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Weekend in March

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I started a new thread with more specific Q's:

Mar 02, 2015
ml77 in Philadelphia

Whole Animal Dinner?

Suckling pig at Maialino

Mar 01, 2015
ml77 in Manhattan

What to Eat, Where to get good virgin drinks plus other questions for my visit next weekend

Hi Philly Chowhounders!

My wife and I are visiting are visiting your fair city next weekend from NYC. Would love your advice on how to enjoy the best that Philly has to offer. My questions are:

1. We have resies at Vernick and Zahav. What are the can't-miss dishes? Any to avoid? Please don't suggest other spots as we have these booked and are set on enjoying them.

2. My wife is pregnant, and thus unable to drink alcohol. Any suggestions for spots that make excellent virgin drinks? My wife doesn't mind if I drink around her, but I'm only going to take her to a bar if there is something good there for her to enjoy too.

3. Looks like it might be a little warmer next weekend, but it's still wintertime. What are the best options for a great hot chocolate? Both takeout and sitdown options welcome.


Mar 01, 2015
ml77 in Philadelphia

Weekend in March

" I could go on for hours about this topic"

Please do! Never hurts to know what's out there. Was thinking we should check out Federal at some point. Wife won't want gelato this time of year. Thanks for the suggestions.

Feb 02, 2015
ml77 in Philadelphia

Weekend in March

Actually, a quick check of the website shows it's $85 now, and they're totally booked through March. Maybe next time.

Feb 01, 2015
ml77 in Philadelphia

Weekend in March

Hey Philly Chowhounders,

My wife and I are coming to town from NYC for a "babymoon" weekend. We'll be arriving late Friday afternoon and leaving late Sunday. We're staying just south of Rittenhouse and won't have a car but are open to using transit or cabs if necessary.

We last visited three years ago and enjoyed a number of fine restaurants, including Amada (enjoyed it), Lacroix for brunch (wow), and Vetri (amazing -- seated us 45 mins late due to a party that stayed later than expected, but made up for it by giving us almost every dish on the menu that night). Also had a roast pork sandwich at DiNic's (awesome).

We're looking for equally excellent options for this trip. Not looking to break the bank this time, so places in Vetri's price range are out. But would be willing to go up to about $50 pp for food only before tax and tip. Alcohol options not important as she won't be drinking at all and I probably won't have much.

Places I'm considering include: Talula's Garden or Daily, Zahav (is it worth going if we can't get the Mesibah?), Vernick, Sbraga, and Le Cheri. That's just a sampling, and we're open to any ideas.

Also interested in the best desserts, both restaurant desserts and specialty shops.


Jan 31, 2015
ml77 in Philadelphia

List of places serving the best burgers in NYC

Minetta Tavern is one of my faves as well, and I love the burgers April Bloomfield serves at Spotted Pig and the Breslin, which I would add to your list. It's a lamb burger, which gives many people pause, but it's a great burger. Not gamey tasting at all, just really juicy and flavorful meat with the perfect complement in feta cheese and onions.

I didn't like the Corner Bistro burger. Mine was way overcooked and dry. Didn't get all the hype.

Montmartre also has an excellent burger with dry aged beef that is very different in flavor but similar in type to Minetta's burger.

Don't know if you're a local or how much time you have here, but you could certainly do worse than eating your way through this list, or at least a portion of it.

Dec 11, 2014
ml77 in Manhattan

I've done my homework, but would love your advice on my anniversary dinner picks...

You should definitely not feel weird about sharing the burger. I'm a local, and I went to Minetta with my wife a few weeks ago and shared the bone marrow and then the burger. Was enough for us on that night, and I didn't feel the least bit concerned about it.

I don't get the idea that has begun to take hold in foodie/chef culture that the diner needs to please the restaurant instead of the other way 'round.

Aug 03, 2014
ml77 in Manhattan

Rare Bourbon

If you're not a bourbon drinker, then it's not worth spending your time and money trying to find it. And you won't be able to find anyone willing to sell you less than a shot.

Pappy's is great, but the current craze is all about the rarity, and it's getting out of control. At this point, the hype is exceeding the reality. I haven't had the 23 year, but I did have the opportunity to have the the 15 year. I loved it, but I've also had other bourbons that are comparable at a much lower price.

The dirty little secret of bourbon is that most of it comes from just a few distilleries. A lot of the juice is the same, with the only differences coming from the aging process and the proof level at which it's bottled.

Finally, why chase Pappy's in NOLA, which has no connection to it, of any kin, or even bourbon in general. Classic cocktails would be a much better use of your resources.

Sorry for the rant, but as you can see I feel strongly that telling a non-whiskey drinker to spend their time chasing Pappy is a sign that the bourbon craze has become a parody of itself.

Jul 10, 2014
ml77 in New Orleans

Betony -- menu suggestions

So I'm heading to Betony for a birthday dinner with my wife on Saturday, and i'd like to gather the collective wisdom of this board on the current menu. Previous posts suggest that the lobster entree is a can't miss -- is that still true in its current incarnation? What else is a must?


Jul 10, 2014
ml77 in Manhattan

Mardi Gras Eating

So my wife and I are heading down to NOLA on Saturday afternoon and staying til Wednesday. This will be my 5th trip there but my 1st Mardi Gras, and so I'm wondering if folks here have any tips for Mardi Gras eating.

I don't have any reservations, so I imagine that eating at most of the city's better restaurants is out. Although I have heard that many places experience a high no-show rate during MG. Any advice about who might be most likely to have openings, and how to take advantage of this?

Also looking for tips for a good, quick meal while I'm on the go. Planning on hitting up Cochon Butcher a few times, maybe Cafe Reconcile.

I'll probably be spending most of time Uptown, but would be happy to have tips from all over the city as we'll have a car.

Places I've been to in the past include:

Commander's (jazz brunch, would love to go for lunch but it's booked)
Herbsaint (loved it)
Borgne (loved the oyster BLT)
August (liked it, but felt a bit overpriced/overhyped)
Patois (great food)
Green Goddess
Mr. B's Bistro
Drago's in Metarie (chargrilled oysters were awesome)


Feb 27, 2014
ml77 in New Orleans

last minute rec needed for out of the loop foodie!

Have you checked open table? First thought off the top of my head is Apiary in the EV.

Oct 07, 2013
ml77 in Manhattan

Spotted Pig Burger....Anything Better

Minetta and SP are two of my fave burgers. I also love the burger at the Breslin, which is also run by SP's chef/owner April Bloomfield. It's a lamb burger with feta cheese, and it's as big as your head.

Oct 03, 2013
ml77 in Manhattan

Don't Leave NY Without Eating...

FYI, this thread has been dead since Nov. 09. Might wanna check the date before replying.

Aug 20, 2013
ml77 in Manhattan

Anyone been to Topping Rose House? [Bridgehampton]

Yeah, the servers looked like college students, very young. Like I said, I would expect them to work it out over time, and it certainly wasn't a major problem, just a bit inconsistent. Sounds like a never ending challenge for restaurant owners on the East End to keep their summer staff up to standards.

Anyone been to Topping Rose House? [Bridgehampton]

So my wife and I had a great meal at TRH two weeks ago. It was our anniversary, and they gave us menus with "Happy Anniversary" printed at the top for us to keep.

We shared the Sweet Corn Agnolotti with Shaved Black Truffle to start. This was delicious, rich but also light at the same time. A great summer dish.

For entrees, she had the seared scallops with sweet corn and a beautiful smoked tomato and mustard sauce. I had the strip loin of beef with roasted mushrooms and potatoes. Both dishes were excellent, with every component adding to the flavor of the dish. I had a glass of a Nebbiolo wine that went perfectly with the beef, my wife ordered a glass of white wine (I don't remember which one) at the suggestion of our waiter but it was not a great fit with the scallops.

Which brings me to the service. It was good, but inconsistent at times. I asked how a certain appetizer was prepared, and our waiter said that he did not know. He didn't offer to find out, and since my wife wasn't dying to get that anyway I let it go, but at a restaurant of this caliber this should not happen. He did recover at the end of the meal, however, when I asked what the sauce was on the scallops and he headed back to the kitchen to get an answer for me. I suspect that over time they will work out the kinks.

FYI, the menu is EXPENSIVE. Entrees were all about $40, and even our small order of agnolotti was $25. We decided against getting dessert in part because we had already spent a significant amount, even for a celebratory meal. We did feel that we got our money's worth, though, considering the high quality of the three dishes we ordered.

The space is beautiful. It feels grand and yet intimate at the same time, as it has a lot of character.

Overall, Topping Rose House is well worth a visit.

Anyone been to Topping Rose House? [Bridgehampton]

Heading out to the East End in early August, and was thinking about checking this out. I see from the online menu that it's expensive, but the prices don't bother me, as long as the food is worth it. Searched the board and couldn't find any posts. Has anyone here been? Thanks.

Thanksgiving Dinner on Long Island?

My mother recently had surgery on her foot and so is not up to cooking her usual awesome Thanksgiving meal. So I'm looking for a restaurant on LI (within about a 30 minute drive of Huntington) where we can have a great Thanksgiving Day meal. Definitely looking for the traditional fixings (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc.)



Is Blue Hill at Stone Barns worth the aggrevation of making a reservation?

Wow, surprised at the lack of love for BHSB. It's been two years since I ate there, but I remember it as an excellent meal all around.

The Modern Dining Room

Despite many visits to the Modern Bar Room, my wife and I have never been to the Dining Room. We'll be rectifying this tonight. Any suggestions for how to attack the menu? Favorites? Dishes to avoid? Thanks!

May 09, 2012
ml77 in Manhattan

Philly Weekend in Late March -- How's My List Look?

So, you're saying that when you have brunch at Lacroix, you don't eat again the rest of the day?! Our reservation is at 11:30. If we don't eat again the rest of the day, I would think we'll be hungry at least by 9 PM or so.

I get that it's a ton of food, but am I missing something? Even after a monster meal I need to eat again 8 hours later.

Mar 23, 2012
ml77 in Philadelphia

Philly Weekend in Late March -- How's My List Look?

Thanks for the info. I'll probably stick with the lamb, as a good ribeye is easier to get here in NYC than a great lamb.

Mar 22, 2012
ml77 in Philadelphia

Philly Weekend in Late March -- How's My List Look?

Am intrigued by the praise for Zahav. Can I get the lamb shoulder without ordering the tasting menu?

Mar 22, 2012
ml77 in Philadelphia


My wife's birthday is coming up, and she is interested in going to Dovetail. I thought I would check on here to get opinions on whether this is a good choice. She is open to other possibilities if there are better ones. As this is a special meal, we're not that worried about price, but we're not going to Per Se either.

Similar places we've been to include:

Tocqueville (very good)
SHO (very good)
EMP (excellent)
Jean Georges (meh)
Cafe Boulud (very good)

We generally care more about food than ambiance, but an atmosphere worthy of a special occasion wouldn't hurt.


103 West 77th Street, New York, NY 10024

Mar 05, 2012
ml77 in Manhattan

Philly Weekend in Late March -- How's My List Look?

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for the tips -- keep em comin!

I should have mentioned but I already have resies for the meals listed. I've got an 11 AM for brunch at Lacroix, so I'll think we'll be hungry come dinner time, even if it's a bit later than usual.

I definitely love beer and wine as well as cocktails, so if you have any great spots for that I'd appreciate it. Especially local brews or something unique that I can't find here in NYC.

Thanks again.

Feb 25, 2012
ml77 in Philadelphia

Please Help Tweak My Itinerary

What you're saying makes sense, Bill. But not all of us can afford dinner at August. The lunch deal is such a steal that it makes too much sense not to eat there then instead of at dinner.

Feb 20, 2012
ml77 in New Orleans

Philly Weekend in Late March -- How's My List Look?

Hey Chowhounds,

My wife and I are coming from NYC to Philly to enjoy a long weekend, check out the Springsteen exhibit at NCC, and enjoy as much great food and drink along the way as we can. Would love to get advice. Here's my plan:

Arrive (Friday)

Dinner: Amada (Have seen that some think you need to order the right things here -- any advice on what the right things are? Or should we go for the chef's tasting?)


Dinner: Vetri


Brunch: Lacroix

Dinner: Talulah's Garden

Thinking about hitting DiNic's at some point for the pulled pork sandwich as well. Bars I'm thinking about include Franklin Mortgage, Ranstead Room, Farmers Cabinet, and Bar 201. Also looking for dessert advice: any great places for sweets, especially post-dinner?

Thanks in advance!

Feb 20, 2012
ml77 in Philadelphia

Birthday Italian choice (more difficult than expected)

If you're open to fine dining then I think Del Posto would be an excellent choice. I don't know if portions would be big enough for you, but I wouldnt call them precious.

Another excellent choice would be Maialino. If you enjoy pork, then you should get their signature dish, roast suckling pig.

Finally, Ciano is another great option. The veal meatballs are amazing, and the pastas are very good.

Del Posto
85 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

45 E 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Feb 15, 2012
ml77 in Manhattan

Cocktails in Flatiron district

+1 times infinity for Raines. EMP is closer if that's an issue but as kathryn said one of the curtained booth would be the ideal place to enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

I feel compelled to add that I think we get spoiled sometimes living in NYC. Most cities in the country, nay the world (cue Jame Lipton voice), would die to have bars as good as Raines, FL, and EMP within a five or six block radius.

Feb 13, 2012
ml77 in Manhattan

Looking for Good Cocktail Bars in Boston

Thanks, everyone! I think I'll start them out at the Hawthorne and go from there.

Feb 09, 2012
ml77 in Greater Boston Area