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Zee Grill - (relatively) kid-friendly?

I am a regular at Zee it, but must admit can't ever recollect seeing kids there (although never go before 7:30pm). As a previous poster recommended, I would definitely check the menu. I don't find it particularly kid-friendly. Also, when we go and usally order 2 apps, 2 mains and a bottle of wine - the bill is usually around $200. Not the kind of place you expect to see young kids.

McGugan's - Scottish pub at Gerrard and Jones

I went on Sunday lunchtime after reading about this place in the Toronto Life weekly email. I'm not from the neighbourhood - but always looking for new places to try for brunch. Overall I liked it and would definitely go back. I had the grilled cheese (with smoked cheddar and pear) - it was delicious. My husband had the regular eggs benedict - his staple for bruch, so he has had them everywhere - and he was very impressed. I would say from our (limited) experience that the food is a cut above the average pub.

Agree that that back room is not exactly cozy....but thought it was fine. Also had an issue with the music volume....but said to my husband just after arriving that they should turn it down. They did! I didn't realize I had said it loud enough for the barman to hear...but I guess I had to yell over the loud music.

Viva Napoli on Mt. Pleasant

Yes, just pizza - but a fairly large variety including some very interesting combos. I also went last Thursday. It was very busy - there was a line-up when we left. Agree with a previous poster, the pizza is good not great. The only other item on the menu was 'antipasta special' however they didn't have anything yet - the waiter said it was because they have just opened. There is no wine list or wine details/prices on the menu. I think they need to fix this - even with a blackboard list of available wine. Will go back when they have settled for a few weeks.

Tasty lunch spots near Eaton Centre...willing to walk.

I went to Freshii for the first time last week and was very disappointed. I ordered salad with roast chicken, chickpeas, tomatoes, roasted red pepper, cucumber etc. etc. What I got was a container of mainly salad greens and a TINY amount of the other things (particularly the chicken). It cost over $7. For a much better deal on a take-out lunch go to the salad bar at the Kitchen Table in the Atrium on Bay. They have an excellent selection of items including lots of protein choices (chicken, shrimp, eggs etc.). Its much better than eating a bowl of lettuce.

Vancouver restaurant recos for a first time visitor

Thanks Peter.v - these are great suggestions. We are from the UK. We like almost everything - but are interested particularly in Seafood as well as pub type places (with local beer and good food) for lunch. Have heard about Vij's (spelling?) - but also that they don't take reservations, so not sure if we want to line up for dinner.

Organics Delivered?

Has anyone got any experience with this service? They deliver a weekly/bi-weekly box of organic fruit and veggies. I got a flyer through my door and its looks interesting.


Vancouver restaurant recos for a first time visitor

I'm going to Vancouver on October 10 for 4 days and looking for recommendations for dinners and lunches. We're staying at the Renaissance Harbourside but intend to travel all over the city sightseeing etc. Looking for a mix of high end and fun/casual.

Thanks so much!