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date night TONIGHT! suggestions please

Les Zygomates is nice if they have music playing. Beacon Hill Bistro if you want a quiet end table to yourselves

May 30, 2008
Winter in Greater Boston Area

Taranta Tomorrow Night

Cassava gnocchi, hands down. One of my favorite dishes in Boston.

May 30, 2008
Winter in Greater Boston Area

Restaurants in Providence

new rivers has closed due to fire. Local 121, La Laiterie, and Red Stripe make my list.

Newport, RI Dog Friendly Restaurants

I take my dog to Newport on the ferry a couple times a summer. Then we walk to the coffee place on bannister's wharf, at the very end of the wharf, past black pearl on right, and ben & jeery's on left, all the way to the end. Partner stays outside for 2 minutes collecting complements while I step inside & order coffee and breakfast and then we sit together outside at the end of the wharf in the adirondack chairs and watch the world go by.


Having read about Bouchee online, I went last night with a friend and found it comically disappointing. The place is pretty enough and the servers are friendly too, but, to the food --the steak frites was weak. I decided to voice concern about the meat (overcooked and underseasoned and, um, tough), but just kind of silently shrugged my shoulders at the fries. If the cook considers those passable frites, I'm the least of his worries. (The aoili was better forgotten.) But the atmosphere was friendly enough. We regrouped and thought we'd have a go at desert. Alas, the flourless chocolate cake seemed curdled, the texture being grainy and sub-par. Freezer burn? Untempered eggs? After six months in business, you'd think questions like this wouldn't be raised. The host was super nice about it and gave us a discount in a way that made me think she's heard plenty of complaints before. I agree with previous posts, it's too bad a place that has spent a lot on decorating and charges a lot on the menu doesn't deliver food to the standard the atmosphere suggests.

Jul 12, 2007
Winter in Greater Boston Area