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Need a Wine please

I know NOTHING about wine---Boone's Farm doesn't count as wine, so yep--I know nothing.

But I plan on celebrating soon (I'm birthing out a baby so I haven't had anything to drink in forever) and I would like a nice wine to ring in the New Year with.

Problem is this: I only like wines that taste sort of fruity. None of that hair-on-your-chest stuff. I'm a girly girl and I like girly wine. I have yet to find any that really tastes good.

Soooo....does anyone have a suggestion for a reasonably priced wine that might make me happy? Please let me know how much, where to find, etc. I appreciate it!

Dec 04, 2009
pandabanda in Wine

Need a replacement Chicken place for Brothers in Dallas

Since the closing of Brothers Chicken in Dallas, husband has been going through withdrawls. So I'm here, asking you good foodies for a replacement that is just as good. Any suggestions?

And please---he won't eat KFC or anything like that---he's looking for BROTHERS quality fried chicken.

Eats in Bishop Arts (Dal)

Because I'm cheap---I say Hunky's. Great burgers and soda shop. Awesome pie.

Chic From Barcelona---Dallas

Anyone else tried this place? I tried when it first opened about two years or more ago and it was excellent. The chicken was superb and I loved most that the menu was simple. I see now that the menu has expanded with a lot of tapas and even Paella now. Just wondering if it was still as good as I remember!

Most Expensive Meal You've Eaten in Big D

I'm the wife lol----and I thank you. I'm thinking I want to try Old Warsaw because it sounds awesome. And I have to ask---were you paying for that French Room tab, or were you just a guest on it? Was it worth that much? I don't know much about the French Room.

Eastern/Middle European Cuisine---Dallas

I think this is the place in which I get the best cake in all the land---the Swiss Madrisa. It's a staple of birthdays in our household!

Best Crab Legs----Dallas

lol...this is true. And I usually preface ALL my posts on here by stating that I'm the slummer of the board-----I'm from a very poor East Tx family, so keep in mind that Red Lobster, even now, is like gold to me. Since we couldn't afford it growing up, to this day I don't take it for granted that I can afford to drop 60 bucks on a meal, especially when most people I know can't.

That being said I am trying to class up a bit---I'm a huge fan of Naan and Cosmic Cafe and The Grape. So while I can't afford to just go to Stephan Pyles or anything, I can appreciate good food on a budget. And thanks to everyone for the restaurant tips on crab legs----I plan on making hubs take me to Trulucks soon to try them out. Any others?

And I've tried three times to make them at home and I'm an utter fail. They come out too mushy or too overcooked. Never just right! Any tips?

Most Expensive Meal You've Eaten in Big D

I was curious----I haven't had too many cha-ching experiences, having never tried Stephan Pyles, Wolfgang Puck, etc here in Big D.....just wondering for those classy chowhounders what the most expensive meal was that you ate, what you had, and was it worth it?

Mine was The Melting Pot (just to show you how "low class" I am compared to you guys lol) and I had four courses---cheese fondue, salad, surf and turf fondue and chocolate fondue---for two people. With tip? 165 smackers.

Hey! I have two kids and a mortgage:)

Indian Food Virgin----Where to go and What to try in Dallas

LMAO---was it interesting because of the acid or the food?:)

Indian Food Virgin----Where to go and What to try in Dallas

I actually saw an ad for India West and it looked interesting. I'll wait back for you to tell me if it's good or not!

Best Burger In Dallas/Fort Worth

I've only had it the once, about a year ago or so, but I found it a bit dry actually. I mean, I like my burgers a little moist, but not overly so, and this one just felt blah. That's the most intelligent word I can say about it lol----blah. For the price and for it being The Grape, I expected more.

I'll stick with the mushroom soup and brie platter there instead.

Indian Food Virgin----Where to go and What to try in Dallas

Thanks for all the suggestions. Hubs and I are going to try out a couple of these places this weekend. So far the only place remotely Indian we've tried is Ali Baba, and while it's probably not remotely Indian, I hated it---I couldn't tell what was what and the food didn't taste all that great for the price.

Trying to get in touch with my roots (I'm Pakistani) and it's a shame I haven't tried curries! They get a bad rap for the smell and all, so I'm interested in trying some soon!

Best Burger In Dallas/Fort Worth

I haven't heard much at all really about 5 guys. I've been three times now, the last being about two months ago, and I've tried the cheeseburger, the grilled cheese and the regular burger. All are really good, and it's not that expensive thus the appeal for me, especially being in the Galleria. Tip: Do NOT order the large fry unless there's like three people or more sharing it. They overfill the fries on purpose so you can share, and a small feeds at least two people with big appetites. They are skin on fries---so if you want the Mcdonald's type, go upstairs to Mcds.

For a more refined burger in the Galleria, they do have The Grill on the Alley, which is run by Cheesecake Factory, but I don't recommend it. I've been once---50 bucks for a lunch for two didn't really jive with my budget, and the food wasn't that great. But whatever tickles your fancy.

Best Burger In Dallas/Fort Worth

Me and mine are Hunky's fans. This place can be found in the newly hip Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff and it's really good. It's got a diner feel to it, very soda shop-esque, and while I'm not as refined as most of you, I know a good burger. They have a great one.

I still need to try Wingfields, as pretty much all our friends rave about the place, just not the location of it.

I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but Five Guys Burgers in the Dallas Galleria is really REALLY good. I was really skeptical of trying a place like that in the mall, but I caved and I'm glad---if the fries alone don't get you, one of those burgers will. Just sayin:)

Best Crab Legs----Dallas

There's nothing quite like dipping a big plump juicy piece of crab meat into some melted butter.

I'm on a quest to find something that beats Red Lobster guys. I know you guys have some suggestions.

Eastern/Middle European Cuisine---Dallas

I miss Franki's Lil Europe in North Dallas (it went under) and the stupid train that went around overhead. My favorite dish there was this stuffed breaded chicken breast. I miss red cabbage. I need a new place to get my grub on. Any suggestions to fill the void?

Baby Shower Party Ideas---Dallas and surrounding

I'm having a baby shower in the next month or so, and want to have it at a restaurant (last time around I had it at Franki's Lil Europe, but the place is now gone!). I'm looking for a place for about 10-15 to eat heartily but cheaply. I was thinking maybe someplace like a Ghengi's Grill or something. Anyone got any ideas for a place that's reasonable yet sort of universal?

[DFW] Southern and Soul Food Recommendations?

Since Brother's is now defunct, I am sad lol. They did have the best fried chicken around. If fried chicken is what you are after, try Babe's (multiple locations).
Since you specifically asked about Soul Food, Michelle's off 635 and Skillman is awesome and the one I usually rec out. Really great ox tail, smothered pork chops and hot water cornbread. I'm from East Tx, and this stuff tastes like grandma's house:) I've heard really good things about Sweet Georgia Browns, although I am also usually warned about the area it's in.

Indian Food Virgin----Where to go and What to try in Dallas

Hi all! I'm new to the board, and while me and the hubs like to think ourselves pretty eclectic eaters, we realized we have never really given Indian food a go. So I'm depending on you guys to direct me to a pretty reasonably priced and awesome food experience for us first timers. We eat pretty much everything, and I love spicy while hubs likes more tamer fare. Can you guys tell me what we should order and where?

Best soup in Dallas

I agree with Bluff. The Grape's mushroom soup is awesome. I have gone for just that alone.

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

I am new to the board and this post caught my eye. I'm an East Texas girl, so a lot of food we ate growing up I have NEVER seen anywhere but home.

Souse Meat---someone mentioned eating this, and we used to eat this jelly-esque meat on crackers with some of that vinegar hot sauce on the top.

Sweet Milk Gravy---sounds not that great lol, but it's awesome, and to this day I've never met anyone else who knows of it or ate it. My great grandmother would make this for us growing up for breakfast, and we'd all eat it with spoons and toast. It didn't really go on anything----it was thick and you ate it by itself. It was just regular white gravy with a bunch of pepper and a little bit of sweet condensed milk. It gives it a tangy sweetness. So freaking good, and it took me forever to get the recipe right after she passed.

Of course I eat chicken n dumplings the only way I know---the redneck way----with canned cream of chicken soup and some refrigerated biscuits.

SOS---You know what on shingles.

Split Pea Soup---was a staple in our home. Ewww. Can't even look at it now.

Hot Water Cornbread---it's definitely a southern thing, but once you eat cornbread this way, you NEVER go back.

My great grandfather used to eat day old cornbread crumbled over eggs.

We call the tostadas growing up, and I guess in a way they are, but basically a fried flour tortilla with ranch style beans and melted cheese. Was a big kid hit.


Sep 29, 2009
pandabanda in Home Cooking