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Veal Breast

I don't inow how convenient it would be for you, but here some options:

1. Pastaworks on Hawthorne or City Market in NW
2. Phil's Meat Market in Uptown Shopping Center near NW 23rd and Burnside
3. Gartner's on Killingsworth in NE.

Why don't you give them a call, look into it, and let us know what you come up with!

Jan 17, 2011
petebuick in Metro Portland

First time to Portland

For your late night dining around Pioneer Square you can go to Departure or Brasserie Montmatre.

As far as Voodoo goes, it's in an interesting part of town, so walk around Old Town and take in the pioneer environment.

Jan 06, 2011
petebuick in Metro Portland

Anyone been to Pinot?

Wow - They just lost their second chef and the new one comes from the Rivershore Bar & Grill in Oregon City at the Best Western. That's some real pedigree! Thanks for the responses, guys.

Dec 15, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

Anyone been to Pinot?

Curious about it,and the menu looks fun, but it seems quite "corporate." Anyone care to report?

Dec 10, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

dumpling skins

East Side: Fubonn Market
West Side / Beaverton: Uwajimaya Market

You can also get all the other ingredients in the recipe at those places. If location is no object, Uwajimaya is a better market.

Dec 10, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

Where to stay for good food in walking distance?

Ace Hotel is a good bet. Close to downtown, NW, Pearl, and Old Town, and not far from buses and the Max to take you to the East Side if you want.

Oct 27, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

locations downtown for a no-host bar-ish gathering and a tasty dinner for a group?

It's just a little sketchy in that neighborhood. Not dangerous, mind you, as I've never heard of any violent or personal crimes being committed. There are a lot of homeless, druggies, transients, etc. there, as this is the social services section of Portland. At 6th and Davis you'll see a whole lot of homeless folks converging around the Sisters of the Road Cafe. Again, not dangerous, but depending on who you are, it might make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Nevetheless, I do think Davis St. Tavern, at 5th and Davis, is absolutely perfect for what you're looking for.

Sisters of the Road Cafe
133 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Oct 25, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

Stopping in Portland - foodie recs, best of Portland

Tektonic, you need to go to Voodoo Donuts. It's wonderful, and quintissentially Portland. Some of the donuts are fabulous, and the idea of steering someone to Sesame, or anywhere else, is ludicrous!!

Do they have Grape Ape at Sesame or Moody's? Do they have Orangutang? Do they have the maple bar with bacon at those places? Sure, if you took glazed donuts from all these places home and did a taste test, maybe Voodo would come out at the bottom, but that's missing the point!

You gotta visit sketchy Old Town. Maybe you'll see some Swahili lessons while you're in the shop. Maybe Tres himself will be there to entertain. Maybe they'll have some interesting specials. When people say "there are better donuts elsewhere," I have to ask, "where did you go to school to be such a killjoy?"

Tektonic, please go to Voodoo and have a wonderful time. The only warning I have for you is beware of the lines, which can stretch to 30 minutes in the middle of the day.

I work right around the corner, and have actually been relieved to see the long line at times because I know I have been spared the gratuitous caloric pig out.

But for you, Tektonic, a visitor from faraway lands, please do yourself a favor and run, don't walk to the original Voodoo in Old Town Portland USA!!!

Oct 24, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

locations downtown for a no-host bar-ish gathering and a tasty dinner for a group?

I forgot about the Max. Yes - If you're up for a slight bit of adventure, hit the Green Line and get off at 6th and Davis and, yes, the Davis St. Tavern is a wonderful place for food and drinks. Also Ping, although space is limited at Ping.

You are now totally armed with fabulous ideas!!!!

Oct 21, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

Stopping in Portland - foodie recs, best of Portland

You got some great responses, with many great options. Between MyNext and Jillo's respoonses, you should be set. To answer your question about what Portland is proud of, a few things are:

1. Food Carts - see Jillo's response
2. Brewpubs - I like Deschutes
3. Sustainable organic - Again see Jillo's stuff. Also Higgins for upscale. Sit in bar for amazing beer selection...

Oct 21, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

locations downtown for a no-host bar-ish gathering and a tasty dinner for a group?

Sorry for the hassle your getting Jenn. Question seems perfectly clear to me. No host bar means a place where it's easy for people to just head up to the bar and buy themselves.

Nel Centro is a nice option. For something a little more expensive, the Healthman fits the bill, and another place that would probably work well for you is Park Kitchen.

When you're in the mood for the carts, head over to the 5th and Stark pod and try the Schnitzelwich.

And again, apologies for your first responses...I think it might be Portlanders...

Park Kitchen
422 NW 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Nel Centro
1408 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

Oct 21, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

One night in Portland - where to eat

Just keep in mind that Castagna is not at all walking distance. It's across the river and a bus ride away.

Gruner is a great choice, as is (also within walking distance) Higgins and the Heathman.

The Heathman Restaurant
1001 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Jul 15, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

1st time to Portland, need food/day trip suggestions please

Here are a few of things I've recently tried, and wouold all highly recommend:

For food carts:
either of the beef tacos at Koi Fusion
the main chicken dish at Nong's Khao Man Gai
the waffles at Parkers Waffles

For restaurants:
Gruner (downtown)
Alba (SW Portland - drive or bus from downtown)

Nong's Khao Man Gai
SW 10th and Alder, Portland, OR

May 11, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

Portland Recommendations for First Time Visitors

I think you'd prefer the Bijou to Fuller's for breakfast.

Davis Street Tavern would be great for dinner. Great burger, great food, usually wonderful oysters on the menu. Do this instead of Dan and Louis'.

You might have fun at Departure - Pan Asian with an outstanding view of the city!

Instead of Mothers, I"d go to Gruner.

Davis Street Tavern
500 NW Davis Street, Portland, OR 97209

May 09, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland

3/20-3/27 in Portland on a Foodie Road Trip.. What should we do?

You should probably stay downtown, but plan to take the bus and max around town to explore. You two, if I know you as I think I do, would enjoy the Ace Hotel, It's right up your alley. I know your daughter likes chocolates, and there are a couple of great spots near the Ace.

You also might consider renting bikes as Portland is quite the bike-culture town. Take a look at the Portland Farmer's Markets - not sure which, if any, are open yet that time of the year, burt a Gogle search will do the trick. For food, right near the Ace is Clyde Common. You two will probably love it.

Rent the bikes and get around. If you really want to explore, grab a car and head to Mt. Hood and/or the Coast!

Feb 26, 2010
petebuick in Metro Portland