbowl. Might be "ho-hum" to you, but you just totally gave me something to run with.

Papadum would abviously be the 'legit' choice for the chips, but I'd still go with the thick, hearty tortilla chips I can get around here (not the standard grocery store brands, but the super crunchy, thick, real, fried tortilla kinds you can find.) Jungmann, you just got me excited to make something - hasn't happened in quite a while.

Jan 19, 2014
gordeaux in Home Cooking

Any specific brand ruin you for another version of the same candy?

Scary for me to say, but I was a die hard Twizzler fan for years. Ever since I can remember, actually. All other "red" licorice seemed to taste weird, plasticky,and even soapy. Don't laugh at me, but...if you have a Walgreen's at your disposal, go try their STRAWBERRY licorice. It's called "NICE" brand, in white packaging. They make a cherry as well, but the cherry is gross, try the STRAWBERRY. I can't go back to Twizzlers, and I've shared this with a few friends. They say the same thing.. better than Twizzlers. I know this sounds far fetched. I can barely believe it myself since I was such a die hard Twizzlers fan for years and years.

Jan 19, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

Weekend getaway in March.

LoL, I was just gonna post the same thing this am. Matt H - Taqueria el milagro is a cafeteria style joint, tho I think they gave some ppl working grills for tacos and such. Make no mistake, it's not bad food, it's just extremely casual. Great tamales if you get there in time, as well. I usually choose Milagro for tamales in the area, but for SUPER casual Mexican food, I'm going to La Casa Del Pueblo which is pretty much right there too, OR to Nuevo Leon,a stone's throw away. Nuevo Leon is the one place that many of my Mexican friends simply call "The Best Homestyle Mexican Food In Chicago." it is NOT fancy, it is NOT pretentious, it is NOT trying to be fusion, it is NOT Tex-Mex, it is NOT competing with Rick Bayless. It is the place that Mexican ppl that grew up eating Mexican food in their grandmother's kitchen go for comfort food. Milagro is a fine choice, but I like La Casa Del Pueblo and Nuevo Leon a bit more. If you dig on pig parts, there's also a few carnitas joints worth checking into that are super casual as well. So many gems in that area. I wish I could explore all of them.

Jan 19, 2014
gordeaux in Chicago Area

Costco Food Finds - 1st Quarter 2014 [OLD]

I should have posted about the angus beef Tips. I had it about two weeks ago after a sledding trip that went later than expected. Tired and hungry, we figured what the heck (the 2.50 off, and ability to microwave had something to do with it, also.) This was grade school cafeteria food. Live and learn. Also, "Chicken Taj Mahal" -don't do it. Lemony and flowery to the point of bathroom cleaner, imo. I'm starting to think that most of the pre-packaged stuff isn't really all that great compared to the house made refrigerated stuff. I'm fighting the urge to try that red curry chicken stuff too. All I need to do is think of the Chicken Taj Mahal tho, and I can put any package right back down. I should have used the return policy on that stuff. It was just wrong.

Jan 17, 2014
gordeaux in Chains

Hamburger buns: Expectations for a great one?

I like a Kaiser roll or a pretzel roll. If anyone thinks a Kaiser roll is just white bread in the shape of a dome, please, can I take you out for a burger sometime?

Also, if the burger's flavor is masked by a pretzel roll, or a Kaiser, you need to be using better meat.

I like a bread with a good chew to it, and also, real Kaisers and pretzel rolls can hold up to the kind of burgers I'm into - 1/3 or half pounders. The thin patties have their place, but my preference is the big boys, med rare - the kind where the bun turns pink from all the blood. Standard buns turn into pink, bloody used paper towels for my ideal burger. Aside: do mcdonald's buns get more sugary every year? Are those buns or cakes they are putting their "food" on? Yuck!

Jan 15, 2014
gordeaux in General Topics

Need Giardiniera help from Chicago

Herby, the thing about making it THIS way from scratch is:
1. You can add what YOU like, and leave out what you don't like.

2.The stuff you buy in jars is cooked,and it's mostly made with heavy soybean oil. The stuff you make will be fresh tasting and lighter and crunchy.

Example: I don't say this to be mean at all, but PoppiYYZ has made their version and they're happy with it containing red/green bell peppers. Not in a zillion years would you find bell peppers in Chicago Giardiniera by any of the major brands. Again,I'm not pointing that out to be negative -quite the contrary, actually. You can make it how YOU want it. Maybe you want more carrot, maybe you want green olives, maybe you want no garlic - whatever. Just remember, root vegetables in an anaerobic environment above a certain temp is a breeding ground for botulism spores. This is supposed to be kept in the fridge. Most of the storebought versions are shelf stable (before opening,) and usually do not contain garlic, and they are cooked. Love this stuff to death. PoppiYYZ, glad you are still loving it!

Jan 13, 2014
gordeaux in Home Cooking

range vs. cooktop

I'd easily do a sep GAS cooktop, and an electric wall oven. Double, maybe. I've had a double for 5 years now, and I've never used the bottom. I think if I did it over, I might consider one of those convection microwave deals instead of the second part of a double oven. Why a wall oven? I'm done bending over. I go to the gym for exercise. And I have drawers instead of cabinets for the same reason. Plus, I can look at anything I want in the oven as it cooks because it's at eye level. For your cooktop, if you use large pans, or pots, you want grates that are level across so you can slide any pot across the entire thing - forgot what that's called - continuous grates, maybe? The cooktop is just a bunch of tubes that carry gas, so spending a fortune is pretty much your call. I'm happy with mine, it's SS KA 5 burner with a big burner in the middle - I went with the upgrade to the scratch resistant coating. If I could do that one over, I might pay attention to what models looked easier for CLEANING.

Jan 12, 2014
gordeaux in Cookware