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Quality meat direct from farmers - where to get in/around Calgary?

Here's a few options for pork that hit most of your requirements. They'll be a bit of a drive from the looks of things, but do offer heritage breeds. If anyone knows of anything closer, I'd be curious to know. - located near Coalhurst - located near Camrose - not really near anything, but looks like they will deliver to Calgary

Quenelle Spoons [moved from Cookware]

I wasn't familiar with the term so I looked it up. Everything I saw said it was practice, practice, practice and any spoon would do.

Maybe this will help? The music makes it sound like a funeral, but the technique is there.

Dec 04, 2011
Richmond Green in Cookware

YYC - Hamburger bun help needed

Quick update...

I've tried out the pretzel buns from Rustic sourdough. While good, the bottom started to fall apart on me from the juices. I made the pattie size to match the bun, but that didn't help. As an fyi - they don't make these buns on Sundays (I tried grabbing them at Kingsland to no avail a week ago.).

No luck getting the Scottish baps yet - they were sold out when I went in to Glamorgan last Saturday afternoon. Must be a popular item? I'll head back this weekend.

Lastly - my wife picked up some ciabatta buns from superstore - they were pretty good, and held up to the burger, but I'm sure there's something better out there. I'll get down to wild grainz as soon as possible.

Best Caesars in YYC

This is a great idea. Caesar's steak house is a must. The lounge is awesome.
If I come up with any other places I'll let you know.

YYC - Hamburger bun help needed

I'll be giving both the pretzel buns at Rustic Sourdough, and the potato buns at Glamorgan bakery a shot. Thanks for the ideas! Let me know if you think of anywhere else!

I love the cheese buns Glamorgan makes but I don't think they would hold up to the size of the burger I wind up making. As an aside, I've got a thing for the parker house rolls from Glamorgan bakery as well. Good stuff!

YYC - Hamburger bun help needed

I'm on the search for a really good hamburger bun.

I've been reading about Martin's potato rolls that are used on the east coast of the U.S. and get rave reviews.

Does anyone know if there's anything similar in YYC? What have you found that doesn't taste like a chemical lab got dumped into it? What's your go-to hamburger bun? Where can I find the one to beat them all?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Prairie Food Trucks - A Possibility?

Nice find! I can't wait to try this out. Also, I completely agree with you about opening doors for other food trucks. There's no reason we can't make it work here in Calgary.

Any place serve Vienna Beef brand hot dogs in Calgary/YYC?

Please let me know if you ever track them down. I've never had them and am deliberating trying to get some shipped up here to try them out.

Tubby Dog or Le Chien Chaud would probably be the most likely bets, but I've never heard of them specifically having vienna beef brand dogs.

Tubby Dog
1022 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A5, CA

Roasting Chicken in YYC

Give "Bite" in Inglewood a try as well. Not certified organic, but from talking to the owner, they are free range, grain fed (I believe) and hormone free. As close to organic as you can get without the official stamp and at about half the price of sunworks.

YYC Holy Smoke Bbq

I asked about extended hours during a visit there a couple of weeks ago. Look for them to be open evenings and weekends in early fall (if i remember correctly).

Hunt's Ketchup in YYC?

Good question - I've seen it referenced in a number of BBQ/smoker related recipes and would like to know where to get my hands on some as well.

I did a quick google search and a similar question came up for Saskatoon. Someone recommended trying Safeway as they apparently sell it in BC and may carry it across other provinces.

GOOD Onion Rings in Calgary?

Lounge Burgers onion rings were fantastic when they first opened, but the last time I was there, it seemed as though they had gone a premade route. The onion rings were straight out of package and had a bit of honey drizzled on them. Not the house made version that had the honey twist to them that I remember. :(

Cedar paper in Edmonton or Calgary?

Barbecues Galore or the cookbook company should have them as well.

YYC - Low expectations, big surprises?

Never thought of the Holy Grill for breakfast - what do they serve? Standard bacon and eggs type fare?

YYC - Low expectations, big surprises?

@ John - Ah Bread, my second true love. I'll have to give Caffe Rosso a shot for that.

@ hclass - Olives is really close to my office - you're right - it's pretty good, but it's a little higher end than what I'm getting at here.

How about breakfast places? Any hole-in-the wall diners that I may have missed?

YYC - Low expectations, big surprises?

Just had lunch at the Weaselhead pub on 37st SW. It's your standard neighbourhood bar (loads of TV's and the like) and I didn't have much in the way of expectations for the food, but the weaselhead burger (homemade beef patty, bacon and jalapenos) pleasantly surprised me. I'd definitely go back for another one.

This got me to thinking - what other places in town are diamonds in the rough? Places that you wouldn't normally give a second glance, but that deliver some really good food?

Any suggestions?

Los Tortillas in NE Calgary

Give it a shot - I went on the weekend. It's pretty good and the owner is a really friendly guy.
We tried the chicken, beef, and shrimp tacos. Chicken was my personal favourite.

I wouldn't say the food is out of this world - but they're a lot better than what you'll get at most mexican places in town in my opinion.

As for the seating - they've got one table that seats 6-8. Get ready to cozy up to some other customers. Personally, I kind of like it, but can see how it would make some people uncomfortable.

Coming Soon to Calgary: loungeburger?

We hit loungeburger last night and HSK's review was pretty bang-on.

I had the Bison burger with creamed mushrooms and onion rings. Both were great, and my partner and I devoured the onion rings (which are dipped and/or marinated in honey prior to deep frying). Best I've had in awhile.

My partner had the kobe beef sliders with a side of fries. The sliders were great, but the fries were a bit on the soggy side.
Service was good and when I was prying for the background on the onion rings the server was happy to go ask the kitchen when she didn't know the answers.

The sound issue seems to have been addressed - the ambience was fine - no blaring TV's on the dining side and prices were decent for what you get.

Lastly - it's kid friendly although it seems a little more upscale. They happily accommodated our 2 year old.

All in all - great food, decent prices.

Mi Tierra Tu Taqueria-Calgary

Long time lurker, first time poster - We finally made the effort to go to Mi Tierra after hearing great things for the last couple of years. Service was friendly and efficient and the food was fantastic.

I had a brief chat with the woman running the till and she mentioned that they are going to be opening a second location (near Heritage and Macleod) in December. My only wish is that there was something closer to the core!

I'm looking forward to going again - this will be my Mexican restaurant of choice from here on out.