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screaming goat--budget chow

I ate here for the first time today. It was that perfect combination of qualities I look for in a restaurant that I will visit often: cheap, high quality ingredients, casual, and the specialize in just a few dishes. I had the chicken flautas ahodabo with the rojo sauce, meaning the salsa covers the flautas, Great churros, too. Hours later, at dinner time, I came close to making a return trip just to try the green sauce, but I suppose I can wait for tomorrow.

One decent way to save money there is to avoid the $2 fountain drinks. But even with that added in, my lunch today came to about $6.80. I shall return, Sceaming Goat.

May 06, 2009
skechada in Austin

Caramelized Onion Dip

Great recipe, although I think I'm going to try it with the garlic added to just get tan, after the onions are well browned. Looking forward to trying this.

May 06, 2009
skechada in Recipes

Chowhound Assignment:Late Night-Streetside.Downtown Austin Texas.

Kebabalicious is on 7th one block west of Red River. Insanely good gyros, with their lovely tzsatzikiszsz/cucumber-yogurt sauce (veggie friendly too). It's our new favorite street stand lately.

I second the hot dog truck next to Red Eyed Fly on Red River. REF sucks, but that hot dog stand is great.

Also worth mentioning, even if it isn't a cart, is Go Bites, on Red River between Emo's (Inside) and Emo's Lounge. OUTSTANDING sliders and fresh cut fries. Also veggie friendly with well tought out grilled cheese and other options. Haven't been there in a couple months but I've been about 10 times since they opened during SXSW and have never been disappointed. I believe the owner was a former chef at Central Market, if I recall correctly.

btw, this thread was a great idea.

Oct 29, 2007
skechada in Austin

Am craving really good ice cream or an ice-cream-based dessert!!

Go to a movie at The Alamo. Get their $5 Espresso milkshake. It's the best milkshake I've ever had. It comes in a giant 20+ oz glass with a wide diameter straw, and is to die for.

Not sure if it's made from Amy's or not, if that's an issue for you, but I loved it.

Oct 05, 2007
skechada in Austin

Dining options - Nutty Brown Cafe area??

I too work near Nutty Brown Cafe and that's really your best bet within about 8-10 miles, not counting the Salt Lick. Avoid the 290 Cafe. And the Stadium Sports place. Their food is all Sysco, or so it seems. Preservative laden crap.

But the Nutty Brown is decent enough. The chicken sandwhich and fish tacos are probably the most ordered from the regulars I go there with. Stay away from the meatloaf.

If I were you, though, I'd hit the Salt Lick. Just go South on Nutty Brown road a couple miles, take a right and drive another 2 or 3 miles.

Sep 19, 2007
skechada in Austin

GOOD Homemade Tortillas

There was a very glowing review of the Whole Foods 365 Organic tortillas in The Chronicle a few weeks ago. I've yet to make it up there to try them, though.

I like the "standard" El Milagro tortillas that a lot of taco joints in town use, which generally cost around $.25 a piece when buying them alone from a restaurant.

Sep 11, 2007
skechada in Austin

Best "Bang for Your Buck" Steak in Town

At the risk of praising a "celebrity restaurant", Bess Bistro (owned by Sandra Bullock) had great steak fritte for around $15 when I went there months ago. It was a surprisingly cool place with great food all around.

Here's a link to the Fearless Critic review of it:

Sep 06, 2007
skechada in Austin


Yep. Their brisket is cooked to perfection. MUCH better than Iron Works BBQ, from what I've had at both.

Sep 05, 2007
skechada in Austin

Chowhound Assignment:Your Top 5 Food Carts/Trailers

Torchy's on S, 1st, about a mile south of Riverside. It's blown any other trailer I've been to out of the water.

I'd highly recommend their steak fajita taco. It's incredible.

Sep 04, 2007
skechada in Austin

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Wow. Blue Bunny recommended and Blue Bell rejected? I just lost a little faith in Cook's Illustrated. Blue Bunny is terrible, terrible ice cream (IMO).

Aug 27, 2007
skechada in Austin

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Ahh. I stand corrected. I would definitely like to try the birthday cake ice cream. :)

Aug 27, 2007
skechada in Austin

Borrego de Oro Review

I've only eaten there once but it was excellent. A nice older Mexican couple was eating at the table next to mine and had the beef stew and highly recommended it. I'll definitely be going back.

Aug 24, 2007
skechada in Austin

Favorite Snacks/Treats

I gotta say I love the prailenes (sp?) at Gene's Po Boy's on E. 11th. And their gumbo on Saturday.

This is a great topic. We need more replies!

Gene's New Orleans Style
1209 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

Aug 21, 2007
skechada in Austin

Blue Bell Ice Cream

It's actually "Anniversary Cake", a limited release flavor in celebration of their centenial anniversary. And it's effing delicious, with big chunks of (dry!) cake and icing in the ice cream.

I, for one, love Blue Bell. Didn't realize there was HFCS in it now. :(

Aug 19, 2007
skechada in Austin

Favourite pizza topping combos?

My favorite lately is grilled chicken (seasoned with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper), ricotta cheese, basil, and bacon over red sauce and mozzarella parmigiano. Of course, I usually "hide" the basil under the cheese layer to keep it flavorful.

And a bacon and carmelized (or not) onion pizza is fantastic, too.

Jul 17, 2007
skechada in Home Cooking

Local and Organic

Thanks for the very detailed writeup/review. I haven't heard of Dai Due, but their seafood dinner sounds amazing. Now I just need to find a girlfriend to go with me to one of these events!

Jul 17, 2007
skechada in Austin