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Medium-Priced Cocktails in Chelsea / North West Village

It's my friend's birthday today and a group of about six of us were hoping to go out early (around 6pm) to have a few fancy-ish drinks in Chelsea or the northern part of the West Village. Nothing too expensive, but fun and festive. Happy hour would be a plus. Any good recommendations?


Sep 10, 2010
ellahats in Manhattan

Great Coffee Near Columbia

OK, can anybody tell me where to get a great cup between, say, 106th and 126th & Broadway? I'd welcome recommendations both for good drip coffee and espresso.

Nov 18, 2009
ellahats in Manhattan

West African spicy paste?

Thanks so much! That's just what I was looking for.

Oct 06, 2009
ellahats in General Topics

West African spicy paste?

Hey folks,

I was in West Africa a couple of years ago (mostly Sierra Leone) and I kept running across this ridiculously delicious spicy food - really tasty stuff that had a long, slow burn that made your whole body feel warm. Eventually I got some of the paste from a friend, home made, and I think I remember him saying that it was hot chilies of some kind slow cooked for days with shrimp. I've been dreaming of this stuff ever since. Has anybody ever encountered this or anything like it, and do I have any chance at all of finding it commercially in the US?

Oct 05, 2009
ellahats in General Topics