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Molasses dessert sauce?

We're the not-so-proud owners of one of those tacky motorized chocolate fountains. We got it as a housewarming gift and never use it, but we're in the process of planning a molasses-themed party for next month, and a friend suggested the idea of using the contraption as a molasses fountain instead of a chocolate one.

I'm definitely game, but not sure how to proceed. One friend, who prefers molasses over syrup for pancakes, suggested just using straight molasses in the machine. I'm skeptical, both because I think most people probably won't like that much molasses kick with their dessert, and because I'm not sure that the fairly-pitiful motor in the machine will be able to pump something that viscous; I'd be concerned that it would get jammed. Which, I guess, means we'll need to thin it down. With what, though? My first thought was simple syrup, but I'm wondering what other options there are. Cream? Booze (in small enough quantities not to be a fire hazard when sitting on a heating element)? Suggestions welcome.

Dec 17, 2010
apendleton in Home Cooking

Hot-smoked salmon in the DC area?

Thanks for the tips, all. Whole Foods did, indeed, have some, but it didn't look that great, and was expensive for what you got, so I ended up deciding to smoke my own (it's smoking on the back deck as we speak). Ellen, had I done a better job of thinking ahead, I probably would have ordered, so thanks for the suggestion as to where to look for next time.

Hot-smoked salmon in the DC area?

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where "smoked salmon" referred to a product in which the fish was brined, air-dried slightly, and hot-smoked, resulting in firm, flaky-textured fish. Now, living in DC, all I can find is stuff like Nova Lox, which, is soft, moist, thinly-sliced, and so forth. Can Northwest-style hot-smoked salmon be bought in the DC area, and, if so, where would I go to get it?

Spot for a post-wedding-reception dinner in Silver Spring/Kensington/Wheaton?

How does it compare to Da Marco?

Spot for a post-wedding-reception dinner in Silver Spring/Kensington/Wheaton?

Cool. Their website seems not-functional, so I can't find a menu, but checking it out by metro is good advice. Thanks!

Spot for a post-wedding-reception dinner in Silver Spring/Kensington/Wheaton?

So a whole bunch of relatives are coming to town for my cousin's wedding, and I, being the only DC local in the family, have been assigned the task of finding a restaurant for the wedding party and family to eat after the wedding and reception. The wedding is in Kensington, and they're thinking (wisely, I think) that trying to get everyone into the city for dinner when nobody knows where they're going, on a Friday night, is probably a bad idea, so the area under consideration is Kensington/Silver Spring/Wheaton. Unfortunately, being a city kid with no car, I don't know the restaurant scene in the suburbs at all, really, which brings me here.

A couple of particulars:

* My aunt and uncle, who are footing the bill, don't have a ton of money, and their wallets will probably already be well-stretched before paying for a dinner for twenty, so this needn't be fancy. It'd be good if the atmosphere was such that someone in a button-up shirt and maybe a sport coat wouldn't look out of place (so, no drive-in burger shacks), but needn't be much nicer than that. Entrees should probably fall somewhere in $10-$25 territory.

* Lots of my family members are not city people, and the latest Nicaraguan/Japanese fusion is probably beyond their palates, so I'm looking for something reasonably accessible (seafood, Italian, new American, etc.).

* It should be able to accommodate a reservation for 20.

* Oh, and most of them are teetotalling Mormons, so things like the wine list, corking fee, etc., are not considerations.