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Cheap Eats [Davis/Teele Square]

I've been to Masala multiple times now and I absolutely LOVE their food. All of the curries that I've had from there have been very flavourful and rich, and their naans are amazing. There's a glass window providing a view of the chef working the tandoor, and the environment of the place is nice and classy. The prices are good, with entrees around 10-12 dollars each. They have a Nepalese section on the menu as well but I've stayed mostly with the Indian section since my initial foray into the former didn't prove to be too good a choice (we ordered a Nepalese lamb dish that turned out rather tough).

Masala does a lunch buffet as well, with a nice array of dishes including chicken curries and paneer and huge platter of veggie stir-fry the last time I went, and all that at only $7.95. The quality of the buffet matched their a la carte dishes pretty well, so definitely try it out if you're in the area! In my opinion, Masala beats out Diva any day.

Iranian/Persian/Shirazi dried figs in Boston area?

Thanks so much! I'll try and check it out, although Watertown's a bit hard for me to get to by public transport.

Iranian/Persian/Shirazi dried figs in Boston area?

Here's a photo of how these type of figs look like:

It doesn't seem these types of figs are very popular here, because I do not see them around much at all, but I like them cause they're not as sticky as other types of dried figs. It's all personal preference, really. Thanks for the pointers, though!

Iranian/Persian/Shirazi dried figs in Boston area?

Hey! These type of tiny figs are my favourite, but I haven't been able to find them in Boston. C-Mart used to have them, but of late they seem out of stock and haven't exactly been the best quality. Does anyone know of anywhere in a T-accessible area where I can purchase some?

Yonge & Finch / North York Bakeries?

I've lived in that area for several years and I have to say that there's really a dearth of good bakeries around here. There's a Pusateri's that just opened at bayview village mall which supplies good breads. Otherwise, nothing else comes to mind

1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

Specialty grocery stores in Medford/Somerville?

I know of Pemberton Farms, the Japanese supermarket in Medford Square, and Dave's Fresh Pasta near Davis. Are there any other notable grocery stops in the area?

Dave's Fresh Pasta
81 Holland St, Somerville, MA 02144

Asian supermarkets in the Boston area?

I've just recently moved to Boston and I'm wondering where I can find good Asian supermarkets in the area. I'm looking for some place that sells freshly prepared foods (think HMart or T&T chains in Canada) and is easily accessible by public transit.

Where can I buy fresh chestnuts?

I was wondering if there are any public transportation accessible places around Boston where I can get fresh chestnuts at this time of the year.

Brasserie Jo

I think the food here's pretty over-rated. The carrot crudites were overly oily, the butter not all that special. THe baguette was warm, though, so that was a plus. I had the onion tarte, which had good flavour but no texture contrast, and the crust was very lack-lustre--could have benefited from more butter. It got pretty boring after a few bites. The simple greens salad it was served with was decent, though.

The belgian endive salad was fresh but nothing special--just your typical combination of walnuts (tasted rather stale), apples, fennel, endives, and roqueforte.

THe food comes fast, but the quality really isn't anything to shout about.

Brasserie JO
120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116


They seem to sell in-shelled walnuts in many Asian supermarkets. Several of the Korean supermarkets in North York around Yonge has them.

La Boheme at yonge and eglinton

I visited La Boheme today for lunch. There weren't too many people and the atmosphere was quite nice and bright, although the background music was a bit loud. The staff were very nice and accomodating. This is definitely a great place to sit back and linger.

However, the vegetarian sandwich that I ordered was somewhat of a miss. It was served cold on a foccacia bun and thus the cheeses were fridge-temperature, not ideal. I found the grilled vegetables too overwhelmingly sweet as well, overpowering the flavours of the delicate brie and swiss cheeses. And for almost $9, the portion size wasn't very well justified. Too bad I didn't order one of their tarts; will do so next time.

La Boheme
2481 Yonge St, Toronto, ON , CA

Breakfast in Burlington? (VT)

I second Magnolia. Just this weekend my family had brunch there and the food was definitely very decent. I had their eggs benedict, which consisted of two nicely poached eggs over tomatos and spinach on a slice of sourdough with hollandaise sauce drizzled on top. The sourdough was EXCELLENT. Panfried potatoes are on the side but I switched it to their house salad with tahini dressing, which tasted pretty normal, nothing too memorable. Magnolia is known for their use of local produce so the added freshness justifies the higher pricing for the most part.

Best Chow in Guangzhou

Bingsheng Restaurant is definitely one of the best restaurants in the city for Cantonese cuisine. It's quite cheap, so there is almost always a wait every evening, but the food is well-worth it. They also have another location on Tian He Dong Lu.

La Seine's got some pretty decent French food but I'm assuming that you're not here to eat French cuisine.

You should also try some hot pot while you're here. Xiao Fei Yang ("little fat sheep") is a popular hot pot chain that has various locations around the city. Their broths are very flavourful; so much so that you don't even need sauces for dipping. DUring the winter there is always a long wait every evening here.

You'd probably also want to try dim sum while you're here. DOng Hai Seafood Restaurant at Citic has very very good dim sum. ALthough pricier than most places, the quality there really is top notch. Try the xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings), steamed turnip cake, and their bean curd rolls. Actually practically anything you order from the dim sum section is pretty good; I'd stay away from the cold appetizers, though, cause they're skimpy in portion size and quite mediocre in taste. However, note that Dong Hai is only open for dim sum on weekend mornings. Oh, and also, the menu is in chinese so you may want to bring a translator along..