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Portland diner owner under fire for yelling at toddler, Facebook posts

You are right. You learn how to behave in public by being in public. The missing element here is that the parents have to actually teach the child. I don't know for certain but it sounds like the parents were not paying attention to the little girl, who then acted out. By taking her out and not helping her learn to behave in public settings they were teaching her: how NOT to behave. The owner stated that they ordered her pancakes but then did not feed her. That would make almost any kid lose it.

Jul 22, 2015
sandyinmd in Food Media & News

Driving to Charleston from DC - What's good on the road

Schuler's Barbeque in Latta, SC. Only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Served buffet style. This is worth rearranging departure times to coincide with lunch or dinner, IMO. About 10-15 minutes off of 95.

A guy walks into the movie theater with his own sandwich...

I tend to find the opposite is true. This is based on the slightly different experience of working on a show horse farm. After I am there for a bit, I rarely smell the "aroma" any longer (although it is an especially clean barn it still houses horses. However when I arrive home I have to go straight to the shower because I have now become one with the aroma. :)
That's what they tell me anyways....

Jul 08, 2015
sandyinmd in Not About Food

Salad: America's $300 Million Industry

I agree. Fat may not be "filling" but it is satiating.

Sack lunches for little kid, no fridge

My kiddos attended a camp like the one you are describing. All of the lunches were put into coolers. Hopefully your child's camp is doing at least that much. The only issue then becomes preventing things from getting squashed. My kids liked tortillas rolled up with thinly sliced ingredients. For a little one, you could cut these into pinwheels. Another was pepperoni, crackers, small cheese chunks, and cut up fruit.

May 27, 2015
sandyinmd in Home Cooking

How much do you spend on groceries each month?

Got it. Thanks kev.

Mar 21, 2015
sandyinmd in General Topics

How much do you spend on groceries each month?

What is QE?

Mar 20, 2015
sandyinmd in General Topics

I eat it my way

Yup, major fiber. It doesn't seem to bother his stomach at all. I could never.

Feb 17, 2015
sandyinmd in General Topics

Only in America...

Well, at least we know it was "real chicken".

I eat it my way

My husband eats the whole roasted peanut, shell included.

When I eat a chicken soup of any type, noodle, rice, or vegetable, I must have a peanut butter sandwich to accompany it. No jelly.

Feb 10, 2015
sandyinmd in General Topics

Am I the only adult in America who doesn't like coffee?

I've never had a cup. I've tasted it several ways. Do not like. Sometimes I wish I did. I could use the caffeine rush.

Jan 13, 2015
sandyinmd in General Topics

Stuck at Claim Jumper for Thanksgiving - Please Advise

Same here. I am "hosting" a veteran naval pilot, who due to his injuries in the Korean War, cannot get into my house of steps. There are about 10 of us, and we are going to Golden Corral. Not thrilled about that, but I am so thrilled that he and my dad, who is blind, will be with us this year.

Do you prefer French Fries with Mayo instead of Ketchup?

I like salsa or a horseradish based dip. I can eat catsup but as I get older it seems too sweet. I have had a spicy catsup too, but still like salsa better. Weird, I know.

Apr 04, 2014
sandyinmd in General Topics

Beach town with best food?

Loooove Treasure Island. Lucky you!

Feb 03, 2014
sandyinmd in Florida

THE single best thing to eat

A perfect eggroll; or lumpia.

Dec 12, 2013
sandyinmd in General Topics

Baked Goods as Gifts For Teachers, Etc.

Wow. Attempted murder is huge turn off. Turpentine in the coffee?

Dec 12, 2013
sandyinmd in General Topics

I just used one a couple of weeks ago. It was great. Be aware that you can only use one cert at a time, and there is a minimum purchase. To use a $25 cert you had to purchase at least $35 worth of food. I paid $ for the cert, so for $11 we got $35 worth of food. Hope this helps!

Oct 03, 2009
sandyinmd in Not About Food