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Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

I can recommend the following:

Milos Greek (PIckering). Great Souvlaki.
Mexico Lindo (Ajax and Whitby). In Ajax, the waiter treated me for one of their special spicy sauces.
Makimono & T&T (Ajax). Both serve decent food even though if my memory serves me correct, T&T is cheaper.
Odine. Decent Thai food. Rarely tasted their Japanese dishes.
Island Soul (Ajax). Great Jerk Chicken, particularly during the warmer months when they do it the traditional barrel-bbq way.

Mexico Lindo
1821 Scugog St, Scugog, ON L9L, CA

Mexico Lindo
915 Taunton Rd E, Oshawa, ON L1H7K5, CA

Sheppard and Kennedy area recs

Gourmet Garden Malaysian and Singapore Cuisine. Their Laksa is excellent.

Gourmet Garden Restaurant
4465 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA

Tofu Soup

This is a fast-food joint at the T & T Supermarket (5661 Steeles avenue East -- on south-east corner of Middlefield and Steeles).

I was scouting for good food at the fast food court when the bowl of soup attracted my attention. I found out that it was the tofu soup with seafood. I ordered it and enjoyed it. Not much seafood though, but the orange colour with a tinge of spiceness was really good. It was piping hot. Comes with a small bowl of rice and some kim-chi.


I have had take-out from GG and it was delicious. That was my first experience with Laksa, so cannot tell how authentic it is at GG, but most of the dishes were great.

Odine, Japanese-Thai Fusion Restaurant in Ajax, Ontario

I have been a few times since my original posting, and their standard is consistent. Recently I tried their bento box and it was good as well.

Odine, Japanese-Thai Fusion Restaurant in Ajax, Ontario

No, unfortunately, I have not tried the Pad Thai. I think I should try that too.

Omakase at Omi?

My understanding, and I stand to be corrected, is that the real wasabi is very rarely used because it is very expensive and is perishable. Most of the restaurants use horseradish, food colouring etc.
Again, this is what I have read but I might be wrong.

Yellow Dal (Lentil) Curry

Apr 03, 2010
eatdrinklovelife in Recipes

Omakase at Omi?

I was there recently to check out the omakase. We had seven courses (they did not have the ice cream for the 8th course, so they gave us plum sake but I took just one sip as I was driving), and I totally enjoyed the experience. It is truly an adventure trying their dishes. One point I noted is that the chef seems to have a liking to garlic oil, which I thought I detected in a number of dishes.
On the whole, I liked the experience. This is my first omakase experience, so I will definitely try out other restaurants too.

243 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Odine, Japanese-Thai Fusion Restaurant in Ajax, Ontario

The Odine is a new restaurant in Ajax, Ontario, and specialises in 'Japanese-Thai Fusion'. I have been there twice so far.

Both times I went for Thai dishes and they are good. Not 'Thai spicy' but spicy enough for most. Their Green Curry is particularly exquisite and delicious (photo attached).
The service is friendly and interior decoration is calming.

Their website is