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Pandan desserts

That's an interesting way to do it! Thanks for letting me know about that

Jun 29, 2014
inthistwilight in Home Cooking

Pandan desserts

Hi forum goers,

I want to see if anyone has ideas on how I can get pandan flavour concentrated enough to actually make my desserts taste like it, without having to use the extract that can be bought (it's mostly full of junk and it seems quality may vary a lot between brands). The types of desserts I've been trying to flavour are things like puddings and mousses. I really love coconut (which goes perfectly with the pandan) and creamy things so I've tried a few times to infuse coconut milk with the pandan flavour and make a cashew and coconut oil based mousse from it. I just can't get the pandan flavour strong enough, though. Do you think boiling a pandan infused water to reduce it would be effective? That and just using larger and larger amounts of pandan are the only ideas I've really got. I know a lot of people don't use this ingredient, but you may have knowledge of similar ingredients that you have helpful flavour-extracting techniques for.

Jun 23, 2014
inthistwilight in Home Cooking

Cauliflower Green Curry

I don't know if it was the curry paste I used (it came from the Netherlands, and I've had bad luck in the past with processed products from there), but I found this lacking in flavour. I needed an extra 2 tablespoons of curry paste, and although it then had a tasty flavour, the already large amount of salt in the recipe was taken to tipping point thanks to the extra salt added by the curry paste. I'm talking the kind of saltiness where you take a mouthful, think, "Oh, that's yummy!" and then immediately realise you want to drink an entire bottle of water. Even if your curry paste is good, I'd recommend starting with a smaller amount of salt (1/2-2/3 the called for amount). It'd be a shame to make a quantity of food this big and then have it be inedible because of how salty it is, and after eating half of this, that was the position I was in. The salt may be less of a problem if you serve with plenty of rice, but I really just wanted a hot, spicy stew, so I served it without any. It might also be good with some more basil, or even with some other herbs added. Overall, this is a tasty dish, and with perhaps some slight modifications, I'd make it again.

Dec 10, 2012
inthistwilight in Recipes

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

I'm a bit on the fence about this one. It takes a long time to make, which I'm glad the recipe's time takes into account. I used less salt than recommended ( full amount for the roasted veg, a bit less than half of the recommended amount for the sauce), and it was still so salty. I also left the cayenne out and used wholemeal pasta spirals. Sometimes you can still taste a bit of the coconutty flavour, which is a negative. The roasted vegetables matched the toasty flavour, but the dish would be better with roasted grape tomatoes, or roasted mushrooms. When roasting the vegetables, the broccoli also cooks a bit faster than the cauliflower, and takes up more salt. Substituting all cauliflower would be a good option, especially since the cauliflower went well with the sauce while the broccoli didn't really.

If you make this recipe, I'd strongly recommend being very careful with the salt! I couldn't finish the half batch I made because it was that ludicrously salty. A definite plus of this recipe is that it doesn't have a lot of processed stuff in it, like margarine or soy cheese. It really does taste creamy, too.

Nov 07, 2012
inthistwilight in Recipes