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Recommendations for June in Montreal

a follow-up question: how necessary are reservations for dinner (especially considering the timeframe)? and what would be your One recommendation for my birthday dinner on a Friday night?

Recommendations for June in Montreal

Thanks for the feedback! Le P'tit Plateau looks great (BYOW!) - will check out the brewpub & bar info. Are there any worthy pizzerias in Montreal? Also looking for some lunch options...

Recommendations for June in Montreal

We (a couple from Austin, TX) will be visiting Montreal for the first time for five nights in June: attending the Mondial de la Biere, will probably stay in the Plateau area, would Love suggestions for eating and drinking while in town. Adventurous eaters, enjoy wine & a good cocktail, like locally-sourced spots...mid-range preferable, but will definitely splurge a night or two. A few on my radar from prior research: Le Lapin Saute, Joe Beef, BEVO, Le Quartier General, L'Orignal & Le Barberie Coop...Cheers!

Foodie Challenge 40th B'day

wow! i was just tooling around the board trying to figure out the exact same scenario. :) i turn 40 in June and am attempting to decide where to go for a spectacular meal.

went to Jezebel for my bday two years ago and it was Fantastic. one of the best bottles of wine i've ever had: Betts & Scholl Barossa Valley Grenache and the slow-braised colorado lamb shank was an absolute luxury. you should definitely consider it!

others possibles on my list (mainly because i have yet to go) are Fabi & Rosi and Olivia's.
another fave is Eastside Cafe because of their commitment to using local ingredients as well as growing their own.
happy 40th!

Mar 28, 2010
txgoddess in Austin

A Canadian food writers first time to Austin- Best places to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? many places to choose from. a few of my tops include:

* House or Eastside Pies for thin-crust pizza
* Eastside Cafe for something authentically Austin (they have their own garden!) and consistently delicious.
* i'm with bookgrrl on Olivia and Justine's...they are on my must-do list as well.
* for total indulgence, get your wallet out for the slow-braised colorado lamb shank with pomegranate-tamarind glaze at Restaurant Jezebel. *swoon* they have an amazing wine list too.
* ming's cafe for great, no-frills chinese - the spinach stir-fry is to die for!

happy eating!

Jan 19, 2010
txgoddess in Austin

Good eats near the Alexander Inn in Philly

okay. so far monk's and varga bar are on the bill for beers. what would your One byob (wine) recommendation be for dinner in the city center? intrigued by kanela and mercato so far, but open to others! probably also grab a mid-afternoon, inexpensive lunch once we arrive - do either of the beer haunts serve decent grub or should we do that separately? thanks!!

Nov 17, 2009
txgoddess in Pennsylvania

Help with Fussy Foodie Friend

the Texas French Bread Rio Grande location has started a farm to table dinner series featuring local fare from area farms. the menu changes weekly:

Oct 14, 2009
txgoddess in Austin

Good eats near the Alexander Inn in Philly

thanks for all the feedback! i didn't realize we were going to be so in-the-heart of it all.
i will check out websites & menus.
any other brewery/brewpub recommendations (the boyfriend is a beer fiend)?

Oct 14, 2009
txgoddess in Pennsylvania

Good eats near the Alexander Inn in Philly

we will be in town for just one night and would love recommendations for dinner that are within walking distance of the Alexander Inn.

Monk's is already on the list for brews & appetizers.

no dietary restrictions and open to all types of food, moderately priced is good.


Oct 04, 2009
txgoddess in Pennsylvania