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The Great Burnet Road Chocolate War!!!

Okay, that headline was a little over the top. And not entirely accurate. Actually, it is largely inaccurate. But I charge ahead: I noticed that Chocolaterie Tessa has opened up on Burnet Rd. Has anyone been? How's the chocolate?

And Lammes is opening up a shop just off Anderson (just north and west of Chocolaterie Tessa) in the shopping plaza with Fresh Plus, Gattis and Jimmy John's.

So, does this mean a price war? Mild vandalism? Swarms of chocolate-scented roughians hitting each other over the head with wooden spoons in a hilarious gang war? Will there be I Love Lucy style shenanigans?

I, for one, welcome my future chocolate overlords.

Nov 13, 2014
Rice Checks in Austin


Yeah, it was a neat place. I'm not conversant in saki, and the waitress was really friendly and helpful, explaining the different choices.

I was there for dinner, and I got the impression that it was a late night place. It was starting to get filled up as we left around 9-ish. Ah well.

I hope another local place will move in there.

Sep 20, 2014
Rice Checks in Austin


Just saw on my neighborhood FB page that the Dojo, the izakaya on 183 and Burnet closed. Only got there once, but enjoyed it.

Sep 17, 2014
Rice Checks in Austin

Micklethwait Craft Meats is the new Franklin?

One question I have with reviews like this is the issue of frame of reference. I come from DC. And having lived here in paradise for 16 years, I have formed an opinion about BBQ joints. But the locals have grown up with quality Q. When I hear "decent BBQ" I wonder if it means decent compared to the kings (LA, Franklin's) or decent compared to the Bill Miller "BBQ" franchises...

Jun 21, 2014
Rice Checks in Austin

P Terry's

That line actually moves pretty fast. I would say it's comparable to a standard Whataburger line. When I've been, they have people outside taking orders, and they seem to have things down to a science. For a fast food burger, it's pretty good.

May 15, 2014
Rice Checks in Austin

Evening BBQ establishment?

Thanks for the info, guys. Keep it coming if you have anything more to contribute.

I like Stiles Switch, but I was looking for all my options. I'd like to try something new, and it looks like Live Oak might fit the bill. We might end up doing a pseudo bbq crawl and hit multiple places.

Mar 20, 2014
Rice Checks in Austin

Evening BBQ establishment?

My big brother is coming into town and he wants 'Q. Where do you suggest we hit up for BBQ after 3 pm on a Monday? I know Franklin's is closed that day, and I've figured that La, Mueller and Micklethwait are sold out by dinner time. I want to hit up Live Oak, as I've never been. I live close to Stiles Switch, but am in the mood to try something new.

Your thoughts?

Mar 19, 2014
Rice Checks in Austin

Hat Creek on Burnet....?

Nov 19, 2013
Rice Checks in Austin

Broasted chicken in Austin?

According to wikipedia: "Broasting is a method of cooking chicken and other foods using a pressure fryer and condiments. The technique was invented by L.A.M. Phelan in the early 1950s and is marketed by the Broaster Company of Beloit, Wisconsin, which Phelan founded.
The method essentially combines pressure cooking with deep frying chicken that has been marinated and breaded."

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broasting

Oct 26, 2013
Rice Checks in Austin

Austin American Spaceman top twelve burger list...

I'm a Top Notch fan, so I'd consider them worthy of consideration.

Sep 04, 2013
Rice Checks in Austin

Best hamburger rolls in Austin?

Does anyone know where I can find pretzel buns?

Aug 24, 2013
Rice Checks in Austin

Another lost La Fogata thread

Oh good, more hamburger joints on Burnet.

Jun 29, 2013
Rice Checks in Austin

Suggestions for Super Bowl viewing this Sunday?

How does this answer the question?

Jan 31, 2013
Rice Checks in Austin

Restaurant Jezebel

Is there a questionnaire for each person or for each table?

Nov 10, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin

Hard Hat X

Just found out that Bud's Po' Boys, the trailer behind the farmer's market on Burnet is in the process of moving to the farmer's market near the former Mueller Airport.

Sep 22, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin

Two California women 30-40 somethings looking for cool Austin ambiance, second to fine food, next week!

A damned fine list. Just a few notes:

If you have no car and are staying downtown/SoCo, scratch Stiles Switch off your list. That is up north (more than 50 blocks from downtown) and would be accessible only by cab or rental car. Maybe by bus, now that I think about it...

By Blacks, do you mean Blacks BBQ, or J. Blacks? Blacks BBQ is in Lockhart Texas, about 45 minutes outside Austin. Again, taxi or rental car required, and the taxi fare would be HUGE.

Perla's is awesome for seafood and people watching

Sep 11, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin

Good kolaches in Austin

My favorite is Kolache Shoppe on Burnet. They recently changed their name to Kolache Creations.

Jul 24, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin

Hard Hat X

That's right in my neighborhood. Looking forward to the East Side Pies. I ordered from Pizza Peddler once or twice... Was unimpressed. But, I'm curious. What made it creepy?

Jul 23, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin

Food Trailer Venue Once a Month at Long Center

Wake up ya fool! You're snoring!

Jul 16, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin

Pork BBQ in Austin

I am thrilled about this. Gonna check 'em out. Went to college in Greenville NC, and have always missed good ol' pulled pork. And Parkers! Yes! That stuff was amazing...

May 30, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin


I went there for lunch on Thursday. I am by no means an expert on Indian food, but it was quite good. The samosa's were incredible. They came with "mint-tamarind-yogurt chutney" and I prefer plain ol' raita, usually, but I still thought they were as good as the other places around Burnet/Anderson.I had the chicken tikka masala, medium heat. Not the most adventurous choice, but a good place to start. To me, there was no heat whatsoever. Maybe they gave me the mild, I don't know. Oh... yeah, you can choose your level of heat. But it was tomato-ey. Could've had more chicken, but I didn't feel cheated. Got the Rasmalai for dessert. They were a little small, but quite good. All this, with a root beer, cost just over 17 bucks. So, not dirt cheap. They have a lot of choices on the menu, including vegetarian options. Indian sodas, as well as coke and the like. My choices were a little pedestrian, but I would have no trouble suggesting this to people jonesing for a little Indian, or to take home.

May 25, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin


Thanks for the report. I am verrrry excited this place opened up. I read ages ago that they were gonna open up there, and then nothing until I saw a mention that they had opened up yesterday. Are they on the Which Wich side of the mall, or the Dos Batos side of the mall?

This is my neighborhood as well. If their samosas are good, I might be there more than once a week.

Everything about that reboot of Northcross mall, except for the Walmart, has been above average.

May 24, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin

two foodie girls eating their way through austin...

If you can make it to north of Austin, I HIGHLY recommend The Noble Pig for sammiches. Great great food. They make own bread and condiments and cure their own meat, and grind their own sausages. The duck pastrami is awesome.


Mar 18, 2012
Rice Checks in Austin

Stiles Switch BBQ

I tried them today for lunch as well. The customer service WAS very nice. They seem committed to good customer service. The guy explained the different sausages to me without me asking, and seemed both genuinely happy to be there, and to have me as a customer. Got the brisket, some sausages and a Diablo sammich, which is brisket and sausage. Sides: mac and cheese and potato salad. Had just a bit of the brisket, and it seems quite nice. The sausage in the sandwich was the jalapeno, and seemed really good. Haven't had the other links yet. The potato salad was pretty good and the mac and cheese was terrific.

My palate isn't sophisticated enough to say it's better or worse than Franklins or the Lockhart joints, but there is definitely no comparable place in North Austin. Better by far than Rudy's, which is a low bar, but still. Easily the best in the area. It's close to my home. It will be my go-to BBQ joint for when I get a jones for Q.

Definitely worth a trip there. Especially if you live in the Allandale/Burnet Road/North Lamar vicinity.

Edited to add: Thereman, did you see that yellow stuff in the saran wrap by the register? Do you know what that was? Too embarrassed to ask...

Dec 30, 2011
Rice Checks in Austin

ACL Weekend - help appreciated

Here's a much better description of the chicken cone: Hudson's on the Bend owner Jeff Blank, who has been curating the ACL Fest food court since the festival began nine years ago, originally created the Hot & Crunchy Chicken Cone using the breading from his restaurant's Hot `n' Crunchy Trout recipe. The fried chicken is topped with mango-jalapeno slaw and ancho sauce, wrapped in a tortilla and placed in a paper cup. The popularity of the chicken cone led to shrimp and avocado iterations and a trailer eatery on South Congress Avenue.

This was taken from the following article about ACL festival food:

Sep 14, 2011
Rice Checks in Austin

ACL Weekend - help appreciated

If you're talking about Salt Lick at the festival itself, I wouldn't bother. The meat is dry and blah.

A sort-of tradition at the festival is the chicken cone from Hudson's. A piece of chicken baked (I think) in a cornflake crust drizzled in sauce in a tortilla. The tortilla is in one of those wrappers that holds snowcones, or did, back in the day. At the bottom is some nice cole slaw. Prettty good for festival fare.

As for general festival fare, seek out the unusual stuff. The food court is run by a chef of some reknown here in Austin, and he has set out to provide very interesting and diverse choices for the festival. Unique choices but he (and the restaurants) have remembered the importance of portability and ease of assembly.

Sep 13, 2011
Rice Checks in Austin

Hard Hat Report Vol 8

You're right. It's still open. Its hours have changed so that it closes at 2 pm, now. I hadn't realized I was driving by after 2 all the time.
Decent doughnuts.

Jun 18, 2011
Rice Checks in Austin

Hard Hat Report Vol 8

Shipley's Do Nuts on Anderson appears to have closed already. They only opened a few months ago, in the old Popeye's location.

Jun 14, 2011
Rice Checks in Austin

Trader Joe's to open in Austin?

So I've never lived near a Trader Joe's. I've been in Austin for 13 years, and before that, they hadn't yet opened up in my hometown. But my family likes them a lot, and they seem to be popular. Why is that? What makes them special?

May 04, 2011
Rice Checks in Austin

Hard Hat Report Vol 5

A franchise joint called "Wild About Harry's" opened up on Burnet behind Panda Express and Sonic. It's in the same little strip as McAllister's deli and is right next to the Army recruiting station. The sign out front is a little small. It is a family-friendly joint selling primarily hot dogs and frozen custard. They have other things like italian beef sammiches and the like. I went there on Friday night. Talked with the franchisee. They had a soft opening in early December and are only now looking into getting the word out. They staff was friendly, the food was decent. The place was clean. Slow steady trickle of customer while I waited for my to go order.

If you have a hot dog jones and you are near Burnet and Anderson, it is definitely worth checking out. Or, if you have a couple 3 year olds...

Feb 14, 2011
Rice Checks in Austin