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Londonderry VT Restaurants

Escaping "civilization" and the kids and heading to Londonderry area for a relaxing weekend - Looking for good eats Friday and Saturday - We tend to lean more to the gourmet side but any genre will work as long as its good. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...Thanks!

Some help for Vacation Matunuck Rhode Island

Heading to RI for one week 8/11 - Would appreciate some recommendations if possible - First -As a family we are an eclectic group - good food whether its gourmet or goulash as long as its tasty and the service is good (breakfast, lunch and dinner) - and we aren't afraid to drive a bit - Second - A very nice, romantic spot on Saturday evening for myself and my wife before the kids show up on Sunday...Looking for great food with great atmosphere. Third - any good "batch" recipes for the week for the ever flowing crowd of 18-25 year olds gracing our doorstep - I usually make a large batch of pulled pork with homemade slaw when we go down to North Carolina but since we are so close to home this year (CT) I'm not sure how many visitors we will get and I'd like to be somewhat prepared...Thanks in advance!


Greater Wilmington, NC area Eats

Any ideas? Looking for a couple of nights out to get away from the rental house - We are staying at Carolina Beach - The first three days it will be just my wife and I (any style,home style to gourmet, good quality, no price objection) followed by the appearance of two 17 year olds (less gourmet, still good and definitely no price objection!) for the balance of the week. Thanks in advance!

Jul 20, 2011
CheetahsCoach in Southeast

Best Eats Manchester VT area....

My wife and I are heading up to Manchester this weekend....Suggestions for dinner Friday and Saturday are appreciated...We are not fussy as to cuisine, just quality...Price is not a factor...Thanks!

Gourmet Eats - Not far from LAX

Going to LA on business for a week ...I have never been to this part of California - Staying at the Westin LAX - Only have 1 (maybe 2) night(s) to go discover some good food as the rest is tied up w/ meetings and obligations...Criteria: Price is no problem. Ambiance - At least good, preferably exceptional (although I will be dining alone!), Genre - Any. I love just about anything that is good from gourmet to burgers.... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance....

Dinner Choices - Portland, ME - Labor Day Weekend

My wife and I are heading up to Portland from CT at the last minute for Saturday to Monday - Saturday is "US" time and then we are meeting up with my wife's sister, brother-in-law, nephew and nephew's girlfriend for Sunday....So - Ideally we would like two types of recommendations: 1) For Saturday - a place which is romantic, classic or has great ambiance with (does this go without saying?) great cuisine - of any type - We are not fussy as long as it is good and price really doesn't matter and 2) For Sunday - a more casual venue but still with great cuisine (again - of any sort with really no price objections) - This is why I love my in-laws - they are actually foodies from Aroostock County!!! We know that the area should be packed for the long weekend so as many options as you can throw at us we will attempt to field...Thanks in advance....

Tim & Laura

Driving to Mohegan Sun this Saturday

Dinner @ Tony D's is always a good bet...
92 Huntington St, New London, CT (860) 443-9900

Its about 15 minutes away....

Tony D's
92 Huntington St, New London, CT 06320

Romantic (and Gourmet!!) Dining near Springfield VT (Within an hour Anyway)

Folks -

I have an opportunity to sneak away with my wife for the weekend with no kids!!!! It's her birthday on Sunday and our anniversary in 2 weeks...We like just about anything as long as its well prepared and we are certainly not afraid to take a chance....Price is not really an issue....However, ambiance should be a very large factor on this particular occasion (one would think, anyway!) ...Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!