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I don't know anything about the other restaurants so can't tell what your taste/style is, but I highly recommend the brewery/restaurant U Medvidku for amazing food, great beer and fun ambiance. We loved it. It has become popular with tourists, but still is well worth going. It's in old town.

Mar 12, 2011
nbc_bmw in Europe

SSS - Quebec City - Anyone tried it yet?

I'm wondering if anyone has tried SSS in Quebec, the new resto by the owners of Toast! Apparently it is a bit more casual, and less expensive, with simpler foods. I'm looking for a good restaurant for New Year's Eve, and Toast! is out of our price range, so I'm thinking this could be a good, fun, alternative.

Casual Resto for Dinner, Good Beer

Wow - I had no idea about APDC, I always thought it was more high end...
that may be a great option in that case! thank you for clarifying!

Casual Resto for Dinner, Good Beer

Thanks for the replies.

While I would love to try Au Pied du Cochon, I think we are looking for something a bit more casual/pub like.

I had considered Biere et Co, but am worried that the food may not be great. We don't need a huge selection of beer, but I guess our focus is more on beer than wine for this particular occasion.

I am considering Helm - know anything about it?

Casual Resto for Dinner, Good Beer

Can anyone recommend a casual resto or pub in the plateau mile-end with good food, and a decent selection of beer? Prefer to avoid the standard irish pub fare if possible.

quiet, upscale restaurant in downtown Montreal for a business dinner on a Friday night?

I had a business lunch at La Coupole recently, and was very impressed. There was lots of space between the tables, and some tables are more removed. They have a dinner table d'hote for $40 I believe, which represents excellent value if the lunch table d'hote ($25 for 3 courses) is any indication.

Where did you eat this week ? Part 2 Fall 2009

I have often wondered about Le Georgia, so I'm happy to hear a bit about it and read a good review! It sounds great. This is the resto on Decarie near Queen Mary, right?

Poisson Rouge - Great Food, weak on service

We had dinner at this BYO last night, and while the food was great, we were really disappointed by the rushed service. The table d'hote, which is the only option, includes 4 courses - appetizer, soup or salad, main, dessert. - for $37, though just about every dish, except for a few basic options, incurs an additional $5 charge. Our appetizers came promptly, and no sooner had the plates been cleared, the soup was plunked down. For a four course meal with wine and on the pricier side, we had hoped to have a more paced,relaxed meal. We asked the waittress to slow down the rest of the meal, but didn't think the request was really heard, as our mains came fairly rapidly as well. I thoroughly enjoyed every dish that was served, but was really put off by the speed of the service. We thought it was perhaps because they wanted to turn our table over for a later seating, but the restaurant was half empty before we'd finished our main courses, so this didn't hold weight. It's too bad, because otherwise I would have given the restaurant a perfect score.