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Sneaking Food into Movies

it really depends on the theatre we go to. we usually go to a small indie theatre who actually have good prices (on tickets and the snacks) and their popcorn is fresh.

the other mega theatre we go to when the indie doesnt have our film... crappy. tickets are twice as much and a small popcorn (about the size of a coke can) is $7.95. no thank you. and to make it worse, it always tastes like cigarettes. blah. i've known too many kids that worked there in highschool too... too many bad stories about that stuff. we'll bring our own popcorn there. i'll still get a soda but i feel like it evens out in the end then.

Jan 05, 2010
michellery in Features

Chicken Parmesan

i always get either sargento sliced or get some from the deli in the grocery store (ours carries board head brand which happens to be my favorite so its perfect)

Nov 03, 2009
michellery in Recipes

Fuzzy Lemon

i'm pretty sure sminoff makes one, i know they have raspberry, and i know we had a bottle of something else with a red lable, so it was either strawberry or watermelon.

Nov 03, 2009
michellery in Recipes