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Wedding restaurant + grounds for 25 people in Southern New England?

I'm in the midst of helping to plan my daughter's early Sept. wedding at the Herb Lyceum in Groton, MA. http://www.gilsonslyceum.com/gilsonhe...
The food is amazingly good and Cathy Gilson is wonderful to work with for all the details. They can do a seated indoor (barn) dinner for 30, or a larger wedding, like ours will be, for up to 75 with tents on the grounds. Food is terrific - farm-to-table stuff. They were featured earlier this year on Top Chef.

Feb 22, 2015
EllenMM in Southern New England

Fuloon in Malden:The Home Runs Continue in 2015 (long)

Love the food there, but last time I went I was put off by the lack of attention to cleanliness. The ladies room was awful, and I peeked into the kitchen on the way out and was appalled. Has anyone else noticed this?

Jan 02, 2015
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Searching old Gourmet linzer cookie recipe

Many years ago (early '80s?) i made a linzer cookie from Gourmet. The dough was, if I recall correctly, almost all ground almonds and butter with, of course, raspberry filling. The cookie was very light and crumbly, almost a shortbread. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance, and happy holidays.

Dec 20, 2014
EllenMM in Home Cooking

November 2014 Openings and Closings

Slumbrew, another bad name, does not make me want to stop in.

Zaatar in Arlington

Just finished one of their lamejuns. I've been a big fan of the ones from Eastern Lamejun in Belmont. Zaatar's take is slightly different - same flavors, less meat and a very different crust. Zaatar's is more like a crisp, light cracker when toasted, more delicate that Eastern's. It certainly is nice to have a more local option. My husband just weighed in, "These are good. I like them." He's a tough critic - that comment is considered high praise.

Oct 16, 2014
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Matzo balls disintegrate - please help! I've brought shame to my Jewish family!

I use the mix and vary flavoring a bit - I add powdered ginger, minced parsley, onion powder, sometimes chives, and pepper. Otherwise, following the recipe is pretty foolproof.

Sep 27, 2014
EllenMM in Home Cooking

Snappy Patty's West Medford: An early report

So, how's the food? Nomenclature aside, is it worth a stop?

Aug 11, 2014
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Other than PEEPs, what food do you "intentionally stale" and THEN eat?


Jun 18, 2014
EllenMM in General Topics

Let us now praise Harvest

Lots of wonderful memories re: Harvest. They had the best Irish soda bread in their bread basket, and a terrific pate, a dish that was oh-so-European to my 20-something way of thinking. There was a great bartender/artist, Ted, who watched over the bar action and shoo'ed away unwelcome hangers-on, as well as pouring a generous drink for some us almost-regulars.

Jun 17, 2014
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Orleans Restaurant

Hmm. This must be a old post.

Low residue diet help

Many thanks, nothingswrong. This is a one-shot deal for me - helping out a friend - but I'll pass the info along to her for the future.

May 03, 2014
EllenMM in Special Diets

Low residue diet help

I need ideas for food that fit a strict low-residue diet and use no garlic or dairy. Any ideas? I'm especially looking for desserts, though all suggestions are welcomed.

May 02, 2014
EllenMM in Special Diets

Wedding venue

Actually, we visited Habitat, and $2500 is what they quoted us. It is lovely, but perhaps a bit too big. I was hoping to avoid the contracting of caterers, flowers, etc. and just find a lovely restaurant with a private room and an over-the-top meal. I, too, live in Meffa, and was thinking of Bistro 5, but want to check out places a bit more bucolic. Thanks for all the input. Lots to think about.

Apr 24, 2014
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Wedding venue

We're looking at fall of 2015 - and thinking of a restaurant or place that does the food. Herb Lyceum is a place I need to contact. Oleana sounds good (I know the food is...), as well, but the fiancée is looking for something with a connection to nature, outdoors, etc.

Apr 21, 2014
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Wedding venue

My daughter and fiancée are planning a small intimate wedding - 20-25 people, to be followed by a reception elsewhere. They'd like a private dining experience in a picturesque setting - or at least something with charm and good food - within 2 hours of Boston. They are open to any suggestions - price range, urban/suburban. Ceremony on site may or may not be part of the event.
Thanks for any ideas....

Apr 21, 2014
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Passover 2014

I made this " Braised Chicken and Dates with Moroccan Spices" last year and it was a huge hit:


Mar 22, 2014
EllenMM in Home Cooking

Odd Dinner Guest Mix

Deborah Madison has a fabulous dish -Braised Root Veg. with Black Lentils and Red WIne Sauce in her book "Local Flavors". It's a bit time consuming, but has great richness and umami. No one misses meat when I've serve this.

Jan 27, 2014
EllenMM in Home Cooking

Do you think tartar sauce is gross?

Like my mother, I aways make my own - Hellman's mayo, chopped onion, chopped sour pickle, chopped capers, tarragon and a bit of dijon mustard, splash of lemon juice, NO SWEET RELISH.

Jan 02, 2014
EllenMM in General Topics

Whether out or in, what did you eat on New Years Eve?

We had 20 or so people here. I made a choucroute and a braised vegetable dish in red wine à la Deborah Madison, mashed and roasted potatoes, lentils, rice pudding for dessert. Guests brought salads,breads, apps and more desserts. We ended up with a lot of cannoli left over. Lots of food, good conversations, general silliness and good friends, What else does one need for a good start to 2014?

Jan 02, 2014
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Any foods you are selfish with ?

I make a simple, dense chocolate cake - a family recipe. My DH "trims" the edges and looks at me, wide-eyed, stating that he's thoughtfully willing to eat the hard parts that no one wants. Hah! Yesterday, I put a sign on the cake: "NO TRIMMING EDGES!!!!".

Later, last night, I was craving a little piece and the cake pan was empty. "Where's my cake?"

"Oh, I cut it up and froze it so I wouldn't eat it all."

No way to win in this house.

Artichoke overload

Help - I have 1/2 a large jar of marinated artichoke hearts left over from a salad recipe I made last week. Any ideas?

Jul 28, 2013
EllenMM in Home Cooking

What the Hey? Can One Find Excellent Pesto in Boston?

I second that.

Jul 25, 2013
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Childhood memories of restaurant dining

I LOVED the Automat. My father would take me there when I went into the city with him on a Sat., so he could put in a few extra hours in his "shop" on 47th St. I think the one we went to was on 42nd St. and they had a special area set aside for single women or women with escorts. Dad was my escort - I felt like I was part of the elite. Favs there were mac 'n cheese and hot apple pie with vanilla sauce. (FYI, there's a sweet little book "The Automat. The History, Recipes and Allure of Horan and Hardart's Masterpiece" by Diehl and Hardart.)

Jul 20, 2013
EllenMM in General Topics

Are there better packaged cookies than...

Ditto - that is one good cookie.

Jul 06, 2013
EllenMM in General Topics

Any good cold pasta salad recipe?

Another orzo option from Epicurious:


This has been very popular at potlucks and barbecues.

Jun 21, 2013
EllenMM in Home Cooking

Down by the Bay

Three of us are going for a walk around Pleasure Bay later today. We're looking for lunch places in the vicinity. Any ideas?

Jun 21, 2013
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Markey"s vs. Brown's- The Battle of the Lobster Pounds

I though you were making reference to the MA US Senate race with Ed Markey running for what was Scott Brown's seat - which lobster pound does each candidate prefer? Doh!!!!!

Jun 01, 2013
EllenMM in Northern New England

Have you ever had to hide any foods or drinks from others ?

My husband hides stuff rom himself! When I bake a cake, cookies or banana bread, he immediately cuts it up and freezes individual portions, hoping that he'll forget they're there before he eats them all. Given that we're over 60, it sometimes works.

Gefilte fish hunt

I've gotten frozen, uncooked gefilte fish in past years at Shaws in Porter. They don't seem to have it this year. Has anyone seen it in the Medford/Arlington/Cambridge/Winchester/Woburn area. I've pretty much unsuccessfully checked out the possibilities in Lexington/Bedford. (I'm trying to save myself a trip to Brookline.) Thanks....

Mar 20, 2013
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area

Take out cooked corned beef

TJs has a pre-cooked, chem free corned beef, that there were doing as samples last week. I thought it was pretty good.

Mar 15, 2013
EllenMM in Greater Boston Area