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Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving? and general rec's

Thanks! I went to the website and this looks like what she was talking about. They are sold out at the good times though, so I might have to look at the other thanksgiving dining threads.

Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving? and general rec's

I'm gathering info for my boss's trip to boston with her family the week of thanksgiving. She said to reserve a lunch/brunch on thanksgiving day at "plymouth rock". I assumed this was a restaurant name, but a google search was fruitless. Anyone know what this could be or recommend another venue for thanksgiving day?

Additionally, they will be there for 5 days, so I've been scouring the boards for restaurant recommendations and have found some good ones. They are foodies, have two girls (9 and 11) and all love things ethnic and spicy, but a nice spread of things local would be nice. They are staying at the Marriot Custom House on McKinley Square, so things within walking distance would be great.

Plymouth Rock Cafe
170 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360

Dallas - Salum

I would like to give a simple praise to the excellent food that I had catered by Salum, which I believe is located at Fitzhugh near Cole. Granted, they said their catering menu is different from their in-house menu, but it was still superb! They brought an elegantly done cherry tomato with mozzarella mini-skewers, drizzled in pesto; curry chicken salad on plantain crisps; and mini tarts filled with tabbouleh. Everything was wonderful! The staff was very kind and professional as well, and I cannot to get over there and try the restaurant on for size.

DAL - Grotto?

Good to hear! The subtitle of "Salerno Steakhouse" intrigued me, because while the tuscan region of italy is known for its steaks, salerno is a southern city. But, apparently, the "salerno" is more for the last name of the owner. I'll have to try it next time I'm up that way!

New here from NYC...need help with the following:

Have ya'll gone to Al's for pizza? At northwest hwy and lemmon? I only get my pizza there now, and reviews have said it is 'new york style'. However, seeing as I'm not that familiar with what makes a pizza a new york pizza, you new yorkers will have to go try it for yourself. Its at the north west corner of the intersection - its a dive, but I think its worth it.

Great new pizza place in Colleyville/mid-cities area

Milwaukee Joe's has the best ice cream ever!

Fresh Pasta in DFW area?

Exactly! Its a meat pie that is popular with French Canadians around Christmas time. But we are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this next weekend (because who can have too many thanksgivings?) so I'm going to make one. I'm pretty excited. I saw the photos of many of them in the dutch ovens, like how you described, but I can't afford a dutch oven at the moment so I'm doing it in a big 12" pie pan.

Great Greek Food in Dallas?

they are just wrapping up construction on a little roof top deck as well.

DAL - Grotto?

Has anyone tried The Grotto in Highland Village? For some reason it really intrigues me...

Fresh Pasta in DFW area?

You just need to befriend one of many hunters in the area that have a ranch somewhere. Wild boar is a nuisance so the meat is usually in abundance! I just snagged some ground wild boar and ground venison from my dad's freezer and plan to make it into tourtiere this weekend for canadian thanksgiving.