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Lila's of Miami -- best fries in the world

I thought the fries were the best ever as well. I loved the steak with a mountain of soft shoestrings on top. I live in Los Angeles and did not realize Lila's had close five years ago. What a loss. I wonder if anyone can reach the former owners and find out what they did to create those incredible fries! If anyone has the story about what happened to this great restaurant, please let us know. Seemed like a place that would survive the through the ages.

Apr 29, 2011
mbargeron in Florida

Where to buy soft shell crabs to prep at home?

seen them frozen at all 99 Ranch Markets, fair prices too.
Don't know where to find fresh though.

99 Ranch
17713 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

Apr 26, 2010
mbargeron in Los Angeles Area

Best Of NYC Self Walking Tour of Upper West Side

Upper West Side Museum & Foodie Tour
Best in class: Museum, Burger, Hot Dog, Cocoa, Cookie.

I took the great LES walking tour posted by another CH member and had a great experience. Thought I would give back and share a little tour I found on my own.
Start out at the American Museum of Natural History and take in all the great exhibits offered by one of the premiere museums in the country. American Museum of Natural History 79 Central Park West, New York - (212) 769-5700.

After you finish at the museum, if you exit on Central Park West, you will go right, and then turn right on the first street that runs along side the museum, 77th, and go down until you get to the corner at Columbus Ave where you will find The Shake Shack where you can get a $4.75 version of the famous Pat LaFrieda burgers sold elsewhere for almost $30(different meat blend at Minetta Tavern), get one Shack Burger, you'll want more, but hold back, you'll need room for what is coming next. Shake Shack 366 Columbus Ave, New York - 646-747-8770.

After leaving the Shake Shack, continue the same direction on 77th until you reach Amsterdam and turn left and go to the corner of 72nd, where Broadway intersects Amsterdam, and you will find Gray's Papaya, considered by many the best hot dog in New York. You might want to try the papaya drink too!
Gray's Papaya 2090 Broadway # 1, New York - 212-799-0243.

After leaving Gray's, go back in the opposite direction on Amsterdam until you pass 73rd and reach Jacques Torres, the chocolate master himself for a cup of the best hot chocolate on the planet, get the regular or get brave and ask for the Wicked Blend made with chiles which will fire you up! Jacques Torres 285 Amsterdam Ave, New York - 212-787-3256.

Then, continue the same direction on Amsterdam until you reach 74th, cross the street and go right to Levain Bakery on the corner for "Possibly the largest, most divine chocolate chip cookies in Manhattan." These babies weigh about a pound each and are divine.
Levain Bakery 167 West 74th St New York, NY 10023-212-874-6080.

By the way, there are two great NY specialy grocers in the area as well. Fairway and Citarella are both on the same block of Broadway between 74th and 75th.
I just visited NYC last week and found this mini tour on my own. I set it up as real food first, dessert last. Hope I got the turns correct, I checked on google maps and all looked good. One thing I can be sure of, you will not be disappointed by any of these wonderful places.

Oct 22, 2009
mbargeron in Manhattan

Top 5 Most Overrated in Manhattan

I just ate at Lugers this past Wednesday and can give my 2 cents.
So crowded, no where to stand, 20 minute wait with reservation.
Steak was good, but definitely not the best ever. Spinach not so good.
Bacon was the best I have ever had, someone please tell me where to buy it!
Potatoes very nice also.
Am I dying to go again, no. Cash policy does suck. Prices are high and I would expect more. Desserts were very good. Service was good also.
Was a nice experience overall, but I have had better in other states. Charlie Palmer in Las Vegas is one of my favorites!

Oct 19, 2009
mbargeron in Manhattan


I'm Cuban and have eaten at every Cuban restaurant I can find from Coast to Coast!
Nobody beats Versailles, nobody!
Whoever the old lady is that created the menu at Versailles, God bless her!
Best Pork Roast, Garlic Chicken, Pork Chunks, Oxtail, black beans and rice.
Not sure about sandwiches there, I stick to the plates myself.

Oct 05, 2009
mbargeron in Los Angeles Area

New York's Best

If I want an old style Italian restaurant in NY, great food, not nuevo italian stuff, what is the best of the best. I'm coming in from L.A. Next week and really want to hit the best spots.
Perhaps you can point me toward some other posts for people who have asked the same questions about other bests I should hit while I have 5 days in New York City. Thanks

Oct 05, 2009
mbargeron in Manhattan