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Organic Maryland apples or peaches???

the website i was using to look for places was the one i mentioned above. it is not the reid's website, but has a writeup done after an interview with reid's. the address is:

Organic Maryland apples or peaches???

country pleasures farm as mentioned in my post above sells at farmers markets in the dc area (a lot less than 100 miles), including sunday mornings in dupont circle. they have a certified organic orchard and sell organic tree fruit at the markets they participate in. sunnyside organic farm is also organic and sells at the dupont circle market, among others. theres also reid's orchards that do ipm and they sell at markets in dc and baltimore (they're website lists the 32nd st market as one their at)

Organic Maryland apples or peaches???

Check at some other farmer's markets in the area. A quick check of some of the vendor's at various markets here in DC shows that Toigo Orchards of Shippensburg, PA uses IPM, Country Pleasures in Frederick is certified organic, and D&S in St. Mary's uses IPM. As a starting point try and click through some of the farms on there.

What to get at Majestic Cafe?

Hi all, I'll be going to the Majestic Friday for dinner, and as I've never been I have no idea what to get. Is there anything special you'd recommend, or more importantly anything to avoid? Thanks!

El Pollo Rico is open again

Not sure if it's open today or if the opening will happen in the next few days but here's the brief story from one of the news channels:

Here's the story from the

Hank's Oyster Bar - Dupont Circle

definitely get the cheesy mac or mac and cheese or whatever they call it. its great.

delicious chilled soup?

Atwater's sells a few versions of their soups at the Dupont Circle Farmer's Markets on Sundays. The flavors vary, but during the summer it seems that at least one or two are always chilled.

My daughter is going to FLORENCE!!!!!

For great bread, amazing pastries, or really yummy pizza by the chunk (i'd say slice, but you tell them how pick of a slice you want so you can get as big a chunk as you want) Ballerini's is perfect. it's a chocolate shop that also has breakfast pastries and a pizza counter in the back for lunch. every day you can get fresh out of the oven pizza, not just normal kinds either. they have spinach and feta stuffed pizzas, cucumber and tomato topped pizzas, or the really great white pizza. all for really cheap prices. we used to go every other day for lunch when i was in school for a semester right around the corner. its on borgo ognissanti 132red. after a quick google search i think the official name is Ballerini Panificio Pasticceria.

Jul 13, 2007
jimmy123 in Italy

El Pollo Rico

I just saw this on the news.

>>Restaurant Arrests Spark Anger In Wheaton

Law enforcement officials raided a popular restaurant late Thursday morning in Wheaton.

Police said that owners of the El Pollo Rico restaurant were employing and harboring illegal aliens, money laundering and fraud in connection with the operation of restaurant.

Police have charged Francisco Carlos Solano, 55, his wife Ines Solano, 59, both of Germantown, Md.; Francisco's sister Consuelo Solano, 69, of Arlington, Va. and brother Juan Faustino Solano, 57, of Kensington, Md., in connection with the case.

According to the affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint, Francisco, Consuelo and Juan Solano are natives of Peru, and Ines Solano is a native of Columbia, who became naturalized U.S. citizens. Francisco and Consuelo own the El Pollo Rico restaurant.

Authorities said the group employed numerous illegal aliens at the restaurant, paying employees in cash until the employee obtained temporary status, at which time they were paid by check.

Employees were also allegedly housed in residences owned by Francisco Solano in Wheaton and Kensington.

Court documents charge that from June 5, 2002 until Sept. 29, 2006, over 800 deposits in amounts ranging from about $7,000 to $9,000 each, totaling nearly $7 million, were made into an El Pollo Rico business account. The deposits were allegedly made in order to avoid triggering the filing of a currency transaction report required for amounts in excess of $10,000. Authorities said that on 15 occasions more than one deposit of less than $10,000 was made on the same day, at the same branch bank, often within hours of each other.

According to authorities, most of the deposits from the restaurant proceeds were allegedly made by Francisco or Ines Solano.

Agents seized over $2 million in cash and jewelry from residences of the defendants, and several vehicles. More than six illegal aliens employed or harbored by the defendants have also been arrested, authorities said.

As police raided the restaurant Thursday, several people were arrested during the incident that spilled out into the parking lot outside Pollo Rico, officials said.

Shortly after the raid, rumors of immigration arrests spread throughout the community, which is heavily populated by Latinos, causing several witnesses to become angry, News4's Jackie Bensen said.

According to Bensen, that anger appeared to boil over when a crowd in the shopping center where Pollo Rico is located witnessed a tow truck towing an SUV that belonged to a restaurant employee.

The tow truck was taking the vehicle away because it violated the parking time limit, Bensen said. The move caused an angry exchange between witnesses and the tow truck driver.

Friends of the SUV owner teamed up to pull the vehicle off of the tow truck, Bensen said. The owner then left the scene in the vehicle.

Montgomery County police then arrived to defuse the scene, Bensen said.

The defendants each face a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.