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Memphis to Mobile roadtrip- need suggestions

Exit 100 in Jackson MS.

Memphis to Mobile roadtrip- need suggestions

I always stop at Broad Street Baking Co for a sandwich.

Starving Artist needs some Memphis suggestions

Some corrections:

1. Blue Monkey hasn't served pizza in years, but the Hi Tone actually makes pretty good stuff and has $2 PBR draft which is a fine starving artist price.
2. Lobster King is, alas, closed. I've no idea where to get Banh Mi in Memphis any more between Indochina's closing and this.

Headed to Memphis.Help.

I've heard good things about Miss Polly's on Beale and Itta Benna, the "secret" restaurant above BB King's, but have tried neither. The aforementioned Gus's is a short walk from Beale Street.

There aren't any real "dive" bars on Beale, but if you're a night owl there's a (sorta) rare experience to be had at Hollywood Disco nearby:
And a legitimate "dive" in Ernestine & Hazels on South Main.

Po Boys-Memphis TN

There are LOTS of places around town to get passable (though not exellent) seafood po boys (Pearl's, Orleans on Front, etc.) but in my experience a proper roast beef po-boy doesn't exist in Memphis, and is a market ripe for someone to come in and make a killing.

That said, the Beefeater at Jason's Deli gets almost everything wrong (they get the bread right), and still triggers the endorphins in the roast beef po boy center of my brain. I don't know why.

BBQ in Memphis

I've posted recommendations here for years, but I think you'll do as well, just checking them out on the map (opinions expressed on the map are mine alone):

Visiting Memphis. Need restaurant rec near Wolfchase Galleria pls.

Sounds like either Tortugas or Bangkok Alley to me, although I don't really consider those "Near Wolfchase." If you're willing to eat more cheaply than $15-20 a person, there's a Gus' Fried Chicken, Huey's, and Dyer's. Everything else nearby is a chain.

Eureka Springs AR and Memphis TN Recomendations?

Well there is a Neely's pretty close to downtown, but there's better barbecue to be had. Search "Memphis Barbecue" for suggestions.

Memphis - decent food around Graceland?

I disagree about Catfish Cabin: the one time I went the fish was oily, a little fishy, with a crust that didn't adhere well to the fish, and while it wasn't overpriced per se, I did leave feeling that I'd gotten ripped off (compared with finer, similarly-priced offerings at Soul Fish or Leonard's). I haven't been back, which is a shame as it's ridiculously convenient to my work location.

Sadly, the area between the Airport and Graceland is a culinary wasteland, with the possible exception of Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken at 3633 Millbranch Rd, and At The Bistro on Brooks Rd. if you want a pretty good soul-food lunch. The remainder is chain fast-food, school cafeteria home cooking, garden-variety Chinese, and tourist traps. The aforementioned Marlowe's, which I've heard good things about, is only open for dinner.

One of these days I ought to try some of the African restaurants in the neighborhood.

Headed south of Memphis ,

I've never been myself (to any of their locations), but The Pig has a location right by where the games will be played at Snowden Grove Park. If nothing else, it's the most convenient barbecue possible. Also, from what I read, Bangkok Alley has pretty palatable and mainstream Thai food right by the ballpark.

Matzo Ball Soup in Memphis, TN?

It's been a couple of years since I first (and last) visited.

One other alternative would be the Nosh-a-Rye Deli at the Memphis Jewish Home 36 Bazeberry Road, Cordova - Phone: (901) 758-0036. I've not tried it myself, but it's certainly an possibility.

If the best Matzoh Ball Soup were at Corky's, it would be deliciously ironic.

Matzo Ball Soup in Memphis, TN?

You could try Arie's Deli at 5545 Murray Road.

(Note: the one time I went, the food wasn't very good--the pastrami was all gristle, and it was expensive for what they were serving. Still, they're probably your best bet.)

L&M Kitchen & Salumeria-Oxford Mississippi


Memphis BBQ

I don't know who this "randal cooper" character is, but I don't trust him.

Memphis- several questions

You can get Dim Sum on weekends at Asian Palace in Bartlett--also the Hunan buffet at G'Town road & Stage.

Memphis: Where to get the Elvis Sandwich?

It's probably too late (my computer was in the shop), but for future reference you can get a peanut butter and banana sandwich at the Rock-n-Roll cafe across the street from Graceland. I think it's nine bucks, and I've never tried it (largely because it's nine bucks).

Memphis BBQ round-up

Leonard's has really good catfish, unusual (and also good) chicken wings, and if you want to stuff yourself on southern cooking, buffet-style, it can't be beat.

That said, I find the barbecue itself only so-so. Probably the sitting out on a steam table to dry out thing. I've never ordered off the menu.

Mardi Gras in Mobile

Mardi Gras in Mobile tends to be more by locals, for locals--not that there aren't visitors, but as Mobile doesn't have the same sort of daytime (or nighttime, honestly) activities as New Orleans, they don't get near the number of tourists. It is considerably more family-friendly than New Orleans (I've been to both, although I haven't been to either one in well over ten years--not that they change a whole lot).

Memphis-Desoto Center

Don't know what you're in the mood for, but there's a Gus' Fried chicken at Goodman and Airways.

Best handmade ice cream shake in Memphis?

Really the best place in town to go for that sort of thing is Cheeburger Cheeburger on Hacks Cross. The places in town noted for their burgers don't couple it with decent milkshakes. The burger at Cheeburger is pretty good, as are the fries and onion rings, but they do the ice cream right.

Memphis BBQ: Central BBQ vs Corky's vs Insterstate

If dry ribs are your thing (they're not mine, really), you ought to give Rendezvous a shot--when they're on (which is only occasionally), they make the best in town.

Help in Memphis this weekend

I agree with TennReb--Daily Grill inside the Westin is a great place. Flying Fish on Second has twenty-five cent (I think) oysters on the half shell on Sundays if that's your thing (it's not as atmospheric at Pearl's, but you can't beat the price and the food's always been good, whereas I've had a bad experience at Pearl's (as have others).

I think Blues City Cafe's open Sundays, too, if you want something close, inexpensive, fairly tasty, and non-chain.

Top 5 Memphis places to eat!

My pita at The Pita Cafe was delicious, but had a bone in it, which prevented my return. I found Foozi kinda ordinary, especially compared to Ciao Bella, which was 200 yards away the last time I visited.

a great sandwich in Memphis?

I can't disagree with anything anyone else said, but would like to suggest Rising Roll Gourmet on Wolf River (right around the corner from Tortugas) as an option. They're only open for lunch, but they have some excellent sandwiches.

Romantic Dinner in Memphis

And it's a LONG walk to River Oaks from Beale Street, so I'd have to go with Encore on the reasonably priced/romantic front.

Tunica Casinos - Where's Good to Eat?

Agreed--N'awlins in the Horseshoe is great. Everything else is typical casino fare--at least in my limited experience.

Automatic Slim's or Itta Bena

I'd mostly agree with tennreb, although I haven't been to EP's (and frankly, I'm unlikely to go as it seems expressly aimed at the tourist crowd). For the price, Encore is a jewel of a restaurant, and if I'm not mistaken they have an early prix-fixe dinner for something like $25 or $30 for three courses--they also appear to have a separate room which might accomodate 15 just right--you might want to call and check.

Best BBQ (non-mammal) in Memphis?

Cozy Corner also has some fine chicken wings--a relatively recent addition to the menu.

sushi in Memphis?

Sorry--never had any sushi that rated higher than "mediocre" here. I think demand is too low for the number of restaurants out there, and they have trouble keeping the fish fresh.

Memphis--Pearl's Oyster House

That's the strange thing--the proprietors supposedly have tons of restaurant experience, but we didn't spot a manager there on Saturday night, we had no actual waiter for our table (the girl serving us kept repeating that she was just a hostess), and one member of our party left thinking that they didn't serve oysters anymore (before they corrected their statement). Like I said, it was my second trip, so I know that they're capable of better service, but it was the first time for all of my guests, who think that they're not going to stay in business long with management like that.