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Broguiere's Eggnog Update – seen any yet?

I went to Bristol Farms in South Pasadena today which is where I usually get it, but they were out.

No other stores around here have it so I ended up with a bottle of Strauss at my local Whole Foods. I would not recommend it as a good replacement for Broguiere's due to the huge difference in viscosity between the two. Strauss is barely as thick as half-&- half.

Dec 02, 2014
Tartin in Los Angeles Area

Loungey Bachelor-Party Bars in Downtown

My friend's bachelor party is coming up and he wants to hang out at a cool, loungey-type bar in Downtown. We're all in our mid-to-late 30's, so we're not looking for a "scene" or a dance club. We just want a cool lounge place with good music where we can hang out, drink, and just be mellow. Ideally we want a place where we don't have to shout over the music to talk, and also where we can grab a table or at least some seats. There are about 10-12 of us.

What do you all suggest? I've heard the following places suggested, but I've never been to any of them:

* Edison
* Seven Grand
* The Association
* Varnish

Any places you know of that have a room or table we could reserve (without paying an exorbitant fee?)

Oct 09, 2009
Tartin in Los Angeles Area