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The conversion to NG is dead simple, but only you can decide if you are up to it. I found instructions on the internet and followed them pretty closely. Got some brass fittings from the HD and with some hose clamps and a knife cut out the Propane regulator, added the NG hose, drilled out the orifi (orifices?) to each burner and that was it. It uses the same burners and valves just with the enlarged orifice to each burner.

Of course I was the one that added the NG take off to the feed to the oven when I was remodelling the kitchen, so I have some confidence in my abilities (basic as they may be!) I would consider it a complete waste of $80 to buy a "Kit". Of course if you burn your house to the ground, it would have been the best spent $ of your life!!

Top 10 Chain/Fast Food Items

Since no one else has mentioned it...

Cajun Chicken Pasta - from Chili's

I think that's the name, very close if not. I don't have it often since its in a heavy cream sauce (no wonder its good!) and I can hear the arteries clogging while I eat!

Chicken Baja Burrito - from Baja Fresh

I first had the Burrito Mexicano, and was left wondering what all the fuss was about BF, then I had this burrito and knew what it was about!

Mar 27, 2010
Cheap Bastard in Chains

Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Show

The Great:

Emeril's Beef Stew (w/ Cheesey fried grits *but I never make the grits ;-) I stopped looking for a beef stew recipe after making this the first time. I prefer it with white Zin. instead of the dry red called for though.

Emeril's Fall River Clam Chouder. (Rave reviews everytime.

Emeril's "Essence" - That goes on EVERYTHING I smoke, but I leave out the salt so I can do that separately.

Tyler F.'s Shredded Beef Tamales (Food 911
I live in So. Cal, so I have access to out of this world Mexican food. These stack up well against tamales made by a co-workers grandmother, and they were flippin awesome!

Tyler F.'s Chimi Churri (sp?) sauce. An Argentinian concoction that grew on me in much the same way that crystal meth grows on you (or so I hear!) Anyway, except for the pan seared rib eye mentioned below, this goes on beef of all kinds, and rib eyes when I DO BBQ em!

Alton's Brined Turkey. Once tried, you will not go back.

Alton's Pan Seared Rib Eye. More a technique than a Recipe proper, but who cares, I don't even BBQ steaks anymore... well maybe if the house is too hot to turn the oven on during the summer, but otherwise its Pan Seared!

The Good:
Giada's Chicken Cacciatore and her smashed garlic potatoes (I think she added garlic, I do anyway) And to the poster who was not distracted by Giada's Head, Teeth, and Cleavage... She has a head and teeth?!?! I never noticed ;-


The Bad: have been conveniently forgotten!

I have plenty of disasters to my "credit" but I can in no way remember well enough to blame a TV recipe, and never have I wound up making "dog food" when following a recipe, its always been edible (at least by me).

Nov 24, 2009
Cheap Bastard in Home Cooking