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This is truely a testimate of how different regions of mexico make dishes differently. My husband is from central Mexico, just outside of Mexico City (DF). When we make chilequiles, we do not use a cast iron skillet for one. Our recipe is actually a lot simpler. Use old tortillas or fry them if you dont have any. Then we boil tomatillos and chilis in a pot of water. When they are done, we add them to the blender with garlic and salt. Blend well. The blended sauce then goes back into a pot with epazote (a herb) and boils for a while to take on the flavor of the epazote. Then the tortillas are added to it and cooked for awhile. I usually turn off the stove after a few minutes and just let them stove cool down with the pot still on it. We then serve it with queso fresco and enjoy! We are lucky that the mexican stores here get "fresh" queso fresco from mexico (comes in a bucket and the cut you how much you want). I have never tried chilequiles another way, but would be interested in trying it.

Oct 09, 2009
Bubbles_erin in Recipes