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Help! Restaurant Gift Card Suggestion Needed

Ohhhh, that looks so tasty. I want to go there!! Thanks, I'm going to add that to my list of places to visit when I'm next in LA.

Jan 30, 2013
Misslis in Los Angeles Area

Help! Restaurant Gift Card Suggestion Needed

Hi Servong,

Thanks, I did find that article in my research but I wasn't sure whether any of the suggestions met my other requirements. Do you have personal experience with any of the places suggested? I really liked the sound of the Misfit, but by looking at their menu I wasn't sure if it would suit.

Jan 30, 2013
Misslis in Los Angeles Area

Help! Restaurant Gift Card Suggestion Needed

Hi All,

I'm looking to buy my friend a gift card to a restaurant for her birthday. I live overseas so I need some local LA help.

She lives in Burbank, but travelling around LA never seems much of an issue for her, however and this is where it gets hard - she is coeliac and can't have soy either. She doesn't really eat red meat, but will eat seafood and I think chicken/turkey.

She's not really a foodie type person but I just thought it would be lovely to get her a voucher so her and her boy can have a nice dinner out without worrying about cost. Having said that they're not really into fine dining. I'm thinking somewhere like Susan Fenigers Street - but I took her there last time I was in town.

The other thing I was wondering is whether there are any restaurants outside of LA which might make for a good day trip, they could have lunch out there and then come back (or stay if they so choose)

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Jan 30, 2013
Misslis in Los Angeles Area

Daniel for New Years Eve??

Thanks everyone for your assistance. You've confirmed it for me - Daniel another night.

I'll check out the other suggestions. Strangely am kind of keen on the midnight run suggested by dyrewolf. Might need it after the number of restaurants we're planning of trying!

Nov 29, 2011
Misslis in Manhattan

Daniel for New Years Eve??

Hi Chowhounders,

We're in New York for Christmas and New Years again this year, and whilst christmas is sorted I'm grappling with what to do about New Years Eve.

In 2009 for New Years Eve five of us went to WD-50 and that was a really great night (thanks to Chowhound for that recommendation and sorry for not posting about it). This time around though there are only two of us going out for NYE. We were going to go to Daniel anyway during our trip (one of our favourite restaurants) and we thought it would be nice to do New Years Eve there. However, it is going to be around $600 each plus wine (and I assume plus tip plus whatever else), and I don't know whether it is worth it. I don't doubt that the food would be excellent, generally though I've found that New Years Eve is typically a let down and for that much money there is a lot riding on it! Or if we should find somewhere else a bit cheaper and go to Daniel on another night.

I've been thinking about this for almost two months and just can't decide! So anyone been to Daniel for New Years Eve?? Thoughts?

I see on Open Table that Ai Fiori, Aureole, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon all have NYE menus, and I know that Empellon is also doing NYE so there is no shortage of other options.

And in terms of who we are and what we want - we're husband and wife, early 30's professionals, who obviously like to eat and drink. And for NYE we're just looking for a lovely evening out (if there's dancing or live music thats a plus), we're not interested in night clubs. We're staying near Koreatown but have been to New York many times before so getting around is not a problem.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Nov 24, 2011
Misslis in Manhattan

Alinea at Christmas

Hi Chowhounds,

Does anyone know whether Alinea is likely to be open over the Christmas/New year 2011 period? My husband and I are planning on spending christmas in New York (24 December 2011 - 5 January 2012) and we were thinking that we'd make a detour via Chicago to dine at Alinea, providing that they are open and we can get a reservation! I know its a long time until Christmas but the last time we were in the USA, we'd planned to go to French Laundry only to find it was closed during the period we were in the Napa, so having learnt my lesson I thought I'd ask first.

Also how far out can you book? I can't find any details on their website. I will try to call them but being in Australia the time difference can be awkward.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

May 01, 2011
Misslis in Chicago Area

Restaurant New Years Eve 2010

Hi edwardspk,

Thanks very much for that information.

The menu information is really helpful as that was something I was curious about but had trouble finding information online. We're coming from Sydney Australia and our restaurants tend to do the same thing on New Years Eve.

Will absolutely report back - after all the fabulous food ideas I've gotten from this website its the least I can do! We're in New York for 10 days and I'm very much looking forward to trying as many restaurants as possible so hopefully it will be a very long report......

Oct 07, 2009
Misslis in Manhattan

Restaurant New Years Eve 2010


My husband and I, and his family (5 adults total) will be spending New Years Eve in New York. We've been before and have done the low key evening (dinner at Lombardi's and a bottle of champagne back at accomodation) and seen Times Square so this year we thought we'd like to have a wonderful dinner. This is where I need help!

We will be staying in Tribeca but are happy to travel.

We were thinking Per Se, but I can't find whether they will be open for New Years or not - does anyone know? My husband and I have been to Per Se (years ago) and adored it and would asbolutely love to go back and to take his parents with us.

What about places like Balthazar and Le Bernadin? Or are we better off trying for restaurants on other nights rather than NYE and just doing a low key thing again?

Price is not so much of an issue, we're happy to pay for a spectacular dinner.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Oct 05, 2009
Misslis in Manhattan