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When Rock Stars Sell Out, Deliciously

Seriously? An Amy Winehouse joke? I'm not a fan of hers or anything, but she died pretty recently, you didn't wait that long, and it wasn't even funny. You made yourselves look like jerks.

Aug 30, 2011
karitickle in Features

Help me name my food blog

Cute blog!

It's so nice that readers pitched in and helped with name ideas. I started a food blog last year and even Googled the name I wanted, to make sure that nobody else had it already, but someone started one of the same name at the same time as I did, on another blog site! Yowza!! I decided to move and mine is so ridiculous-sounding now that fortunately, nobody else will take it, I hope.

Are all of the photos your own? The food looks really good.

Oct 05, 2009
karitickle in Not About Food

dining with plain eating friends- coping strategies? ;-)

Some people are just like that and you seriously can't persuade them to change their minds.

What I do is have a potluck with a lot of people. Like, a LOT. It's less expensive than a restaurant, we're where I want to be, it's more fun, boring eaters get to sample lots of different things, and sometimes become interested in different types of food.

Sometimes they want to branch out, but sometimes they stick to their guns, and that's okay. If that's the case, just find non-eating occasions to hang out, I guess, or wait until you're in the mood for the kind of restaurants they like?

Oct 04, 2009
karitickle in Not About Food

Cooking and self esteem

Cooking is my love. It gives me thrills and happiness and sharing it is the best part.

It's normal to feel that crazy about it. People who aren't crazy about cooking are crazy about something else.

Oct 04, 2009
karitickle in Not About Food

I lied to the waiter

Yeah I agree with hsk and earlybird.


This holds true for restaurants, relationships, businesses, and all other things. Saying things are "okay" when you are really mad about them is passive-aggressive and
there is no way for people to interpret hidden meanings and stuff behind statements like that when they are either too busy, selfish, or ignorant to care.

Let this be a lesson: Assertiveness is key. It's okay to ask questions like why your food isn't there yet, or to let them know you're in a rush, or that you want more water/iced tea, or that the food wasn't good. If nobody speaks up, how does the staff know the guests are happy, and how does the manager know that a good job is being done? Even if the manager/owner is lame, everybody loses when clear communication grinds to a halt.

Oct 04, 2009
karitickle in Not About Food

People Watching You Cook

I love it when people watch me cook! They can ask questions, I answer them or we throw ideas back and forth, and sometimes they even help me prep ingredients quickly or aid in tying/skewering something, which is great. If they get in the way though, move it!!

Oct 04, 2009
karitickle in Not About Food

cool place for brunch in Kitsilano?

Check out Abigail's Party and Tomato Fresh Food Cafe. They're pretty good!!