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Burgers on eastside?

Not to quibble (especially since we're in agreement), but I wouldn't say the Astro is part of a fast food chain. It's a coffee house (housed in one of the original Conran's), and has no relation to the Astro Burgers in Weho.

As for the Bucket, it's been sold a number of times over the last 20 years, the last being 4 or 5 years ago. The current owners seemed to have made a go of it.

I wasn't around 70 years ago, but from what I remember, the menu is the same from when I first went 15 years ago, and which I was told, dated back to Julio's time. So yes, it's the same tiny grill, and the same home-made thick sliced potato chips, with some new (but not too many) additions.

Sep 10, 2013
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Burgers on eastside?

The Bucket on Eagle Rock Blvd has been there 70+ years I believe. Very tasty burger. Other good choices are Astro Coffee Shop on Fletcher & Glendale, the York, Fusion, Home.

IMHO tho, the best burger value is Gary Bric's Ramp in Burbank by the airport.

Sep 10, 2013
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Natural Casing Hot Dogs in O.C.?

Believe it or not: Hoffy Hollywood's Original Natural Casing Frankfurters. Best supermarket dog I've ever had on each coast. And I'm saying this as a Nathan's natural casing fan.

Only available at the moment at Fresh and Easy.

Jul 07, 2013
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Soot Bull Jeep Advice

Got there at 5:30, and while the place was starting to fill up, it was never packed. More importantly, the meal was great.

Thanks for the the replies.

Aug 13, 2012
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Soot Bull Jeep Advice

Two quick questions:
-What's the best time to get there for a Sunday dinner to bear the rush?

-I've read that the #1 & #2 are the things to order. Anything else not to miss?

Late notice, but thanks!

Aug 12, 2012
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Rosellin Pizza

Has anyone tried it yet? It's apparently taken over Rudelli's on Fletcher in Silverlake. First negative is "Follow us on Facebook & Twitter" is listed on the throwaway menu, yet a FB search brings up zip, and there's no FB link from their website.

Not trying to be picky, but it's the little things...

Jun 07, 2012
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Mexican in Highland Park?

Chico's is great, My Taco on York near Fig is even better. Also nearby is Via Mar at Fig & Ave 51 - in some ways even better than SeƱor FIsh.

FWIW, add me to the list of those less than thrilled with Arco Iris. Think El Torito on a bad day.

Apr 08, 2012
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Sabretts, Nathans or Hoffy with Casings

Unless something has changed, the Ralph's natural casing dogs are/were a mixture of beef and pork.

Aug 06, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

ISO Asian in Highland Park, Glassell Park, Eagle Rock

Good Girl Dinette's pretty okay, great home made sodas, but we also like Lemon Grass in Eagle Rock for Vietnamese. Blue Hen has always been a little meh for me (FWIW, GGD is from the original owner of Blue Hen).

Panang SHOULD be terrible, but it's not. More than surprisingly decent Thai-Chinese-Sushi fusion. You can certainly do worse. Sicha Siam can also be pretty good, but they've become a little bit hit or miss lately. Some folks really like Thai Eagle Rox, and I remember the space was pretty nice, but it didn't do it for us. OK Chinese on Colorado (w/ a sister branch in the Figueroa Produce center), can also be pretty decent for limited take out - not a lot of options, but some of it is not bad. But yes, it's hard to compete for Chinese when Chinatown is 7 minutes away.

As for "when I lived there 10 years ago", it sounds kinda silly. The same can be said about other areas - Culver City, Downtown. etc. Things change...

Blue Hen
1743 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Good Girl Dinette
110 North Avenue 56, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Sicha Siam Restaurant
4403 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Panang Restaurant
1801 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Thai Eagle Rox
4601 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Lemon Grass Vietnamese Restaurant
1952 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Jul 24, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Fiddler's Bistro--always crowded but no one goes there.....

The Chicken Couscous soup is fantastic - one of the best.

Jun 14, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Billy's Deli in Glendale -- fine catering

"It's not even Brent's."
Thank God...

Jun 14, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Fiddler's Bistro--always crowded but no one goes there.....

Do a search here for a thread from the last month or so and you'll see why it's well-liked...

May 22, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area


I've never met a Red Velvet Cake I didn't like (well, maybe Ralph's). OTOH, my wife is quite the opposite: VERY finicky and not wild about most Red Velvet cakes. However we both agree that Costco's is one of the best tasting we've had. Plus (as I've just found out), they WILL personalize their Red Velvet cakes. Otherwise I think Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock is the other way to go.

Although hopefully you're still not looking for a cake after 4 years.

May 16, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Capri Eagle Rock-post Kitchen Nightmares

Yeah, we watched with mixed feelings of sadness and laughter. It was sort of like watching a bad car wreck - but with clown cars... We were certainly glad we weren't watching it at Capri that night.
That being said... my wife and I went a month or so ago, and while I wasn't wild about my eggplant dish (the prep and ingredients were fine, it just was too bland). OTOH, my wife's lasagna was quite tasty, and the garlic knots were also good. My wife subsequently went back and had their chopped salad which she said was delicious;
So yes, we'll definitely check it out again shortly.

May 08, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Soft Opening for NY Deli in Old Town Pasadena

Was there on an early Saturday evening a couple months ago, and it was a little strange.

First, it was empty, Second it had the smell of ammonia - fine at 3 in the morning, but not at dinner time. Finally, it appears (not positive) that they're trying to also add a "market" vibe. However the cryovac packaging of large briskets and hams lying around the fridge willy-nilly takes away any cachet.

I ordered the pastrami which arrived stacked high on large slices of rye, but it was nothing to write home about. Not terrible, but certainly not in Billy's or Canter's league, let alone Langer's. Service was prompt and efficient at the bar. But then an empty restaurant will do that. All in all it seemed like someone's idea of a hip deli concept, and not of a deli.

Might go back to try breakfast, but not in any rush. Funny thing is that we did try to go there for breakfast in early January, but they weren't open on Sundays at the time.

As for the "bad" location - it's on the same street as Yujean Kang & Cafe Bizou, and even closer to Colorado. I imagine if the food were more inviting, the location wouldn't matter.

Apr 17, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Fiddler's Bistro: Just Consistent Solid

They also have a killer Chicken Cous Cous soup that's a frequent daily special. The lamb burger is also top notch.

As for the lack of hip people, my friends and I beg to differ...

Feb 22, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Bell Poultry Seasoning availability?

Thus far I've been unsuccessful in my quest.

Northeast L.A. preferable, but am also open to the westside and in between (so no South Bay recs please).

So far I've tried:
Albertson's (Los Feliz)
Vons (Eagle Rock)
Whole Foods (Glendale)
Super King (Glassell Park)
Gelson's (Silverlake)
Surfas (available at Thanksgiving time/supplier can't get it either)

The manufacturer's customer service suggested Vons or Albertsons, but that was a no go, and I really don't need 4 boxes via mail order.


Feb 01, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Great steak in LA - but not quite Cut, etc

"Pretty much everything else at Tana's is pretty boring. But the ambience in that tiny joint is better than three trendy joints put together."

Yeah, into one bigger trendy joint. Perhaps I'm not being fair since it's been many years since I've tried Dan Tana's. Or actually tried to get in. Don't know if it's still a hot ticket, but it certainly had its days of behaving like one. Also add me to the underwhelmed column about Ruth's Chris.

And to the OP - you certainly have the right to go anywhere, but why choose a franchise, and one that's available to your brother in Ohio? As much as I like Morton's and Fogo de Chao, the same also holds true, although Fogo is a little less ubiquitous.

Dan Tana's Restaurant
9071 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Jan 23, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Corner Pizza in Eagle Rock

When you have Folliero's, you don't need more joints. Not only one of the best in the Northeast Area, but also in L.A.

Jan 04, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Corner Pizza in Eagle Rock

My middle school student son and his friends like it, and I thought it was okay the couple times I tried it, although I'd only had reheated slices, never from a pie right out of the oven. (Off topic, but that's what makes Costco pizza slices superior to just about any by-the-slice joints like Richie Palmer's or Mulberry - you're almost always getting a fresh slice at Costco).

Back to the topic: As a kids' party veteran, it will help if Corner Pizza makes one of those huge 40"+ pizzas that are cut in squares. Fewer boxes to toss and more manageable portions. This larger size also makes for a thinner crust. If they Corner Pizza doesn't (and I think they do), Italiano's on York & Ave 50 would be another option.

Of course the best advice would be to simply just stop by Corner Pizza and try it, by the slice or a whole pie.

Jan 03, 2011
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Where Does Trader Joe's Food Come From?

FWIW, there are restaurants and caterers who also supply TJ. One was a wonderful restaurant in L.A. named Sabor, who supplied TJ's Chile Rellenos (I believe) a few years ago. Eventually they closed the restaurant to concentrate on this. Or so I was told.

Dec 04, 2010
Briggs in Features

Speaking of Hot Dogs (yet again) - NELA division

For those in the Northeast area, there's a little stand at California Car Wash (Los Feliz & Central) that serves chargrilled corn on the cob as well jumbo 1/4" lb Hebrew National dogs. Checked it out today.

The dog is $3.00 (plus .30 tax). While not the bargain from Costco down the street, and certainly not natural casing, it was still very tasty, the bun was perfectly toasted, and the owner amiable in an old world sort of way. I didn't have anything to drink, and condiments (of which I don't usually partake) seemed minimal, but YMMV.

Worth the extra buck or so over the Costco bargain for those who prefer a grilled or chargrilled dog. Not sure about details like hours, but when I was previously there on a cloudy day, the car wash was open but the stand appeared closed.

Nov 29, 2010
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Slaw dogs, just tried it again.

"Tommy's $2.75
Pink's $3.30"

Is Tommy's all-beef? In any case, neither of these two are in the league of Slaw Dogs or Haus Dogs. If not quite gourmet, they're certainly more upscale in terms of quality (and yes, price).

The Slaw Dogs
720 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104

Nov 29, 2010
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

DogHaus in Pasadena, just visited too, three dogs in two days...

Only been once, and will try again, but I thought there was a kind of gaminess to their natural casing dog. While it could simply be the type of spices used, it still didn't taste quite right.

Anyone know where they get their dogs?

Nov 28, 2010
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Slaw dogs, just tried it again.

"the same thing at the old wiener factory would've costed me all of 9 to 10 bucks."
Well, you've got to admit that it's not fair to compare 3 year old pricing - right?. My own opinion is that unless it's Costco, I think hot dog prices at most places seem a bit out of line. And I'm a fan of Slaw Dogs.

The Slaw Dogs
720 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104

Nov 28, 2010
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Slaw dogs, just tried it again.

Completely agree

Nov 28, 2010
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Dog Haus in Pasadena

I was also there today for a late lunch, but with mixed feelings.
The pluses:
Great space, great vibe, friendly staff, refillable soft drinks, good menu choices, reasonable prices.

The not so good minus:
Ordered 2 snap dogs plain (what can I say...). Not terrible, and it definitely was natural casing, but it tasted... different. Maybe I'm simply too used to a Nathan's-Sabrett's-Hebrew National dog, but this just tasted... kinda weird. Adding mustard to the 2nd dog helped, but it was almost gamey tasting. I don't know it simply needed to be cooked longer, or if it's the nature of that particular beast. At this point I'd give the natural casing edge to Slaw Dogs - just a tastier dog.

I'm definitely open to trying Dog Haus again. Could have been an off day. FWIW - I liked the music - sorta like an iPod of a 40 something...

The Slaw Dogs
720 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104

Dog Haus
105 N Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

Nov 15, 2010
Briggs in Los Angeles Area


But while we're at it...
Neither Verdugo Bar nor Eagle Rock Brewery are in Highland Park. BOTH are in Glassell Park, and both are about 10 minutes from H.P. proper. Still NELA, but NOT Highland Park.

Are you specifically looking for gen-x/trendie (of which 2 of the 3 above qualify)? While Good Girl Dinette is decent, I wouldn't call it a triumph of design. It's bare, spare and loud - even when not crowded. The York is more than okay, especially if you're looking for a Westside vibe on the Eastside. Finally, The Verdugo Bar is... a bar. A good beer selection, but... it's a bar. Which happens to be located on a somewhat dicey street. I think Mr. T's can be more of a trip. Or fun. It depends on your point of view.

There are certainly more and better options for good food than suggested above:

Folliero's (Pizza - One of the best in L.A. And the room's not bad)
Chico's (wonderful Mexican in a quaint small atmosphere)
Huarache Azteca (destination Mexican for many)
Marty's Bar (upscale from the owner of Mia Sushi)
Metro Banderas (on weekends for exotic carnitas)
La Abeja (Mexican standby - new ownership)
Via Mar (Mexican seafood patio. Quite good - maybe even surpassing Senior Fish)
La Estrella (Mexican taco & burrito patio stand)
Cinnamon Vegeterian
Las Cazuelas (Salvadorean)
My Taco - (a strong second on great barbacoa)
Arroyo Seco Golf Course (esp. weekends - fun brunch, great burgers)
Not to mention a slew of other great Mexican restaurants on York and Figueroa.

So much for the only choices in Highland Park.

La Abeja
3700 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

The Verdugo Bar
3408 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Good Girl Dinette
110 North Avenue 56, Los Angeles, CA 90042

La Estrella Restaurant
940 S Lorena St, Los Angeles, CA 90023

Mia Sushi
4741 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Senior Fish Inc.
910 Hamilton Rd, Duarte, CA 91010

Eagle Rock Brewery
3056 Roswell St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Nov 13, 2010
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Buff Wings - Eagle Rock

Von's on Fig & Colorado also has excellent donuts. In fact the bakery in general is very good.

Nov 09, 2010
Briggs in Los Angeles Area

Buff Wings - Eagle Rock

Donuts are better than Winchell's (not saying much), but not as good at the Donut Factory on San Fernando & Cazador. We think DF is the best in the area for that style of donut.

I drive by every single day, and the wings place should get an award for lamest business model. With the almost non-existant lame signage and obscure corner location, it was begging to fail. Meanwhile all the other shops in the mini-mall have been there for years (Sicha Siam, the donut store, Little Ceasars (yech).

Little Ceasars
2183 E South St, Long Beach, CA 90805

Nov 09, 2010
Briggs in Los Angeles Area