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Baking Class in Paris

Hey there,
I speak minimal French and the wife speaks and understands a little more. But, I imagine we'd get more out of the experience if the baker/teacher spoke some English.
Thanks in advance.

Apr 07, 2010
Eatertainer in France

Baking Class in Paris

Hey there,

I will be travelling to Paris in late April/Early May and am interested in taking a daylong cooking class. Ideally, it would be geared towards pastries and/or breads. I've seen numerous options on various websites...just wondering which might be reputable, fun, hands-on.


Apr 05, 2010
Eatertainer in France

Chicken and waffles? (Toronto)

it's all I order when I go to brunch at the Drake. when I'm not eating Chicken and Waffles at the Drake, I am dreaming about them. I enjoy the fact that they remove the bones from the chicken 'cause I don't imagine I would enjoy picking around bones to eat my waffle.

Marky's on Bathurst - please help me

Marky's is an institution!!! and by institution...I mean that they serve the same quality of food that you'd find at an institution....

Brunch at Provence Delices in Cabbagetown

I've never been. but, people seem to like Papillion on the Park. It's located on Eastern Avenue.

Chinese Takeout East York

Our go-to is Bamboo Dim Sum Cafe. it's at 494 Danforth near Logan.
The number is (416-462-9678)

Dizzy on Yonge - closed?

...that location seems to have a dark cloud hanging over it, nothing survives there. Other than the bartender staring out the window...Dizzy was empty any time I passed by. It might have had something to do with the fact that the place holds about 12 people and they were going for the upscale sports bar thing.

Yorkville lunch: good, and not a million dollars

another option is Mela Italian Vegetarian Cafe which is at 7a Yorkville Ave. It's across the street from Le Pain Quotidien

I want to get married in a pub (Toronto)!!

it's not exactly a pub. But, it's a brewery? The Steamwhistle is a great venue and they host weddings and other events that would certainly accommodate 80 people. Duggan's just opened as well on Victoria Street and they might be able to handle it as well?

Lounge suggestions downtown for birthday drinks on Saturday night?

you won't be able to sit in a circle. But, you can try securing a couple of couches if you have 3-4 people with you. Once more friends arrive, you can sit a litte closer or rotate a la musical chairs. I imagine you'd be standing/sitting around in smaller groups of 4-5 anyways. The crowd generally picks up and gets much busier from 9-ish to closing. Not sure what your timing is like? But, I'd suggest getting there prior to 8pm. If it gets too crowded or you want to switch up the mood...just slide down the street to one of the other options mentioned above.

Lounge suggestions downtown for birthday drinks on Saturday night?

The Comrade is great and has some great beers. I would recommend calling in advance to see if you can book the back room. There are a few more seats and it'll accomodate 10-12 people. They have some small food platters that are nice for munchin'. Other options in that area would be: The Curzon(1192 Queen East), Rasputin Vodka Bar(780 Queen East) Swirl Wine Bar(946 1/2 Queen East)

New Longos on Bloor

these things always seem to find a way of resolving themselves in a positive manner....I am sure we'll be enjoying our prepared foods in no time...Longo's wouldn't get into this much work/money and then not be allowed to sell their main money makers...

New Longos on Bloor

I just read that the Longos on Bloor might be delayed a little longer...
In addition to the water meter delays, there are now delays with what they can sell at that location. Apparently the foodcourt below what will be the Longo's is upset that Longo's will be selling prepared foods. So, they have complained to the management company. It's now looking like March at the earliest??

new coffee house on Broadview across from Riverdale park

i find that it's best to read the original post and that generally gives a good description of the topic. New Coffee House On Broadview, north of Gerrard, across from Riverdale park?

New Longos on Bloor

...went by today and they are peeling the stickers off the windows. So you can now see inside!!! Still a bit of work to do. But, it's progress. I called head office and they said that January 15th is their goal.

Best Recipes Ever!! TV show

I saw a great new cooking show that I believe started today. It airs on CBC(Canada) so it might not be available down in the States. But, I tracked down the website and they seem to stream episodes on-line.
The host is a fresh new face and she comes across with the enthusiasm of Rachael Ray...without the annoying parts. I've only seen one episode. But, the recipes seem pretty straightforward and the host doesn't dumb them down too much. It made me hungry when I was watching it, which I imagine is a good sign.

Jan 04, 2010
Eatertainer in Food Media & News

Timothy’s Tikka House-any good?

I've strolled by this place on Parliament Street (Toronto) around a hundred times over the past year or two and have only seen a total of about 10 people eating in there. I wouldn't wish a restaurant makeover experience to this place. But, I think if they washed the front windows and gave the place a coat of fresh paint I'd probably give it try...anyone been? Is it good? Maybe just takeout?

Leisurely Lunch, Leslieville

You might want to try Simple Cafe? It's at 1303 Queen Street East(Queen and Leslie) just past the beer store. There are nice write ups and pics on other blogs. It's probably open over the holidays? But, here's the number if you want to make sure 416.466.2345.

new coffee house on Broadview across from Riverdale park

You are welcome, julesrules.

Is there a more authentic diner in downtown T.O. than the Patrician Grill?

Decor, architecture and food would all go towards the authenticity of the experience.

Others that can be considered authentic would be the Senator and Good Bite (yonge and eglinton).

Please don't include the faux diners like Johnny Rockets.

Is there a more authentic diner in downtown T.O. than the Patrician Grill?

Went to the Patrician Grill on King Street today. I think that as an authentic diner it was quite good. Are there any others downtown that compare?

Great Sides for Christmas Dinner

Cumbrae's (2 locations: Church or Bayview) or Loic (Queen and Broadview)

Te Aro in Leslieville - another coffee shop

Broadview Espresso is hardly in this area. It's north of the Danforth.

50th Hip Chick Birthday - Help me narrow down res with Private room & good food

this was 1.5-2 years ago. I understand it's new owners now. So, I should roll the dice again on this one.

50th Hip Chick Birthday - Help me narrow down res with Private room & good food

Carens is great. Table 17 also has a private room upstairs that would probably hold 30 people for a sit down meal. I would avoid Joy unless they've improved greatly. The served me the worst lunch and dinner of my life.

Chicago Deep Dish in TO

The URL is actually . It looks about as authentic as you're going to get between here and the Wabash Uno's.

new coffee house on Broadview across from Riverdale park

Sorry, I didn't get their names, FJ. It must have been friends and family sitting in there enjoying themselves? Perhaps a dozen people broke in and sat around drinking lattes and eating cookies? Hope you didn't base your day around a visit to the place....

new coffee house on Broadview across from Riverdale park

Hey mollygirl and others, I went by tonight and the new coffee shop is now open. I didn't stop by. But, there were 10-12 people sitting around eating and drinking.
Sorry for my earlier posting prior to the opening. I just thought people might be interested to know that something new was coming to the area.

new coffee house on Broadview across from Riverdale park

Sorry folks. I just thought it would be interesting to start a chat about an interesting new option in the area as opposed to the usual bashing of independent establishments.

looking for restaurant for anniversary dinner

I went to Scaramouche for an Anniversary dinner about 10 years ago and the meal was passable. But, the decor was bad 80's back then. So, I can only imagine how stale it is now!?
I would recommend Nota Bene or for a more interesting experience get the tasting menu at Colborne Lane and request the chefs table.