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I'm trying to bread fish but I don't have any eggs or flour?

Dijon mustard or mayo or a combination of the two.

Feb 08, 2014
nuts4food in Home Cooking

Looking for good recommendations in Yorkdale/Downsview/Keele area...

Darosa at Dufferin and Glencairn. Pretty good Portuguese. The chicken is excellent and you can't beat the prices.

Congee Queen - 1st timer

We really like (K26) minced pork, dry fish with olive & green bean. Agree that the turnip patties are usually good, though occasionally mediocre. I like the Cantonese chow mein, but I am a sucker for really crispy noodles. We have worked our way through a lot of the menu by asking what is popular. It's been an interesting approach and certainly exposed us to some new items. Mango chicken and shrimp is very sweet. Agree with Charles that the BBQ is surprisingly good.

kosher turkey montreal?

Not sure if they would do it, but J&R is where I would start.

Nov 12, 2013
nuts4food in Kosher

Help me identify this meat

As you can see, it was labeled cholent meat. Any idea what it might be and what I can do with it other than cholent. My access to kosher beef is limited, so I like to try different recipes with the beef I can find. Thanks for your help.

Nov 02, 2013
nuts4food in Kosher

What oil for frying latkes?

I do 20lbs of potatoes each year with Canola oil in a non- stick and they work out fine. Make sure your pan is very hot, then add oil, let it heat up until very hot but not burning. Add your mixture in small spoonfuls and then leave it alone. Do not flip until you can see that it has browned on the bottom side. Then flip and leave it alone. in my pan, about 3-4 minutes per side. if i rush it they come out a soggy oily mess. The first batch may burn if you don't control the temp of the oil by adjusting the temp on your stove but don't be tempted to turn down the temp too much as they won't brown. I also find that my smaller fry pan works better as it just covers the burner ( I have a small electric stove) and so I get no cold spots in my pan

Dec 08, 2012
nuts4food in Home Cooking

London: breakfast and brunch...

In the category of hole in the wall, Bosini in Mayfair around the corner from the Marriott Grosvenor Square was great. Full English breakfast with coffee for around £6.5

Nov 10, 2012
nuts4food in U.K./Ireland

Chinese Food Delivery - Yonge & Eglinton area

Sea-hi on Bathurst just south of Wilson is also good for Canadian Chinese, their chicken balls are very good. Personally though I think Tasty Chinese is better. They are very different with Tasty leaning more Szechuan and Sea-Hi more neon red Canadian-Chinese classics

Type of beef to grind for hamburgers

Thanks for all the responses. I will try the chuck, brisket mix. Cost aside, would 100% short ribs be good or too fatty? We eat so little meat given the cost that the occasional splurge might be ok.

Nov 01, 2012
nuts4food in Kosher

Type of beef to grind for hamburgers

I am limited to the type of beef I can find but would like to grind my own hamburgers, so would appreciate some help on what to buy.

I can find miami ribs, rib steaks, brisket and what is called stew meat (no idea what it actually is, and there is no way to find out).

So, from that short list of options, any idea what would be best. I am happy to mix them if someone has a proportion that they think might work.

Nov 01, 2012
nuts4food in Kosher

Markets/farm stands on the way to NOTL

We really like Hildreth Farm Market at 5529 Greenlane in Beamsville. They sell what they grow plus a few goodies.

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Thai Plate on Bathurst north of Lawrence has a for sale sign in the window and has been closed the last few times I drove by.

Good Thai in North York

I am sorry to report that there is a for sale sign in the window of Thai Plate and the restaurant has been closed the last few times I drove by.

Dinner near Dufferin and Lawrence

Thanks for the ideas, we will check them out.

Dinner near Dufferin and Lawrence

Looking for options for dinner, preferably eat in (with some atmosphere if possible) within say a 10 minute drive of Dufferin and Lawrence. I am trying to keep this focused to the west of Bathurst, I am very familiar with the Avenue Road stretch.

Places I have tried are:

Rainbow Sushi (better for delivery)
Tov-Li - not exactly fine dining but yummy nonetheless
Sky Ranch - if was fine but maybe I didn't know what to order

Anything else? All cuisines are fine and wide open to suggestions.

Last minute dinner party! How to quickly defrost/cook 5 lb. roast?

I have done it, in the oven from a mostly frozen state. It took about 15 minutes per pound longer than I expected and was well done on the outside and med rare inside. Ok for my crowd, but wasn't the best roast I ever made and not something I would intentionally do again.

Aug 20, 2012
nuts4food in Home Cooking

best supermarket selection for kosher products in Toronto and Montreal

In Montreal, best selection would be at the IGA in the cavendish mall. Corner of Cavendish and Mackle in Cote St Luc.

Jul 10, 2012
nuts4food in Kosher

ISO Kosher Meat Restaurant

Thanks, I was at Miami Grill before it changed hands. It is now owned by the same people as Cafe Sheli / Dairy Treats. Have you been since?

ISO Kosher Meat Restaurant

Looking to take some friends from out of town to a meat restaurant for dinner (must be certified). Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of is Chicken's Nest. Anything else?

Nut-Free Charoset

My sister in law has a tradition of making Charoset with apples, shaved chocolate and grape juice for the young ones at the table. Certainly not traditional but a big hit at her house.

Apr 03, 2012
nuts4food in Kosher

Business Lunch Rec - Bay & College

Need to organize a business lunch for three senior level European executives within an easy walk of Bay and College. European lunch budgets tend to be modest, so it can't be too high end but yet not so casual that they can't get work done nor hear themselves think. Open to all suggestions though.

Small kitchen dinner party logistics

x2 on the simplify. with similar space issues, we always prepare plated appies that are served cold or at room temp (a favorite classic is smoked salmon and caviar on endives, hot baguettes for the table) and then mains that are served from the oven, nothing "a la minute" So a roast that has been resting during apps and sliced and plated as hubby plates the sides. Generally roasted veggies or a potato gratin or simple roasted potatoes. When serving fish, I have several salmon recipes that can be served at room temp. I bought "special plates and forks" for dessert so that I don't have to wash between courses. Keeps me sane and with my guests.

Dec 29, 2011
nuts4food in Not About Food

Fresh or frozen currants in Toronto

Saw them at the Yorkdale Costco last night

Kosher ideas in Toronto

Chocolate Charm (bathurst & lawrence)

Chocolate Moose (bathurst & lawrence)

Baskets n Stuff (bathurst & steeles)

I like Chocolate Moose better for baskets than chocolate charm but I think the truffles and chocolates are better at Chocolate Charm

Baskets n Stuff is good for premade baskets and will do custom orders if you have enough time.

If you need something further south than Steeles there is a place south of lawrence (i think they are south but might be just north) with a name I can't remember, maybe nuts n stuff or something like that. I drive by it all the time and can look for you if you need. I don't think they are nearly as good as Baskets n Stuff though.

Mad Michael's - BBQ near Midland

I have done takeout from there and they were quite accomodating.

Protein Heavy Resto for No Carb Guest

Thanks for all the input so far, very helpful!

Protein Heavy Resto for No Carb Guest

My parents are coming for a 5 day visit and my dad is on a no carb diet. I am trying to accomodate a non-foodie who hates to eat at home with 4 good restaurants that the rest of us who like more balanced meals will enjoy as well. My folks are approaching 70 and would probably prefer something not too loud.

I have reserved Malena for Friday night and Jacobs for Saturday. Need to fill Sunday and Monday. Recs please. South of Lawrence, say between Dufferin and Leslie. Price point really not an issue.

Birthday at Eddy's Steakhouse? Other?

Looking for a restaurant for my birthday dinner that will accomodate a group of 14 picky eaters. The group is a mix of people from Downtown Toronto, Richmond Hill and some from north of Barrie. So we are trying to stay north of the city and stay around $50 per person. We were thinking Eddy's or maybe Bill's pit north but I have not been to Eddy's. Comments? Suggestions?

Could I please get some suggestions for a cold appetizer for backyard BBQ?

Watermelon, crumbled feta (or goat or..), mint or basil, balsamic reduction.

Jun 30, 2011
nuts4food in Home Cooking

Looking for upscale, romantic in Quebec City...But NOT French

Going to Quebec City for my upcoming 40th with my husand and we are looking for lovely, romantic, restaurants but the caveat here is we generally do not like french food. We try to steer away from Rabbit, Duck, Lamb, any type of wild game, and are not heavily into cream sauces. Crepes are not a favorite either. I know this will limit us somewhat but we venture on. We are staying at the Chateau Frontenac (can be changed) and will go to their Sunday Brunch. (open to other ideas). I have read through many other threads and found that Le Michelangelo would be a good choice for Italian. Any other suggestions? Perhaps another Italian, a steak house, a fish place? A good burger place for lunch would be much appreciated as well.