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Recommended Napa/Yountville wineries

My go-to winery is always V. Sattui (in St. Helena). I love their place, and they have a picnic area where you can just hang out and eat. I loved it so much there I ended up joining their wine club!

Richmond: Huong Tra for Vietnamese

I used to work down the street (in one of the warehouses across from McDonald's), so I would eat at Huong Tra every once in a while. I only ordered the usual pho bowl and banh mi. The pho was fine, but nothing spectacular. The banh mi was good, too. My favorite banh mi is probably from Cam Huong in Oakland, though.

Daimo or Saigon in Richmond

I like going to Saigon for dim sum, though I do like going to Daimo if I'm having some late-night cravings since they are open late.

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - September, 2012

9/20-23 Walnut Creek - Walnut Festival

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - September, 2012

9/8 - 9/9 Pittsburg - 28th Annual Pittsburg Seafood Festival

Adults -- $10
Kids under 15 -- $5
Kids under 5 -- free
Seniors over 62 -- $5

Saturday 10a - 8p
Sunday 10a - 6p

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - August, 2012

URL for Pistahan Parade and Festival

legendary palace-upstairs vs downstairs for dim sum? (need answer fast)

I feel like there is better cart rotation sitting upstairs rather than down.

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - July, 2012

July 27/28/29, 2012 - Gilroy Garlic Festival

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - July, 2012

7/21 + 7/22 - 7th Annual Adobo Festival, Vallejo
Celebrating Filipino Food and Music

Falafel, Etc. -Fremont

I've eaten there once though it's been about 3-4 years ago. I had the falafel sandwich and it was delicious. Their falafel is one of the best I've had up to that point in time.

Off the Grid is Off the HOOK!

Yes! I've been there 3 times now, and I enjoy it every time. Being able to try different cuisines all in one spot is great. Some of my favorites are the sisig burritos from Senor Sisig and the Sexy Fries from CurryUp Now. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. :)

Help a vegetarian cook her first Easter ham!

Thanks for the link for the tofu pot pie recipe! Sounds delicious!

Mar 28, 2012
westcoaststyle in Home Cooking

Using soy sauce (instead of salt?) in non-Asian dishes.

I just used soy sauce (instead of salt) on my omelettes yesterday!

Mar 12, 2012
westcoaststyle in Home Cooking

What Did/Does Your Dad Cook Best?

My dad used to make this fish ball soup that was really good. I don't remember all of the ingredients, but I remember it had noodles and Chinese sausages in it as well.

Feb 29, 2012
westcoaststyle in General Topics

Guanatos Ice Cream in Concord or Bay Point?

Hate to get slightly off-topic, but I just wanted to say Chopan is such a good place and definitely a gem. Their koobideh kabob is delicious; it reminds me of my Iranian uncle's version. I just heard about this place a few weeks ago, and I've probably driven past it thousands of times. I will definitely have to check out Guanatos the next time I'm in the same plaza.

2699 Monument Blvd Ste A, Concord, CA 94520

Five Guys Burgers opening in Fremont

Thanks for your review. I personally am not a fan of Fuddrucker's so it would be interesting to see how Five Guys compares. I do, however, like In-N-Out.

Five Guys Burgers opening in Fremont

They are also opening one up in downtown Pleasant Hill across where the Century Theater is located (formerly used to be Fatburger). I passed by yesterday, but there were some construction workers in there working on stuff. I didn't see any dates or anything.

Best Bay Area Food Trucks?

I'm gonna have to recommend AdoboHobo, for his awesome chicken adobo and recently he's been serving (pork) sisig tacos. This would be under Filipino cuisine,

I know you already mentioned a Korean taco truck in your post, but I like Seoul On Wheels. They serve Korean-style tacos as well as stuff like kim chi fried rice.

Recommended Dim Sum in the Oakland area?

I've only been to Legendary Palace, so I can't comment on any other restaurants nearby. But I did like LP a lot. When we went last year, it was a busy Father's day afternoon, but we were seated upstairs pretty quickly (honestly not even a 2-minute wait, but I'm guessing we just got lucky).

The servers' English isn't all that (as with many other dim sum places I've come across), but as long as you know what food you want you should be good.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries to open in Pleasant Hill! (Any other in Bay Area?)

Their twitter page says the Pleasant Hill location should open during mid-summer.

99 Ranch/Seafood City: Concord Chow getting even better?

Chowking just opened up yesterday (1/7/10) inside the Seafood City supermarket. There was a long line which ended up being a long wait as well. The only thing I ordered was their king-size halo-halo and taho. I'll have to go back and try their food, but I do like their Vallejo location.

Non-Vietnamese places with good Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Ah, I understand now. Sorry for jumping on you like that.

But a little trick I like to do is bring my beverage with me to wherever I'm eating even if it's a different restaurant. If they don't allow outside beverages, I'll simply order the food to go. Then i can have my drink and my food.

Non-Vietnamese places with good Vietnamese Iced Coffee

I have to agree with Melanie on this one. That's like asking where to get the best lumpia from a non-Filipino restaurant. It doesn't make too much sense. Unless you have something against Vietnamese folks? :P

Dan Sung Sa - Oakland

It's funny, I've been here twice now (as recent as last week!) for friends' birthdays, but I haven't had any of the food. I've only gone there to drink soju while the others ate. It's a pretty chill spot, but it can get crowded if you're with a large group.

San Pablo Alert !!! Starbread Bakery Filipino holiday dishes AND fresh hot senorita bread

As rworange said, it's inside the Ling Nam restaurant. I was just there a couple of weeks ago to eat a Filipino breakfast (for lunch! haha), and on my way out I ordered 15 pieces of senorita bread. I ate like half of it on my way home to the East Bay! =P

99 Ranch/Seafood City: Concord Chow getting even better?

So Seafood City off of Diamond Blvd. in Concord (where Circuit City used to be) opened yesterday. Only the market is open for now, though. The restaurants (Chowking, Jollibee, Tokyo Tokyo) and other businesses aren't open yet.

The market itself is nice and bright, and most importantly, clean! A lot of your favorite Filipino/Asian items can be found here. I noticed a lot of the workers from the Vallejo market are also working at this new place. One of my favorite things is that you can get your fish fried for free. My friend paid $2 for a whole tilapia and had them fry it.

The parking lot is of decent size, but I'm sure it can get pretty busy. I can't wait until the restaurants open, though. I work just down the street from here, so I'm going to be visiting a lot during my lunch break. =)

Seafood City
31840 Alvarado Blvd Union, City, CA

Halo Halo?

Kusina Na Tess off of Ellis Street has good halo-halo.

And if all else fails, there is always Jollibee.

"Chow-worthy" near Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill?

If you go to Three Brothers from China, make sure to ask for the "Chinese/special menu." They have a good deal where you can get 3 dishes for like $25.

For good Thai, go to Thai Village Restaurant on 670 Gregory Lane. It's a little hidden so you may overlook it when you pass by. But it's definitely a diamond in the rough.

Thai Village Restaurant
670 Gregory Ln Ste F, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Anyone can help give me suggestion for lunch in Hayward??

I believe there is one in Daly City that just opened up recently in the Westlake shopping center. Haven't tried it yet, though.

"Chow-worthy" near Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill?

I second Sichuan Fortune House. The place is great! (Keep in mind, they're closed from 3PM-5PM).

Chef Choy is alright, but I'd rather go to Sichuan.

Los Panchos is OK, but give me any hole-in-the-wall taqueria and I'll be good.

If you like Greek food, try Yanni's Greek Cafe on Alhambra (it's a bit out of the way from DVC, though).

On Willow Pass in Concord, there's the Park N Shop area, and there's a place called The Mediterranean that has great food. The shawerma is delicious!