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Consumer-friendly restaurant supply store in DC metro area?

Here is a link to the one in south Laurel

Cake Boards in Montgomery County?

It depends how many you need. If it is just a few, I would go into any of the ethnic bakeries in the area and offer to buy a few. It might be more expensive per piece, but cheaper than a case if you only need a few.

Jamaican beef patties around DC area?

i know it is not on the menu, but can be ordered. Sometimes, they have them even if not on the board. The last two times I was in, they had three or four in the warmer. I took those, and Heather told her sister to bake another edition obviously. Sometimes, you ask for a veggie pattie, and you get spinach or vice versa. They also make spinach without cheese. They are midly spicy. They are not combos. One flavor is spinach, the other is spinach and cheese.

Burtonsville Amish Market Potato Salad

They have reopened, cleaner, brighter and pricier. BTW, they are closed this Saturday for an Amish Holiday. 69 cents for what turned out to be an ear of field corn. The deli counter is there too, and they still have no change, no credit card, no checks and no debit cards, so bring small bills and coins. Favorite potato salad from them is the redskin one, with the sour cream and bacon bits. I find the one that the original poster mentioned too salty. Nothing is homemade at the deli. They opened on Wednesday, yesterday, to make up for the holiday, and since the doors where unlocked, some of us went in, and they weren't quite ready. The deli counter was filling their stainless steel containers, with tubs from Spring Farm whatever/wherever in PA, but still better than anything at the grocery store.

Jamaican beef patties around DC area?

If you like spinach and cheese patties,flaky dough to die for, and want to go for a ride to the burbs, get on BW parkway, off at Rt.197 toward Laurel, look immediately to your right and there is a large seedy mall, Camerons Seafood, Post Office, Pawn shop, and Island Flavors. A trio of Jamaican sisters, Heather runs the place. Call first to make sure they have them because they sell out fast. Order 24 patties for something slightly over 2.50 each, try to get them home. Freeze three to a package in a good ziplock bag and heat on a pizza stone if there are any left.

Need Recommendation: Where can I buy good pizza shells (crust)?

Some Three Brothers' restaurants have better raw dough balls than others. They have to be a few hours old, cannot have a crust forming on the top or it will never roll out and you will be picking bits of hard crust out of your pizza round later. Go to your favorite pizzeria, and it can't hurt to ask. If in downtown Baltimore, try Zella's near a really seedy market, whose name escapes me.........Hamden Market??? but call first.

Consumer-friendly restaurant supply store in DC metro area?

Try National Restaurant Supply along Rt. 1, going north, just before you come to Laurel, MD. They are wholesalers but will sell to normal foodies too. As you are coming north, you will pass Costco, and then Cherry Lane, and watch out for their sign on the left as you pass the shopping center at the intersection on Rt. 1 and Cherry Lane. Lots of stuff, not much help finding it, but the hunt is part of the fun.