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Cafe Pasqual or La Boca?

absolutely canceling!! I was just waiting for some input.. I was just about to cancel CP and thought I would ask.. I think I will change it to breakfast or lunch.. thanks..

Apr 23, 2013
butterbutt in Southwest

Cafe Pasqual or La Boca?

Hello I have been to Cafe Pasqaul,although my friend has not... and we are going to Geronimo. I was actually looking at the Taberna but got routed to this on instead.. I have reservations at both. Any input? thank you

Apr 22, 2013
butterbutt in Southwest

Via Veneto or Attic

Hi has anyone been ? Our concierge is suggesting.. thank you..

Apr 09, 2013
butterbutt in Spain/Portugal

Cheltenham 2 spots please..

That was first on my list.. I hate to admit that I do have eating oddities.. so that threw that one out.. thanks for the insight to Jamies..

Sep 10, 2012
butterbutt in U.K./Ireland

Cheltenham 2 spots please..

Hi Looking for a nice place to celebrate a anniversary and one a bit more casual , after driving there that day. We are doing Lambs in Stratford Upon Avon in between the two.. thinking The Tavern Jamies Italian, Daffodil..Wheatsheaf..lunch? dinner? and the Montepellier Cahpter Hotel.. any others.. and commnets on these?? thank you..

Sep 10, 2012
butterbutt in U.K./Ireland

need some recs please.. or where to look on here..

Hi we are staying with friends at the Keirland Westin in March.. I am looking for 3 nights for dinner, probably around $25.00 per person .not including wine.. love southwest, Italian, something new. something old and night could even be a burger or taco place.. and then one night for the hubby and myself something really great.. More expensive... thanks!!

Jan 15, 2012
butterbutt in Phoenix

Lunch spot in downtown San Mateo

Osteria Coppa.. excellent!!!

Restaurant recommendations for 7 days in Buenos Aires

Hi there are lots of posts for restaurants so you need to search for that. I had done a lot of searching,funny these are completely new names. I just looked up El Baqueano,what a menu! So I think you need to be more specific of what you are looking for.. We just got back this week.
Our favorites were
El Almacen de los Milagros.lovely new cuisine
Fervor, upscale traditional
Cluny..a bit modern,frech influence
Tancat,more casual Catalan..
Juana M-fun,hipper but great food too
Don Julio traditional nice
Gran Parrilla Del Don Julio.. very nice.
tried to get into Cafe San Juan on a Sunday.(busy fair day).but called and they said they didnt take reservations and yet everyone on here says to make them.. went to the door,knocked,they just said no..

good luck..

What's Your Favorite Fine Dining in Buenos Aires.............

lots of posts in this.. search..

Buenos Aires Food Tours

Hi.. has anyone done these? I cannot seem to find any reviews.. thanks karen

mast brothers chocolate tour.

Hi we are thinking of coming over from Manhattan ,having brunch there ,and then coming for the tour at 1pm.. Are there places to eat nearby in Brooklyn though, to give us a sense of the neighborhood?

Mast Brothers Chocolate
105 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Apr 01, 2011
butterbutt in Outer Boroughs

Mast brothers chocolate tour?

I just read about this.. Is this worth it to do it? thinking of having brunch at Locanda Verde first.. How long will it take us to get there? What else is there to see /do in Brooklyn. I have not been there before. Or would we just hop back ? thanks..

Locanda Verde
377 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

Mar 23, 2011
butterbutt in Manhattan

half price wine nights

does anyone know of nice restaurants with half price wine night in the palo alto,redwood city, san mateo area? There used to be so mnay in SD where we have moved from. It was such a great deal!!

Chelsea or around there.. Thursday night. no reservation needed

thank you all.. that sounds perfect.. Karen

Jan 07, 2011
butterbutt in Manhattan

Chelsea or around there.. Thursday night. no reservation needed

Hi we will be coming in by plane and I hate the pressure of a reservation that first night.. Where can we walk to and get a table.. or at least call an hour before or so.. A very nice casual meal. maybe $175-200 a couple.. nice atmosphere,interesting.. tasty. Happy to walk 15 blocks or so.. thanks!!

Jan 06, 2011
butterbutt in Manhattan

Christmassy lunch mid week Union Square area

Hi looking for a nice lunch mid week.. Neimans is booked! Three gals.. Champagne lunch.. Im new to tha area.. so need some help please.. One Market? Going to the Fairmont on Xmas.. thanks..

One Market Restaurant
1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Pineapple upside down cake in Woodside,Redwood City or PA

ok I possibly would have time to do this.. but if not I need a cake for about 15 people.. any ideas????


Hi where can I find fresh big tortellini on the Peninsula?? Cheese and mushroom or mushroom preferred.. thanks!!

Lunch in Carmel by the sea

Hi we will be driving up that way from Woodside.... to Monterey for the night.. where to go for a nice lunch?.. doesnt have to be Carmel,but we will go there.. thanks..

Sep 19, 2010
butterbutt in California

private dining room Palo Alto. Menlo Park, Redwood city

Hi we are hosting a 90th birthday dinner on Dec 17th.. Its a family small gathering around 10-12,with three small children(2-6). I was thinking of maybe a private dining room so the kids have a bit more elbow room.. and not too noisy.. as they are 90!! Something like an Il Fornaio would probably be good.. Three are vegetarians. It would be a Sat night.. although I would imagine we would do this at 6pm.. to start.. thank you!! Karen

Inside Trader Joe's Top Secret Business Practices

I think it has its niche.. No its definitely not Whole Foods. But I love it.. I do 60 % of my shopping there.. and I LOVE to cook.. they have things like their carnitas that for a busy working gal like me I take and then carmelize in OJ and add fresh peppers etc. And no you dont have to buy the nasty two buck chuck.. or is is three bucks now? But I do know people that have been laid off that think it fits their budget and isnt too bad.. Thank goodness they dont have a butcher! then Id have to pay Whole Foods prices..

Sep 02, 2010
butterbutt in Features

Looking for dinner Friday in Milbrae or Burlingame

that looks perfect thank you.. Karen

Looking for dinner Friday in Milbrae or Burlingame

Hi I am looking to take my 23 year daughter 'foodie' and friend out to dinner.. I will be meeting them at the Bart.

Looking for a nice place with inventive food,, not dastardly expensive.. Have done the Hong Kong Flower.. probably not looking for Asian. Californian cuisine.. Hmm?

I like Il Forniao's ambiance.. but a small place that is bustling would be fun too.. Probably.. me being the older one.. will not want to wait,would rather have reservations.. thank you

ps.. I wrote a thread ages ago.. when we were moving up here possibly to Portola Valley, so many of your responded!! Well we ended up in Redwood City very close to Woodside..

We have started our dive into the restaurants slowly(its only been three weeks) thanks!!

moving up that way..trying to decide if we live in the Portola valley would we NEED to go into town for good food

Gosh what a topic that was! We are in escrow in Redwood City.. I had re-posted about restaurants up that way, but had forgotten this one from Dec. There is very good information here.. Thank you to whomever it was sent me back to my original post! Melanie looking forward to your Chowhound events when we get there! I can see we will have fun discovering our new favorites..

Need suggestions for restaurants.. Redwood City area..

Hi we are moving from la Jolla up there in a a month.. We go out to dinner once mid week for a somewhat nice Italian ,or Mexican or Thai dinner..then on the weekends a nice restaurant.. $150-$175.00 for two.. where will we go???? We wont want to go into SF every weekend.. Hoping we will not need to!! thanks..

Leaving tomorrow for Seattle last minute question!!!! cocktails by the Dahlia Lounge..

Hi I am staying at The Westin. have 7pm reservations at The Dahlia Lounge.. is there somewhere close by to have a drink that would be fun and interesting.. not too noisy.. or should we just stay at the hotel bar a bit or go to DL. for cocktails.. guest arriving at 6pm at the hotel.. thanks!!

Dahlia Lounge
2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

May 24, 2010
butterbutt in Greater Seattle

Bacara or into SB for dinner?

Hi sorry I did not report back.. I did not get these posts until we had left.. We ate in SB at Seagrass which was excellent.. next time!

Seagrass Restaurant
30 E. Ortega St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101

May 21, 2010
butterbutt in California

Bacara or into SB for dinner?

Hi we are staying one night at Bacara.. Should we just eat there or is there somewhere really nice in SB worth the drive in? thanks

May 03, 2010
butterbutt in California

New updates for Ojai??

Hi looking for a very nice dinner in Ojai.. I have read a few posts but they are outdated.. Suzann's,The Ranch house etc? Any new ideas?? or updates on those? Thanks..

May 02, 2010
butterbutt in Los Angeles Area

dinner and breakfast by the Hollywood W

Hi we are looking for dinner and breakfast within walking distance of the W Hollywood..
Of course we could have breakfast there.. but we love those old fashioned LA kind of places.. pancakes etc..

dinner,we will be driving too much so really dont want to do that IF we dont have to.. something very nice,, interesting food.. Total bill $200-$300.. very buzzy,interesting decor.. etc.


May 02, 2010
butterbutt in Los Angeles Area