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The Linda Bean, Perfect Maine Lobster Roll; Hull

Linda Bean's just opened in Delray Beach, Florida last weekend. There was a line out the door of hungry New England transplants just dying to get their lobster roll fix. I got to the front of the line and saw them squirting this mayo mixture onto the roll and almost lost it. Roll was OK...not buttery tasting at all though. Lobster was all claw and was most DEFINITELY previously frozen and was topped with a sprinkling of dill. WHAT???? How can you screw this up? Take fresh lobster meat. Add a tiny bit of mayo and maybe a little celery for crunch. Put in buttered, grilled roll. What is so hard about that? Here in Delray, people will come in for their fix, but they'll never return....AND they'll warn their New England friends.

Is Linda Bean the next Frank Perdue?

Have you guys tasted her "Perfect" Maine Lobster Rolls? BLECH!! The worst I've ever tasted. Tiny, expensive, and they put a mayo blend ON the bun and then the previously frozen lobster!!! $15.50 for a 1/4 pound. With my iced tea (which came in a plastic cup with no lemon) total: $19.35. Go to Liam McGuire's in Falmouth Center. $24 bucks but worth every bite.

Oct 11, 2009
RadioDining in Food Media & News

Delray Beach - Coming Soon, New Openings This Fall!

Terrible Lobster Roll. 1/4 pound and not even fresh. No tail meat. Mayo spread on the roll instead of making a simple lobster salad and putting it in the roll. Anyone from New England will shudder. The (seasonal) ones in Boston from McDonald's or D'Angelo's Sub Shops are 10 times better than Linda Beans. Oh...and lose the salt & vinegar chips.


In North Palm Beach, it's the Brass Ring Pub on US Highway One. This "joint" is nothin' fancy AT ALL. A dive, if you will. Sandwiches served in a plastic platter...but you won't care. Consistantly the best burger in N. Palm Beach County for decades! Not really comfortable seating, though...but, we go back time and time again knowing that we're gonna get a burger that beats all others in this area.

Oct 10, 2009
RadioDining in Florida

ASAP- saturday morning breakfast/lunch around west palm beach

John G's gazpacho is to die for!!! And another breakfast joint right up the road on Lake Worth Beach with a view is Benny's on the Beach. In Juno, try the Hurricane Cafe or Juno Beach Cafe...both great spots for a weekend breakfast!!

West Palm Beach for a week

Havana Hideout is in Lake Worth, not Delray. (On Lake Ave) Yes, great little place. Mostly outdoors with nice tropical area. Great fish tacos and what they call "street food" Hookahs inside!