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CONVIVIO--Superb dinner

Ignore the details.... Just go...
What a fantastic restaurant, we are so lucky to have a place like this in NYC.
Perfect? Hardly..
Wonderful? YES !!!

Oct 07, 2010
mlondon88 in Manhattan

Need a "Chef's Table" or similar for pre-wedding party

Was hoping to book the Chef's Table at Barbutto for a pre-wedding dinner next Friday but they are booked. Need a table for about 12-14 people, someplace nice but not crazy expensive, good rustic food, not fancy. Could be any kind of Mediterranean, or other, totally open to suggestions.

Thank you !

Oct 01, 2010
mlondon88 in Manhattan

Real Chinese for Mid-Autumn festival "nice" meal - what is the current situation?

Totally forgot about Cantoon Garden. Will go there tonight and post a follow-up. When we called, they said that on account of the holiday, unlikely they will be sharing tables.

By nice I mean a regular restaurant with more than a passing bit of attention to quality, presentation, decor, service, as opposed to an equally delicious but plain noodle joint, etc. Also the kind of place that a Chinese family would likely go for a celebration.

By authentic, I mean simply tastes that one would encounter in whatever region the restaurant's cuisine was, so Cantoon Garden, I hope, would taste somewhat close to a meal in Guangzhou/Hong Kong.

Having eaten Cantonese in places like San Francisco and Vancouver, I know that New York is still without a really first class Chinese restaurant. I never made it to Wakiya before it crept away back into the hole it sounded like it had crawled out of. Too bad, as it showed promise. But what a sad state of affairs for a Japanese chef to open a high-end Chinese restaurant in NYC. And while I thought Suser in Toronto was excellent, I would not call it "authentic" and it sounds like Shang is the same.

I also totally forgot about Imperial Palace in Flushing. I've been for Dim Sum, but never dinner. Will try it soon.

Actually our favourite new spot is M&T in Flushing. My GF is from Qingdao and we had a great meal there. In fact will try to organize a Chowhound group dinner soon if folks are interested....

Oct 03, 2009
mlondon88 in Manhattan

Real Chinese for Mid-Autumn festival "nice" meal - what is the current situation?

Searched around here, but have not come up with a current status of good, authentic Chinese restaurants suitable for a "nice meal" either in Manhattan or Queens.

Today is the mid-Autumn festival and I want to take my (very authentic Chinese!) girlfriend out for something really good. Seems every time I go to one of the old standbys (Fuleen, Amazing 66, etc,) I am disappointed. Watered down tastes for Chinese-Americans or worse.

Had some hopes when I heard Shang was opening, but that is NOT what I'm looking for.
And not really interested in anything above Houston Street if you know what I mean.
Queens if fine. Pacificana in Brooklyn was pretty good, but such a long train ride!

Would greatly appreciate suggestions, links etc.

Oct 03, 2009
mlondon88 in Manhattan