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Greenpoint - help with recs?

Heading to North Greenpoint tomorrow for a few days. Would love help with really good coffee shop recommendations, any lunch/breakfast/dinner recs. Will be heading further South into Brooklyn too and back over to Manhattan (Soho/NoLita) where I used to always stay but this is my first time in Greenpoint and I'd love any pointers as to where to try. THANK YOU!

Oct 15, 2013
kennymum in Outer Boroughs

Follow up after help from Chowhound asking for NOLA recs

I loved them all too - praline bacon - yes, just the best!

Feb 10, 2012
kennymum in New Orleans

Follow up after help from Chowhound asking for NOLA recs

THANK YOU to everyone who replied to me when I posted in December just before our (first) visit to New Orleans in early January 2012. Taking your advice (& reading lots more), I avoided some, tried others and didn't have time to get to some. We didn't get to any 'high end' places : ( but had a fantastic time. I own a coffee shop/cafe so my holiday photos usually consist of food rather than anything else. Our customers were interested in where we were going so I posted a huge blog post with over 50 photos of our week in New Orleans - lots of restaurant 'reviews' - only our humble opinion!, music venues and loads of actual food photos.

Excuse any typos or grammar mistakes - most of it was written really late at night. Thanks again Chowhound!

Feb 10, 2012
kennymum in New Orleans

Love food - seeking out low key 'local' favourites

Thank you so much. Leaving in 10 minutes for the airport and now am extra excited about the trip and will try to squeeze everything you've suggested in to 7 days!


Dec 30, 2011
kennymum in New Orleans

Love food - seeking out low key 'local' favourites

Coming from the UK for 7 nights early January. Can't wait. Aside from drooling over cajun and creole cook books, my only experience of actually eating someone else's cuisine of this type is during a NYC work trip and having a really bad gumbo.

We eat anything and when travelling, prefer to eat where the locals eat/hole in the wall type places. I know that New Orleans is full of tourists (like us) but could anyone be kind enough to point us in the right direction. Best place for a jazz brunch, blackened catfish, po-boys, bbq, turtle soup and more!

We honestly love everything but my husband especially loves anything seafood/fish related. I also own a cafe/coffee shop so would love to know where to find the best espresso in town.

Any recommendations gratefully received. Thanks. x

Dec 26, 2011
kennymum in New Orleans

Haggis in Scotland?

Agree with the other poster in that most fish and chips shops will serve it as a battered large sausage shape. However, if you're staying in a traditional B & B or some hotels, you'll probably be offered it as part of a traditional cooked breakfast. Can't think of somewhere in Edinburgh (aside from the usual touristy places on the Royal Mile/High Street) that would serve it but in St Andrews there's a pretty central hotel called the Russell. Yes, it's touristy (they all are!) but they have food options in their bar which is pretty informal (open fire etc) and I've enjoyed the very traditional haggis, neeps & tatties (with a creamy whisky sauce I think) from there on numerous occasions and I'm a local (and lots of other locals/University workers go there too). This is how haggis is usually served at Burns Suppers. Not been for a little while but I'm assuming it's still on the menu - both lunch and dinner. Their haggis, and fingers crossed they've not changed their supplier, is good with a wee hint of peppery spice. Enjoy!

Sep 23, 2010
kennymum in U.K./Ireland

Near St. Andrews

You may have already visited but I've only just seen your question. I live fairly nearby and know them both (I eat out a lot, both at home and away). Lathones used to be fantastic and I had a great tasting menu there a few years back (as well as other meals at other times). However, I last went about a year ago and it was gone seriously downhill. It's like they've downscaled their menu as well as down 'classing' it if there's such an expression?! The music they have there is great and if you just want to have a bite before/after listening to that, then great but I think they now seem to be concentrating on their music rather than food.

The Peat Inn is another story. It's lovely and I visit on a fairly regular basis. I was worried when the old owner sold up a few years back but the new owner has probably improved it (so much so that I think, I may be wrong, that they've just won a Michelin star?? ).

If you're on a budget and you're happy with no choice, then go for their set lunch menu. Three courses (no choice) for something silly like £20/head - it's always scrummy. The one complaint I do have is that it's always freezing in there and I'm talking about before this cold Scottish winter too so wear a sweater!

Feb 23, 2010
kennymum in U.K./Ireland

Need Recs for St Andrews and N Berwick/Gullane

Can't help with Gullane/North Berwick but know St Andrews very well worked there until recently for years. There are loads of bars, restaurants and cafes but not all are great......
You have to try a pub or two as most of them do food - none of which stand out for fantastic food but you'll get good, honest grub in a number of them. Staff/chefs/owners change so apologies in advance if any of these aren't good anymore. The Central Bar (Market St, slap bang in the centre) serves good beer and you can get some Scottish type fare and it's reasonably priced. I also like the Westport Bar near the Westport on South Street - loads of space - a bit studenty but in St Andrews, everything is studenty and given that the student body is so diverse geographically, it makes it very interesting. I've not been for a long time but Droothy Neebors pub across the road from the Westport is seemingly good too.
Not the healthiest thing in the world but you have to try fish and chips (or a fish supper as it's known) whilst in this area. That said, there's a lot of arguments about what the best on is in St Andrews as a lot of them don't actually sell proper 'chips'! For a proper fish supper, you'd be best trying to get out to some of the fishing villages in the area called the East Neuk - especially a town called Anstruther.

The Dolls House Restaurant and the Glass House (both in the middle of town) are owned by the same guy and you get really good lunch and early evening meals (6.95 for two courses at lunch)- have a look here: and it's usually really good.

If you like fish you just have to go to the Seafood Restaurant: - the location is superb - a glass box sitting on the sea!!! And although usually really pricey, if you don't mind being fed without a choice, they have their usual winter menu running at the moment, lunch - 14.95 for 3 courses - it is beautiful!!!!!!

Coffee shops/cafes - there are a lot. If you're into real espresso and good espresso, go to Taste, a tiny little hole in the wall cafe on North Street. I am serious about coffee and in my humble opinion, they usually serve the best - that said, it all depends on who is working!!!! Not sure if he's still there but there was a grad student called Chris who was there and he serves the best coffee!!!!!

There are two main icecream shops in St Andrews - both owned long term by Italian families - Janettas and Luvians - lots of flavours etc etc. I personally prefer Luvians but others prefer Janettas.

Indian is a huge thing in the UK and there are a few restaurants in St Andrews and the Balaka is the most well known, that said, I don't rate it (sorry!!!). The Jahanghir does goodlunchtime menu but I don't think it shows off their menu at it's best. There is a Thai/Japanese Restaurant - forgot the name, sorry, on Market Street which is actually not bad atall but maybe not if you compare it to Thai/Japanese in a huge metropolitan city.

The Byre Theatre in St Andrews is pretty good for food (not been for about a year though). Service was sometimes a bit slow but if you're on holiday then you've maybe got more time!

Macgregors on Market Street is good for snacks, cakes - very simple fare and pretty cheap.

There's also a pizza express (just off south street) and zizzi's (south street) both very central - both chains but better than usual pizza/pasta chains.

That's about all I can think off for now - I've probably forgotten some great ones and I didn't know what type of stuff you were after.

PS. remember to have some Haggis and Stornoway Black Pudding (either within your fried breakfast or in a bread roll for your breakfast in the morning), or, deep fried in a batter (sausage like) with chips in a chip shop - you know you want to!!!

Oct 06, 2009
kennymum in U.K./Ireland