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The Great Pumpkin has descended on TJs!!!!

The pumpkin soup is really good. I added a bit of cumin, threw in some toasted pepitas and added a dollop of sour cream. Fantastic!

Oct 29, 2013
Trixie Too in Chains

Forgotten Fast Foods

There is a perfectly safe, free-standing Arthur Treacher's on Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA. Great hushpuppies, bad fish.

Aug 01, 2013
Trixie Too in Chains

Best Clam Chowder

That's just a big bowl of "No!". Clam chowder doesn't and shouldn't resemble a bowl of wallpaper paste.

Mar 12, 2012
Trixie Too in Recipes

Hounds - Need help on a "Top Chef" cooking challenge!

My office is doing a Top Chef-type challenge for fun. The rules call for participants to use cheese in any way, shape, or form for 100 staff. I'm leaning toward an appetizer like mini cheese tarts, but the problem is we won't have the ability to keep things warm. So... I am looking for something that's good at room temperature. I really don't want to make a dessert - everyone will be doing that.

Any ideas? Thanks very much in advance!

Mar 04, 2011
Trixie Too in Home Cooking

High-Quality grits/polenta in DC/NOVA

I get my grits from the mill in Guilford, NC. They're fabulous and like Transplanted Texan, I store mine in the freezer. Enjoy!

Truly excellent caterer for Alexandria, VA party?

I just went to a wedding reception brunch in DC on Sunday catered by Main Event. Truly, truly fabulous. My friend planned this wedding less than 6 weeks out, too. Fresh, inventive passed appetizers, and the buffet brunch was to die for. Like Steve, I'm generally less than excited when it comes to catered events, but this food really blew me away.

What fast food do you eat rarely, but that first bite think "Wow, this is so good!"

Oh yeah... sausage McGriddle. The first day of a road trip. So good and so bad...

Mar 22, 2010
Trixie Too in Chains

Has anyone tried Volt for Brunch?

My husband and I are trying to decide how to use our OpenTable Dining cheque. We're big brunch fans, so I suggested Volt. The menu looks good... has anyone out there tried it? TIA!

Peking Duck at X.O. Taste last night

Oh, so good. $24.95 for a gorgeous plate of beautifully lacquered roast duck sitting on a bed of slivered green onions. The order came with a dozen pancakes and hoisin sauce. What really struck us was the quality of the duck meat and that skin. Oh, that skin. Crispy, fatty pieces of ducky goodness. The two of us made our way through 8 of the pancakes before giving up. We also ordered, as we usually do because we're addicted to it, black mushroom and bok choy.

We just love this place and we have always had great service. Don't go there if you're in a rush, because they definitely cook to order and it does take a bit of time for the food to come out. But, boy is it worth it!

DC Hound looking for special occasion resto with round table

Hi all, I'm coming back up to Boston in June for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. Need a really great place with a round table that would fit 10-12 adults. Boston, metro north and metro west would be fine. Any new info would be much appreciated. I've been out of the Boston dining scene for almost a year and half. TIA!

Old Hickory Grill in Burtonsville

Actually, the Falls Church location is not associated with Burtonsville anymore. They once were, but there was a split. Both locations have very similar menus, though.

Hard ice cream in NoVA?

Yeah, sigh... I will try store bought as recommended above. Thanks to everyone for their input.

Hard ice cream in NoVA?

Hounds, I moved to the Fairfax area from Boston fairly recently and I'm a bit confused about the ice cream offerings around here. All I can find is soft ice cream and custard. I've tried Ethan's dairy bar in Manassas and a couple of other soft ice cream places, but haven't been impressed.

Isn't there any New England-type hard ice cream around (expensive gelato doesn't count)? I miss Steve's, Richardson's, Toscanini's, Christina's, etc. I've been resorting to our local Friendly's out of desperation (Baskin/Robbins is not even edible). TIA!

ISO Kishke in NoVA

Great! thanks so much.

ISO Kishke in NoVA

My tzimmes recipe calls for kishke. In Boston, I had no trouble finding it. I don't even know where to begin here. A Google search yielded nothing of value.

Many thanks and Happy Passover!

Bainbridge's in Chelmsford?

Bad. Really bad. Like Dinsdale, I used to go all the time. The last few times, the place was empty, the service was awful -- but that was nothing compared to the mediocre-to-bad food. No imagination, no effort to the menu.

Masa in Burlington ? New Jang Su still tasty.

I used to love New Jang Su -- went quite often, but the dirty walls, tattered window coverings, filthy floors, and disgusting ceiling have really turned me off (can you tell?)! These guys make enough $$ to give the place a makeover and a good cleaning.

Trying to find Masaman Curry Thai dish in NoVA

Well, that might explain it. Obviously it's a New England thing. Too bad, though. It's a fabulous dish as prepared up North. It truly is in every Thai restaurant in the Boston area, not just one place.

Trying to find Masaman Curry Thai dish in NoVA

And as luck would have it... I live in Burke! Thanks so much!

I'm trying Panisa Thai this week and Bangkok 54 next week.

Trying to find Masaman Curry Thai dish in NoVA

Hounds, I'm a very recent relo from Boston. I've been to many Thai restaurants in my short 3 months here and I can't find Masaman Curry. It's a yellow curry dish that is ubiquitous in New England Thai restaurants.

Here's a description: curry and coconut milk with potatoes, butternut squash, roasted peanuts, onions, carrots, green peppers and red peppers.

My craving is growing daily! Can anyone help? TIA!

Really Crappy Unhealthy Disgusting Toe-curling Junkfood!

I use the original Life cereal. Put a pile of cereal on my plate as well as a large scoop of peanut butter (I confess to using Jiffy Reduced Fat...

Nov 02, 2008
Trixie Too in General Topics

Really Crappy Unhealthy Disgusting Toe-curling Junkfood!

Well for me it's a couple of things: First is really hot fresh french fries -- that have preferably come out of the same Fryolater as a batch of fried seafood -- dipped in tartar sauce. I could eat buckets of both. The second is Life cereal dipped in peanut butter. I wish they would make larger pieces of the cereal -- maybe have them the size of a Trisket, and then it would be easier to scoop the peanut butter.

Oct 31, 2008
Trixie Too in General Topics

Looking for Snow's Clam Chowder--condensed only

Here -- buy it by the case and save yourself the hunt in the future:

By the way, I'm from Boston and Snow's condensed is the canned chowder of choice... never ready to serve.

Looking for New England style seafood houses

Thanks so much for all the suggestions! Catfish Lewie's sounds great, as does the Tackle Box. I found another place closer to me (I live in Burke) called Captain Pell's Crabhouse. Any thoughts on this place?

Looking for New England style seafood houses

Where is RT's?

Looking for New England style seafood houses

Yikes!! Well, I'm a sucker for hush puppies...

Looking for New England style seafood houses

Hi all,

My husband and I just moved to NoVA from metro Boston a month ago. In the last several months I developed a love of fried oysters. In the Boston area, I would just go to XYZ Fish House or XYZ Seafood Shack or something like that and get a box full of oysters (or fried clams, shrimp, etc.). You would just order S,M, or L box. This was all without going anywhere near the water. These places are in unassuming strip malls in the burbs and usually do a huge take-out business.

In NoVA, every time I eat out and there's fried oysters on the menu (Old Hickory Grill's were fantastic), they're generally artfully displayed on a plate with some sort of sauce. Are there any "fish houses" just serving seafood platters, boxes of fried fish, etc. in this area?

Wilson Farms or Russo's or other? Need help quick...

Hounds, I'm hosting two, yes two, cookouts this weekend (Friday night and Sunday afternoon) in celebration of my father's 80th birthday. I was going to do some sides and apps that require baking, cooking, etc., but we don't have A/C and I know it's going to be brutally hot this weekend.

So... I'm doing everything on the grills outside, but I need to get some interesting sides, salads, etc. Each cookout involves meat and seafood. Which would be a better choice for variety of ready-made food? Wilson Farms or Russo's? I live in Burlington, so Watertown is really the farthest I'll travel (and I'm not nuts about that...).

I won't consider Whole Foods because everything there tastes curiously the same, with the added woe of really fast spoilage. TIA!

How chowish is Ninety-Nine?

Nope, not chowish, but not bad either. Last week I had their all-star burger or something like that with parmesan and rosemary dusted fries. They were good!!! If you stick to the basics you can't go that wrong...

Jun 16, 2008
Trixie Too in Chains

Ristorante Olivio in Arlington

I'm very glad you enjoyed it! Olivio always seems to be overlooked here. It's been too long for us. We're going back this week.