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Roman Puntarelle Salad?

When it is in season, Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay does the Roman version. (I do my own at home)

Pasta Moon
315 Main St., Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Le Creuset "Doufeu"

I live in Italy and years ago was introduced to the Doufeu which a friend had bought at a special sale here in Rome. It was no longer handled here and I lugged it back on a train from Paris. It does exactly what it says it does and ice in the cover or even water makes for an excellent stew. If the ice or water evaporates completely you will notice steam coming from the pot but if not the steam is recondensed and goes back into the stew, There are little knobs protruding from the inside cover that aid in forming the droplets that drip back into the stew. The only problem I would say is that to my knowledge the factory only makes one base now but originally they made one that was grooved for flame and one that had a European electric base. I think they only make the latter today and the other thing is that I think they have perfected the internal finish as it was pure thick enamel and it tended to get ruined in sauteèing, it should never go dry inside as this will ruin the finish and it is good to use someting to protected flour dredged meat from sticking but as I say I do believe the more recent finish is made with this in mind. I have had my doufeu for 30 years and it is really wonderful. So don't think anyone is laughing at this The French have been using this forever. Especially good is a German or Alsatian meal of sausage, raw bacon, black pudding, pork chops steaming over a bed of sauerkraut (or choucroute if you will!) cooked in white wine or champagne.
Franco in Rome

Oct 08, 2009
lazioroamer in Cookware