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Pre and Post Marathon Meals

Hey can you guys help...there's a group of 8 of us coming to New Orleans from Nashville the week of 2/13 to run the marathon...which is Sunday.

We were looking for a great place to eat the night before, maybe carbo loading, and then a celebration on Sunday night

We were thinking NOLA or MURIEL's for post race....good choices? Both can seat us still.

Any other suggestions? We'd like to stay in the French Quarter or close by if pos.

Tank you!


Jan 13, 2011
jima in New Orleans

Restaurant Rec.s Please...Coming to town for the Marathon

Hey this is my very first post, and we need a bit of help. There's about 20 of us coming to town for the Chicago Marathon this weekend...most of us are running, with a few spouses coming to watch and support.

I know that there will be thousands of people coming in who have already made reservations at restaurants, but we didn't think to do that...could anyone help with some suggestions of where we might get in for mainly two meals, a pre-race meal Saturday early evening... and then a post race dinner/celebration on Sunday night.

Sarturday night we'll be looking for pasta, carbs...and Sunday night would be a cool restaurant that would be fun to celebrate...our group consists of thirty-somethings to about fifty...and all are pretty hip to good food...a couple consider themselves foodies...but let's face it...Nashville isn't exactly known as a great food town.

So there you go...look for us at the marathon...we'll be wearing lime green shirts that have our team name on them..."26.Crazy' kidding.

If it helps, we'll be saying at the Hyatt Regency, and we'd love it if places were in walking distance.

Thanks in advance for the the way, we are a fun group, so if you can get us a reservation Sunday night, you can come celebrate with us!

Oct 04, 2009
jima in Chicago Area