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Melbourne and Pensacola Recommendations

I will be in Melbourne 12-6 and 12-7, driving to Pensacola 12-8 and in Pensacola on 12-9.

Looking for good food in both locations and a lunch spot en-route.

Casual to dressy casual for the evening spots. Not picky about ethnicity, just looking for some good local spots.



Dec 05, 2009
Coronel301 in Florida

Best Restaurants for a Serious Foodie in Charleston, SC

I just returned from my first trip to Charleston.

Ate at SNOB on Monday, which was very good. Had the pear salad, shrimp and grits. Decent service. Accommodating. I would go back, but will try other places first.

Last night was McCrady's. Excellent meal and excellent very attentive service. Had the Market menu, which was Grouper (a favorite of mine) perfectly prepared. Wonderful squash soup and an apple desert. Highly recommended. Will be on my list when I return.

Oct 21, 2009
Coronel301 in Southeast

Two and a half days in New Orleans

I too think it is odd and cannot for the life of me understand the logic. Something about cows being cute, chickens and turkeys ugly, and bacon tasty. Oh and then there's the occasional slice of Tri Tip-never Filet Mignon, never New York Strip, just one slice of Tri-tip. I've decided as long as we can go to places like Cochon and both be happy, then I won't try to understand. It's better than when she was full milatant veggie....

Oct 01, 2009
Coronel301 in New Orleans

Two and a half days in New Orleans

She loved it. We had sides, which were easy, and the chef whipped a veggie dish that was excellent. It was by request and no problem.

Oct 01, 2009
Coronel301 in New Orleans

Greensboro, NC for two nights

I will be in Greensboro, NC for two nights in October for a conference. Would love to avoid the chains and will have a car. What are my options?

Many thanks.

Sep 29, 2009
Coronel301 in Southeast

Two and a half days in New Orleans

I was a lurker and garnered info for a long weekend in New Orleans and thought I would share my results.

Two of us met on Friday afternoon for a weekend of food and fun. I, a confirmed ominvore, and she a picky almost vegetarian (only chicken, turkey, and bacon for "real" meat).

Based on my readings here and a few other resources I chose the following:

Bon Ton, Friday night dinner. I had the Redfish Bon Ton and it was tremendous. She had the vegetarian jambalya, which she termed flavorful but boring.

Saturday morning found us at Clover Grill for a good hearty breakfast. Nothing extraordinary. Lunch at Johnny's where I had the smoked sausage Po' Boy and she had the grilled chicken Po'Boy-lot's of food, probably should have split something as it almost made our 8:30 seating at Cochon uncomfortable.

Ah, Cochon. As a confirmed lover of the pig, I was in heaven. The cochon was fabulous as was the chef's spontaneously created veggie dish based on Buttermilk Squash. Sides were excellent and my last meal request may in fact be the dessert of home made Mint Chocolate Icecream. It was as if I was gardening and brushed up against the mint, it was so fresh.

Sunday, based on our over eating the day before we chose to skip lunch. So the day started at the Old Coffee Pot. Excellent meals both, well prepared and tasty. Dinner was at Green Goddess. Appetizers were very very nice, well porportioned and tasty. I had the Bison-Bacon Meatloaf which was excellent, slightly smoky, and very flavorful. She had the Tomato Oscar, which she termed the best meal of her life. Dessert was baked peaches with bacon and blue cheese-divine. Closed by Loganberry liquer with whipped cream.

All in all an excellent weekend, great sights, great meals, not enough time. I hadn't been there in 30 years and I will not wait 30 more to return.

Sep 29, 2009
Coronel301 in New Orleans