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Seeking amazing egg salad sandwich near UWS/West Midtown

We need to procure an amazing NYC egg salad sandwich. The only trick is, it needs to be available for delivery to a location near Lincoln Center. Does anyone have a great recommendation for egg salad sandwiches on the UWS, West Midtown, etc?

To be clear: we're not looking for any other kind of egg-based sandwich - just egg salad. It must be in a sandwich, not a free-form egg salad.


Jan 08, 2013
risolatte in Manhattan

Nutritional Yeast?

It's a great addition to vegan pesto. I just made this pesto recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen site and it is amazing -- uses 2 tbsp of nutritional yeast, which adds just a subtle cheesy flavor but not so much to be obtrusive. Just enough that you wouldn't necessarily know that it's a vegan pesto. (Cilantro is another "mystery ingredient" - you can barely taste it, but it adds a certain something).

Jul 27, 2012
risolatte in Home Cooking

Best places in South Brooklyn (i.e. not Williamsburg) for Belgian beer selection?

Which bars (and/or restaurants) in Brooklyn south of Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bushwick are the best for their variety and quality of Belgian beers??

I know that there are great places in Williamsburg (and Manhattan for that matter) but I'm wondering specifically about the rest of Brooklyn (esp. Carroll Gardens, Ft Greene, Boerum Hill, DUMBO, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, etc - but other neighborhoods too!). Surely there are some good places!


Aug 18, 2010
risolatte in Outer Boroughs

Moving to Prospect Heights

I know I'm super late on seeing this post, but I wanted to put in a good word for India Place on Vanderbilt near Park Pl. I only order the vegetarian entrees (saag paneer, chana masala, etc) but they are all pretty tasty and have made this sort of my go-to place for veggie comfort food. The yogurt/tamarind/etc chaat appetizer is nice if you like that sweet/savory combination. It's not fancy in any way and not trying to be, but a solid inexpensive neighborhood place. The people that run it have always been very nice and you usually get a little free cup of rice pudding at the end of a meal.

Also concur with a lot of the other posts recommending Chavella's, Amorina, and Beast. I haven't been to Aliseo in a while (kind of pricey) but the few times I went, I really liked it... wonderful wines too. Also really love the seasonally changing appetizers at Franny's -- we often get a whole bunch of appetizers and then share a pizza, or something like that. Also the homemade vermouth at Franny's is amazing -- sometimes not on the menu but you can ask and see if they have it.

Haven't tried Vanderbilt or James or Tavern on Dean b/c they seem a bit too meat-heavy. Really hope Pequena opens soon!

Dec 19, 2009
risolatte in Outer Boroughs

Russian black bread - where to find outside Brighton Beach/Coney Island?

I love the type of Russian black bread that is served, for example, at those Russian restaurants on the Brighton Beach boardwalk. But is there anywhere else to buy it in NYC?

Could be fresh-baked or packaged (as long as it's not too processed/artificial).

Particularly of interest would be somewhere to buy the bread farther north in Brooklyn (anywhere in the vicinity of Prospect Heights/Fort Greene/Park Slope/Carroll Gardens etcetc), or else somewhere in Manhattan.

Thanks for any ideas!!

Nov 03, 2009
risolatte in Manhattan

Ethiopian groceries/markets, etc.?

This is a follow-up to my ongoing search for Ethiopian ingredients. So that West African Grocery on 9th Avenue seems to have closed. I walked by there and the grate was halfway down, the whole store was empty, workers were going in and out, etc. I asked one of the workers if he knew anything about whether the store would reopen somewhere else, and he told me he thought that the owner had retired... but who knows?

So that seems to suggest that both the Ethiopian grocery places in Morningside Heights and in Hell's Kitchen are both recently (?) closed?

I did find teff flour, actually, at the Park Slope Food Coop, and yes it's the Bob's Red Mill brand.

I asked one of the waitstaff at Meskerem in Hell's Kitchen last week where to get Ethiopian ingredients like shiro in NYC and she said she knew of stores in the DC area but not NYC (!!!) So, looks like I may be ordering online after all, which I had hoped not to do! :(

Oct 17, 2009
risolatte in Manhattan

Ethiopian groceries/markets, etc.?

I, too, am looking for Ethiopian ingredients in NYC -- shiro, berbere, and teff flour in particular. I just called the number listed above for Abyssinia Grocery and was told the store has closed, and there is now a bar in its place! Does anyone have any other sources in any of the boroughs?

I checked Kalustyan's webpage and while they sell berbere, they have no shiro.

Also I did try an international grocery on 9th btw. 39th and 40th but I didn't find one there that was West African (did I just miss it??). The place I did find had a lot of spices, but none of the Ethiopian ones.

Thanks for any tips! I may try calling a few restaurants, too.

Sep 28, 2009
risolatte in Manhattan