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Vietnamese Food - Where Do You Go?

I had vermicelli at Hanoi 3 Season the other day. It was good! thanks for the recommendation.

I just realize there are a dozen or so restaurants in the chinatown area that i could try, so i'll be exploring them for the next little while. pho411 came in handy!

Vietnamese Food - Where Do You Go?



I heard good things about pho linh too

Vietnamese Food - Where Do You Go?

p.s. that pho411 site does have a lot of information, but I'd like to get more personal recommendations.

Vietnamese Food - Where Do You Go?

Thanks for the tips!

Interestingly, I googled pho phuong in Tornto and found a website that reviewed vermicelli at Pho Phuong. Just thought I'd share it:

Are there specific dishes from specific restaurants that you recommend? I know there's lots of places and lots of different dishes. I feel overwhelmed just thinking about what and where to try...

Vietnamese Food - Where Do You Go?

Hello everyone! I just moved to Toronto from Waterloo, and holy heck is it a big city or what! Downtown can be very overwhelming for a newcomer!

Anyways, I was wondering where in downtown some of you go for Vietnamese. In Waterloo, there's one place I've been to a few times and really liked a lot of the dishes on the menu.

Can someone please recommend a few restaurants and their specialties?